Thursday, June 29, 2006

Under the Umbrella of Love #3

hehe…seems like lots of people are enjoying my UTUOL feature! Excellent! Me, too! =) I want to take this time to thank you guys for spending time reading and commenting. Love the feedbacks! Plus, it appears that my last 2 installments have jolted our memories a bit, as more “umbrella” scenes are brought up. lol...some I didn’t know or some I just plain forgot! Thanks guys! This feature might extend longer than I expected. A good thing? A bad? We’ll just have to wait and see. ;-)

On my last post, I brought back one of TVB’s most memorable couples of all time: Bobby Au Yeung and Esther Kwan. How about bringing in another memorable couple in the 1990s...drum roll please…j/k!!

Paul (程至美) and Jackie (唐姿禮)

Series: Healing Hands (妙手仁心)
Cast: Lawrence Ng (吳啟華) & Ada Choi (蔡少芬)
Year: 1997-98

A little surprised that it's not an umbrella scene, huh?'s okay. Scroll down and you'll see the screen capture. (hehe...I like this picture better) Although Paul and Jackie are under separate umbrellas, but hey! It's raining. There's not just 1 umbrella, but 2. And of course, another sweet moment. An endearing couple. =)

I dare say Ada and Lawrence's chemistry are undeniably unforgetable in many aspects. (Again, based on my opinions.) Their actings are great. The series they were in was good. (<3 Healing Hands! ; Fate Twisters was okay, too ) They won the "My Favorite Partnership" Award for both HH 1 & 2. What more can we say?!! Other couples haven't achieve what they did! Ada has always been one of my favorite artists, since for every role she portrayed, she does it so well! Lawrence for me...other than seeing him paired with Ada, I'm not too fond of him. He's good...but some things just...ehh..about him. (coughs...HH3!) =/ But nonetheless, they made it! Paul and Jackie: my #3 UTUOL couple.


Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Men Going Deep-V

I said it many times before and I'll say it again. My fashion critique is terrible! But I can't help but notice the fashions going on with some of TVB stars. (sigh) I guess my infatuation for TVB is still going strong. A good thing I suppose. ;-)

Fashion trends. For the ladies, deep V necklines are always around, always hot, and always in style. For the men, I guess we can say their trend is ever-changing. And their newest (or still current) fashion style, like the ladies: Deep-V. To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of deep "V" style, but I don't mind this trend on guys (certain guys I might add). Some of them looks great but for causes the complete opposite reaction from me. Of course, this is just based on my opinions.

The Acceptable V:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Ron Ng: Although, I'm not a fan of his, Ron does look okay wearing these type of shirts. Why? lol...probably because he wears it so often and I got used to it. =P

Kevin Cheng: Browsing around online, searching for pics to support my post, saw the pic and thought "Kevin looks nice!" Surprising for me, most definitely, but I do find him really cute in this pic! Is it the shirt? The hair? Or just plain Kevin I like? huh...have to think about it. ;-)

Frankie Lam: Again, Frankie is one those guys that we see sporting v-neck shirts often. Looks good in them? umm...No comment from me. =)

The Unacceptable V:


Raymond Lam: First off, I think Raymond looks way too skinny these days. Gain some weight please! And as for the deep-v shirts, I don't like it on him. He to word this...not okay? Is it the hair? The skinny body? Or the shirts in general I don't like? Yeah...I think it's all 3. (sorry to the Raymond fans reading this!) =/

Bobby Au Yeung: (shakes head) I seriously, seriously don't know what to say about this one. lol...What is Bobby wearing?!! This screen capture was from Forensic Heroes, and when I first saw it, I was shocked. Second time, I can't help but laugh a little. Pretty funny, since the shirt was tight and fits over Bobby's belly like a second skin! hehe...why I notice these things, I don't know. But it can be pretty scary and....awkward when you think about it. =D

Image Credit:
Ent-Magazine, Asianfanatics, Orisun, and

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Under the Umbrella of Love #2

When we think of favorite onscreen couples these days, we’ll say Boscolie or Ronolie or Bermoses etc. etc. Which is true. They are quite memorable these days, aren’t they? But how much or many of us remember the older generation couples? Well…technically, they’re not that old. Just that we see them a lot more in the 90s than now. hehe… ;-) One of my favorite couples of all time and my UTUOL #2 feature: Bobesther!

Siu Sang 小生 & Ngoh Je 娥姐

Series: Armed Reaction (陀槍師姐)
Cast: Bobby Au Yeung (歐陽震華) & Esther Kwan (關詠荷)
Year: 1997-98

lol…Bobesther. My first attempt in blending names together. Not that great (coughs: like my photoshop blending skills!), but okay la. Anyways…Bobby and Esther. Does anyone still remember this pair of dynamic duo? In my opinion, Bobby and Esther are probably one of TVB’s funniest couples ever paired up onscreen. Their chemistry via dialogues, emotions, actions are all-well unison, so realistic both onscreen and off.

One of the reasons I started this feature and also one of my favorite TVB moments of all time, is between Siu Sung, Ngoh Jie, and this rain scene. Since in AR, both of them are middle-aged adults, no way can we expect them to say “I love you” or have a passionate kiss to get them together. That would be cheesy and…not right…for them. This scene was touching, had humor, had sparks, and most importantly, it had an umbrella!...making it into my UTUOL feature. =) Hope this feature brings back some nice moments for you!



Thursday, June 22, 2006

Look-Alike: DOP and TCB feature

Dance of Passion feature:

Tai Gik. A highly anticipated series for many fans out there; including myself. =) Not very surprising though, as it contains some of today's hottest TVB (or non) stars in its production: Raymond Lam, Myolie Wu, Melissa Ng, Vincent Zhao, and Moses Chan? Yup. Moses Chan! Don't believe me? Take a look!

lol...pretty close, huh? Actually, I don't know who that guy is with Myolie. He just looks way too similar to Moses; especially since I just finished watching Dance of Passion. (shrugs) Anyone else think so? =D

The Charm Beneath feature:

Cecilia Cheung and Yoyo Mung. Never would it cross my mind that they would look pretty similar to one another. Is it because of the time period of their productions? (Yoyo for "The Charm Beneath" 胭脂水粉; Cecilia for her current project: "Chow Suen" 周璇) Is it the hair? Or do they really do look-alike and I'm not hallucinating? hmm.... ;-)

Joey supports Dad on Online Entry

Joey Yung (容祖兒) has always been known as one of the most filial daughters in the entertainment industry. Over the years, when news ever came on concerning her dad, Joey usually just ignores it. But in Joey’s heart, her love for her dad will always be there and even posted her feelings online.

Growing up in a single-parent family, Joey along with her mom and younger brother lived together harmoniously. In order for her family to live a decent life, Joey was in her teens when she took full-responsibility of the household; becoming the head of the house while entering the entertainment industry, to become a singer, almost at the same time. Ever since Joey’s dad’s departure from the family, Joey’s heart has been filled with resentment towards him. In the past, Joey would rarely talk about her dad, but in recent years, Joey’s hatred had diminished considerably. This past Father’s Day, Joey posted up a journal entry; reminiscing her childhood they've spent together.

In the entry, Joey states that she’s very grateful of her dad for giving life to her and for all he has done. When Joey was first born, her dad was ecstatic; running up and down the corridors many times in joy. When Joey was old enough to eat, he would crush and soften peanuts in his mouth and fed it to little Joey. When Joey was 6 years old, her dad would give her the newest electronic games available and buy her new clothes for the New Year. Although her dad had spanked a mischievous Joey before, he ended up crying right afterwards! Joey’s sweet and happy childhood lasted until she was 15, when her parents decided to file for a divorce. Ever since the separation, Joey admitted that her and her dad’s relationship has drifted apart, but she stills cares for him. Joey wishes her dad happiness and success in all he may do; forever supporting him.


Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Under the Umbrella of Love

Hi, guys. If you haven't heard about it already, Television Broadcasts Limited aka TVB had officially sent out an email to our fellow friendly TVB website, TVB Square; suggesting (demanding) that changes must occur among the site or legal actions will be conducted.

TVB's Warning Letter

How outrageous is that! I'm still devestated by the news even now. What's wrong with site? Nothing. Does it offend TVB in any way? Nope. Provide misleading info about TVB? Of course not! I'm confused. Can TVB really do that? If so, who should brace for the next devasting bombshell, known as an email? Other forums? Blogs? Myspace? Xanga? etc. Are we next? (sigh) Sorry, just venting out what I'm thinking at the moment. 心血少, 唔嚇得 ;-)'s my suppose post for yesterday. Posting it today shouldn't have made much of a difference, other than the fact that my mood has shifted drastically. hehe...hope you like! =)

This is an umbrella. lol...a little obvious but simple enough. ;-) But for TVB related, it's a little more complicated than that. A simple umbrella like this could be the foundation, the turning point for many classic moments in many TVB series. It helps ward off any wind and rain (風風雨雨) that the plot may encounter, such as by our beloved onscreen couples.

For a series to be good, not only should it have a strong and likeable cast, but the storyline, the dialogues, the sceneries are all major factors. TVB's most memorable onscreen (or off) couples of all time, whether in the 90s to present day, can be spotted in this feature as they all share a resemblence in some way or another: by an umbrella, a rain scene, as an unforgettable couple with witty dialogues, or all 3 (most will be all 3). Of course this is base purely on my own opinion, so I guess I'll call it the "Under the Umbrella of Love" feature. hehe...not very creative, huh? But that's the best I could think of for now, so I guess I'll keep it. =P How about kicking this feature off with some stars that we all or most like shall we.

Under the Umbrella of Love #1

Ah Fai and Ah Bee

Series: A Herbalist Affair (情牽百子櫃)
Cast: Roger Kwok (郭晉安) & Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼
Year: 2001

A typical love story between a guy and a girl, that's capable of leaving lasting impressions in our mind, despite the series being only okay. Ah Bee (Charmaine) comes from a wealthy family, have a great sense of humor, and may be a little immature if you don't know her. Ah Fai (Roger) is a lower-class citizen compared to Ah Bee's family. Stubborn, but kind-hearted. Not a very sociable type of guy. 2 different characters + 1 umbrella = 1 unforgetable moment.

Anyone remember this scene? lol...if not, it's okay; I don't either. Well... not enough to know all the details about the situation. I just happen to like Roger and Charmaine's chemistry in this series, so its memorable to me. Although it was Roger and Charmaine's first time collaborating together, their performance was very unique and special. Even their dialogues were witty, but sweet. =) If I remember correctly, it was in this series (that I've seen), who introduced me the arrangements of the numbers: 5201314 (我愛你一生一世). It was an instant hit by me! I loved it! Again, a very cute couple, but also a very bad hairstyle of Charmaine's. ehh.... =/ (Sorry!)

Warning: if you ever do watch this series, watch only the first half, and that's sufficient. The second half wasn't as interesting, and the plot just died down considerably, but that's just me.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Major Shocker

If you've visited RIta's blog already and just came over, I guess you can say that I'm shocked with the news I've just acquired, too. Originally, I had some features I would like to do or continue doing, but now...I just lost all my will-power to post and continue writing ! (SIGH)

I guess...if I sleep it off, all will be back to normal, right? (Which I really hope it would). Does matters actually work that way? (shrugs) =/ Don't know, but I guess I'll find out tomorrow. *sigh.....*

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Bernice gives dad $10, 000 present for Father’s Day

Today is Father’s Day and being the good daughter she is, Bernice specially planned a surprise present for her dad. Knowing how much her dad loves golf, Bernice presented him golf accessories worth up to $10, 000 HKD for father’s day! Because needing plenty of time and the difficulty of collecting the gifts, coming from Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, and even as far as New York, Bernice stated that she started collecting as early as last year! Ensuring that her dad would be surprise every year; Bernice would specially spend lots of time and effort in planning her Father’s Day gift.

Bernice’s dad can be considered to be a very loving parent to his daughter. Ever since five years ago when he heard that Bernice was coming to HK to launch her career, he dropped all his work in Canada and came over, just take care of her. “I’m really grateful for all that my dad has done for me. For the past 5 years, my dad has done an excellent job in taking care of me, while being separated thousands of miles from my mom! No matter how late I have work to at night; my dad will still come out and pick me up from work! In the past years on Father’s Day, I would always treat my parents on a vacation, but this year, my mom’s here in HK, so we’re all just celebrating together.”

Bernice revealed that while she was a college student in Canada, she once lived separately from her parents for about 3 years. But because she lacked the opportunity to see/communicate with them, their relationship weren’t as close. Compare to now, as if there’s any problems Bernice may have, she would consult them with her parents first. Bernice wants to take the time to encourage all of the younger people to treasure the time they have with their parents, as they’re given the opportunity, and doesn’t treasure it, they might end up regretting for their actions later. Seeing his daughter so successful, Bernice’s dad is very happy and proud; encouraging Bernice not to slack off, but continue working hard.

Source: Singpao

Friday, June 16, 2006

Favorite Moments in Dance of Passion


Dance of Passion has finished airing, and I have just finished watching the last couple of episodes. Overall, the series has its ups and downs (more downs than ups). The series dragged out way too long! The acting wasn't all that impressive (for most) and their dialogues were way too deep to understand, so's boring! Not very surprised that the ratings have been only mediocre.

The storyline was a bit confusing to me. So what was the whole point of it? At the beginning, everyone was full of energy, full of excitement, full of fire. (Just as I was before I started watching it.) But as the series progresses, it died down alot. It's either moving way too fast to catch up or it's just way too slow and wanting to fast forward. I've finished it, but I'm still confused on what had happen. Anyone care to tell me?

For the best performance, I have to give credit to Ada Choi and not just because I like her. Out of all the characters, her's was the most well-developed, interesting, and captivates the audiences' attention. For the others, they all did fairly well, too. But there's just one point or another where you'll find them either annoyed by their actions, or bored by their long speeches. (shrugs)


Who had the best chemistry? Let see...there's Kenny and Maggie, Charmaine and Moses, Bowie and Gigi, and Bowie and Ada. At first, I liked Kenny and Maggie's onscreen chem. It was sweet, but can easily be bored by them. Next, I liked Charmaine and Moses. Charmaine was so innocent and sweet, and Moses was...just there! They've been together through thick and thin, through understandings to misunderstandings to be together; I liked that. But Moses's character just have to ruin it all. His hatred towards Bowie has driven him mad! It was driving me mad! (sigh) Men! ;-) Bowie and Gigi. I'm not going to say anymore. Don't know what to say! Surprisingly, Bowie and Ada's chemistry was my favorite couple. From the moment Ada rebelled against Bowie in Episode 5, sparks were already flying! I love them together and thus, they brings forth my favorite moment of DOP.

*Episode 31:
Bowie and Ada have been freed by Moses from having to suffer the "Sky Torching" punishment; at Ada's son's grave.* Honestly, I don't know why I like it so much, but I just do. Here's a quick translations of it, and its short clip. Enjoy! =)


Bowie (B): "I, too, owe you. What I owe you; it’s more than anyone else…Do you understand?"

Ada (A): (stares back at him) "I never once loved you. Do you understand?"

B: "In order for me to give up and my heart broken, are you willing to say just about anything?"

A: “What I said…is what I believe is true. In this life, you are the only man that has caused me to feel this way. In the days when I really want to hate you, it was you who made me feel the warmth seeping into my heart. In the days when I was to despise you, it was you who gave me hope to continue on with life. In the moment when I really want to kill you, it was you…who’ve cause me to shed a tear. But all my actions doesn’t mean I love you. Just that, in my whole life I never once was treated this way by a man before.”

B: "But what difference does it make?"

A: “It does. Because at the end, I’m not choosing the path of a woman longing for love; I chose the path of being a mother.”

Download Here

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Celebrities Venting

People like to express their inner feelings differently. I, for one, like to vent out my frustrations here, on my blog or on whatever that's near. hehe...But that's only me. For celebrities, it's different. They can't show their frustrations to the public! Bad image! Duh! How else can they do it w/out people noticing? Why with their clothings of course!

Moses Chan was spotted wearing this t-shirt at Dance of Passion's Special Interview show after its finale this past Monday night. When I first saw it, I liked it. It was funny. Was Moses complaining that DOP is finish airing? Or did he just hear DOP's recent ratings? (Average about 31 PTS)

Moses had a good reason to vent with his shirt. But what about Julian (ChiLam) Cheung? hmm... =\ Well, ChiLam was seen wearing this shirt recently while going out with his girlfriend/ fiancée, Anita Yuen. I guess he dragged himself away from watching the World Cup just to spend time with her. Outer image by us: Aww...very sweet gesture by him. Considerate. Inner thoughts by him: (revealed via X-Ray t-shirt) "What the..." ;-)

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Upset Stomach puts Jessica out for 2 days!

The whole cast of TVB’s new series, “Do Cheung Fung Wan” (賭場風雲) left for the Philippines last Wednesday (June 7th) to film some outdoor scenes. Before leaving, Jessica Hsuan has reportedly brought along her bikini with her; hoping to have some time to relax and enjoy the beach scenery there. But after the first night of eating dinner, Jessica started to have abdominal pains, and was vomiting soon after! When the pain ceased to subside, Jessica had no choice but to seek for immediate medical attention. Originally planned of having Jessica’s parts filmed has now been extended until later, whenever Jessica recovers. While the rest of the cast and crew ate and hang out at the site’s cafeteria, Jessica has no choice but stay in her room and get some rest.

After 2 days of resting in her room, (June 10th) Jessica was feeling a lot better, but was immediately needed to catch up in filming her scenes. Despite feeling better, Jessica still looks to be extremely thin and pale during filming.

Reporter (R): “Heard that you stopped work for the past couple of days.”

Jessica (J): “Yes. I was constantly vomiting and had an upset stomach. After the 5th trip to the bathroom, I was very weak by then. Can hardly even walk!”

R: “Did you find the cause of it?”

J: “I think it’s just the food being not too clean. Bacteria going into my system.”

R: Possibility because of the Philippines’ food?

J: “No. I don’t think so. The doctor said that there’s a greater spread of bacteria in HK, than from here. But then again, I was already unaccustomed to the climate when I first got here. The food probably just helped initiate it even farther.”

Source: Easy Finder #751

*SEN: Aww...hopefully Jessica regains back her health soon! =) Oh...credits to Stephanie from Jessica's Bravenet Forum, too. She posted the source. I just translated it. =) *

Monday, June 12, 2006

Movie Buff Championship: Part 1

Ahhh...Super Trio Shows. Who misses it? I most certainly do! A little quiet around the variety show area without this program, don't you think? (shrugs) Maybe it's just me.'s a Super Trio Show up for download. It's from their first season, I believe. Movie Buff Championship, back in 1995? 96? hmm...not too sure. Either way, hope you guys like it. Enjoy!

Hosts: Eric Tsang, Jerry Lam, Jordan Chan
Guests: Fiona Leung, Pang Daan, Karen Tong, etc. (sorry, can't catch the names of the guys! hehe...)

Download Here

*FYI, I have a couple more, so check back for its postings! Some guests include: Kenix Kwok, Vivian Chow, Kingdom Yuen, Francis Ng, etc. A little teaser for you guys. ;-) *

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Forensic Heroes 法證先鋒

Woohoo! It's here! This series is about to be air, coming this Tuesday, June 13th. Excited I am! First off, Forensic Heroes ( 法證先鋒) is a mystery/police/forensic type of series. Been a long time since I've (we've) seen a series like this, so glad to see it back! Secondly, I really like the cast members. Bobby Au Yeung...given. Linda Chung...fastly becoming an artist I like/love. Frankie and Yoyo...okay la...for me. However, I'm most looking forward to the return of Florence Kwok and Astrid Chan to TVB series.

If I remember correctly, Florence Kwok took part in the 1992 MHK Pageant (same year as Hacken Lee's fiancée, Emily Lo) and made it into the top 12. She signed with TVB and filmed series for them up to 2001 and decided to open up her own business. Why she's back...I have no clue. But I'm not complaining. FH is technically not Florence's debut series to return, Dance of Passion is. But her role in DOP is so small, it can be dismissed or even missed when she actually appears! Hopefully her role is bigger. Welcome back, Florence!

Astrid Chan. Hmm...her departure from TVB actually took me by surprise. I think it was in 1997? 98? when she left. If you don't remember her, some series she was in are: Cold Blood Warm Heart (天地男兒) as Grace Yip; File of Justice IV and V (一号皇庭 IV, V) as Rachel Ching (yes...same as Jessica Hsuan's name in Golden Faith), Healing Hands (妙手仁心) as Helen, and Web of Love (网上有情人) as Ah Mon. As you can tell, I'm a huge fan of Astrid's. Seeing her back and filming for TVB, I'm estatic! Can't wait. =D

Here's a clip from E-Buzz over an interview w/ Bobby Au Yeung. Some info regarding FH, and a little about "Do Cheung Fung Wan." Enjoy! =)

Download Here

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Good luck, Selena!!

Finally!...I'm finish catching up with the recent entertainment news!! Yay!! (been very busy lately) Anyways, the current most shocking headline (to me): Selena Li (李詩韻) needing to lose 10 lbs in 10 days!

OMG!!! In my standards, that's crazy! From what I read in Em's translations, Selena needs to lose off 10 lbs of weight to play a 90 lbs, sweetheart in "Fei Tian He See" (肥田囍事). 10 lbs. Not that much, but in 10 days!!! Oh my... (takes a bite out of a candy bar; J/K!!!)

Why does the producer want so much weight loss? 90 lbs. (faints) Personally, I think Selena looks just fine and could probably pass for that role. No need to diet. Poor her. (sigh) The wonders and cons of the entertainment industry. Have no choice, but to follow best of luck in burning off the burgers and onion rings, Selena!

Jay Chou (look-alike) & Jessica Hsuan fished shrimps together

Promoting for TVBS’s new series being air, “Life Made Simple” (阿旺新傳), Jessica Hsuan (宣萱) specially flew over to Taiwan for the promotional event, along with fellow colleague, Roger Kwok. Yesterday (4 days ago), Jessica ventured into a shrimp fishing outdoor location, with the “Entertainment News” crew, to learn how to fish for shrimps. Upon seeing the director of the show, Siu Heung (a Jay Chou look-alike), who came and greeted her, Jessica was astonished! “Oh my gosh! I thought it was Jay Chou coming towards me!”

Having never tried shrimp fishing before, Jessica first attempt turned out to be pretty successful. Only watching Siu Heung fish for about half an hour, Jessica was ready and even had a competition with him; successfully being the first to fish out the/her first shrimp! Right after the first one, Jessica immediately got another catch, while her competitor, initially being the more experience of the two, didn’t get any. Her 2nd catch wasn't as lucky, as the shrimp clamped on Jessica's hand, making her cried out in pain. Luckily, the crew members cleaned up the cut and said that it wasn’t too serious, just a scrape on the skin, so should be okay. Afterwards, Jessica continued fishing for the rest of the day, with no more catch, but still beating Siu Heung’s 1 shrimp to her’s 2.

Seeing that he lost the bet, Jessica wanted Siu Heung to sing and dance to Jay Chou’s “Tornado” using the rendition of Ah Wong’s voice! At the end, Siu Heung only just slipped on a red lobster costume and fooled around; making Jessica laugh. Because the weather was so hot, Siu Heung was soaked in sweat, but he thought it was all worth it, since Jessica can do anything, he’s willing to [sacrifice] a little, too.

Since hearing that Jessica doesn’t have a boyfriend at the moment, Siu Heung flatly opened up and asked if she mind accepting a guy as her boyfriend, who’s a few years younger than herself. Laughing, Jessica said, “I don’t want to take care of a younger guy. You look like you’re only 13! (Siu Heung’s really 25) I rather like the idea of being the one who’s taken care of.”

The 2nd Annual Top Chinese TV Drama Awards results are out and Roger Kwok and Jessica Hsuan’s series “Life Made Simple” were up on top. Winning the award for best HK Most Popular Actor award, Roger had to leave and go back to HK, then fly to Peking for the award ceremony. Before leaving Taiwan, Roger said he’s saw the online posting of his fans’ messages to him and seeing so many fans at the LMS promotion event, he was very touched; one of the happiest moments of his life.


SEN: lol...I'm doing so many Jessica Hsuan related articles lately! hehe... =) Anyways...special thanks to Alec Nguyen from Jessica's bravent forum for telling me about the article. Didn't even know this happened! Btw, anyone else thinks that guy look like Jay Chou? Umm...I can't see the resemblance from my pov. hmm... =/

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Jessica's undaunted of the paparazzi

Cast members for TVB’s new series, “Do Cheung Fung Wan” 《 賭場風雲 》set off to the Philippines yesterday to film some location scenes. But with the recent reports of the local security being not too safe, everyone has decided to stay indoors when they’re not needed on the set; bringing cups of instant noodles, snacks, DVD machine, and DVDs to help them pass the time.

Jessica has reportedly brought along a bikini with her and was asked if she’s worry that her pictures might be taken by the paparazzi. Jessica said, “It’s a good thing I lost some weight earlier! Even if they do take my picture, I won’t look too bad.”

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

HTML: Cause of my near destruction

I’m in the process of changing a new layout for my blog. One word I can say to it is “Ahhhh…….” Okay, that’s not really a word, but still. I think I got my point across. Reading, writing, using, and understanding HTML language/code is probably one of the hardest task I’d ever put myself into. It can be so complicated! And confusing! Especially for a newbie like me! Adding Photoshop to that and BOOM! I'm doomed. For those who owns a website/blog/xanga/myspace/etc. I give you guys my full undivided respect. How you managed to changed it to your style or preference, I don't know. I was this close (holds up 2 fingers about 2 cm apart) into losing my sanity just doing mine! Luckily, I’ve found my energy source to continue and carry on.

For the past couple of weeks, my blog (mostly just me) has changed drastically, solely for 2 reasons. First off, I'm meeting more fellow bloggers or webmasters, who's showing me how to or what to change for the better or worse (it’s for the better). The lessons given to me are priceless, since they’re like online celebrities to me! hehe… ;-) Secondly, more visitors are visiting each day. I like that! I didn’t really matter to me at the beginning, but it really does add-on to a person sooner or later. (shrugs) With the increase in visitors each day, it's becoming a source of energy for us (I guess it’s safe to speak for other webmasters/bloggers, too) to continue posting, translating, analyzing, etc. And I [we] thank you!

Okay. I’m finish venting for now. Time for more HTML reading. (sigh). ;-)

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Leila’s love for penguins

In everyone’s heart, there’s always a child inside of us. Even for child star ‘til now young actress, Leila Tong; it makes no difference. Since being introduced to the Pingu cartoon by some friends 5 years ago, Leila has fell in love with the black and white color penguins ever since! Leila said she’s been collecting penguin accessories here and there; buying collectibles, ordering online, or even ask a friend to buy them for her in other countries.

In just 5 short years, Leila has collected over 100 Pingu (or penguin-related) accessories, such as stuff animals, towels, pens, pencils, notebooks, models, and much more. Leila revealed that most of the accessories she’s collected were either given to her by friends or fans. “When my friends go traveling and they see them [penguins] so cute, they’ll just buy them for me. Hong Kong doesn’t have much Pingu goods, but Taiwan does. I could order online to buy them, but I don’t like doing that. I rather just walk in the streets, see it and buy it.”

In order to keep her penguin accessories safe and intact, Leila said that she has specially made a glass case for it and even take them out to clean! “Sitting inside the glass case can easily be cover with dust. So I take them out and clean/dust them off. When my mom sees that I’m busy, she’ll do it for me. But because she misplaces them from their positions after finish, I won’t let her touch it anymore. I’ll just do it when I have the time.”

Out of all her collectibles, Leila’s favorite is the DVDs. “Although I don’t understand what it’s saying, but the storyline is very simple and clear. There’s friendship, there’s family love, and it has a moral to it. Entering the penguin’s simple family lifestyle just makes me really happy. Sometimes when I’m depressed, I’ll just watch the DVDs, and it’ll cheer me up.”

Nervous Gigi films kissing scene with Kevin

Yesterday, Gigi Lai (黎姿) was at Tsuen Wan, filming a kissing scene with Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎), for their new series, “Super Cops” (通天幹探). The storyline talks about how Gigi’s character had just split up with Moses Chan and immediately afterwards, Kevin was on hot pursuit for Gigi’s hand! Showering Gigi with roses and giving her a sweet kiss, Kevin turned the night into a very romantic atmosphere.

During filming, Gigi was very nervous; causing numerous NGs during her dialogues. Even the director had to tell her to calm down! Gigi later explained that she was very nervous and her hands were getting sweaty. Is it because Kevin is too handsome, making you nervous? “I’m too beautiful is more like it! He’s got all the advantages!” said Gigi, laughing. “It’s not the first time I’ve filmed a kissing scene. And the kiss needed to be more romantic,but too passionate. So I shouldn’t have a problem. It was the fake teeth retainer I was wearing; making it hard for me to enunciate my dialogues clearly.” How does it feel wearing the fake teeth retainer while kissing? “It’s a bit in the way. This series, I really sacrificed a lot! I have to kiss Kevin and Moses!”

Gigi revealed that while filming, she’s very satisfied with how everything was going along, as her unattractive character is being in pursuit by 2 attractive guys. “People need to see it’s not just about the outer appearance. Having an inner beauty could still win you a guy like Kevin! Have money. Good looking. Great!”

Prior to filming, Kevin has already taken some mints and had a talk with Gigi. “Filming these types of scenes is best to clear up things beforehand, and the kiss had to be very gentle. First time kissing Gigi, of course I can’t be too aggressive!”

*SEN: I knew that when reading the news, this is going to be about Gigi. But one glance at the pics, I thought "Niki Chow!" lol...don't know why! Most likely because there's Kevin and I think of Niki. Also, the scene captured looks very similar to one in UTCOL. hmm...gotta see if I can find it. Anyone thought it was Niki, too?

Monday, June 05, 2006

Too much hype for DOP?

The ratings are out, and once again TVB's grand production series, Dance of Passion (火舞黃沙) looses out in rating, with an average of 30 pts last week. Trimming Success (飛短留長父子兵), staying one point ahead, with an average 31 pts. And TVB's new variety show, Beautiful Cooking (美女廚房), tops off with it's premiere of 32 pts.

I like Trimming Success. Nnadia was great as always. The supporting cast was good, too. Other than the fact that it's a bit slow, and not a huge Kevin or Sharon fan myself, I find it enjoyable enough to watch it. TS getting good ratings? I'm very happy for it! The B/T & direct d/l links was out a couple months back when it was release overseas. I really really expected it's ratings to be about 27-29 pts. Pass 30 pts! Impressive. Bravo and hats off to them!

Ahh...Beautiful Cooking. I like this show! Didn't know much about it other than the fact it was on the news and from Kitson's comments about it. Downloaded/watched the first episode (provided by Kitson), and I love it! Witty comments by the hosts and judges. The female celebrities are indeed beautiful (matches the theme of the show), and the way they cook was so funny! Reminded me alot like myself! lol... ;-) Just a little fyi, my cooking style is very similar to Kristy Yeung's, if you've seen the show. (sorry to any Kristy fans) If you haven't, watch it, and that's me cooking! About the same. hehe... Anyways, I like the show. 32 pts. Not that bad. Hope it stays around for awhile. =)

Dance of Passion. Were we (or was I) too hyped about it before it aired? Ever since the debut of the 1st episode, the ratings have dropped every week! Okay, fine. Not every week, but still! Lots of people aren't enjoying it and is comparing WAB to it! I plead guilty in comparing series, too, but don't do that! The storyline really isn't that bad. It's just...slow. That's about it. Remember, patience is a virtue....!!! The finale is fast approaching, and I have a feeling that it's gonna be good. Watch DOP, everyone! Don't let ATV steal any more viewers! BTW: ATV's Central Affair 2's (情陷夜中環 2) had an average of 6 pts for its ratings last week. 6 pts. may not be much now, but it may add up in the long run. (shrugs) It could happen!

Ratings Credit: Kitson @

Roger and Jessica promoting “Life Made Simple” in Taipei

Roger Kwok (郭晉安) and Jessica Hsuan (宣萱) were in Taipei yesterday (staying about 4 days), promoting for TVBS on their series, “Life Made Simple” (阿旺新傳) with a meet and greet function with their fans. Over a hundred fans showed up to play games with Roger and Jessica, making the atmosphere very ecstatic and high. Always not been very well in speaking mandarin, Roger was playing the game “Eagle chase little chickens” [麻鷹捉雞仔], and cried out: “Where’s my little chicks (雞仔)?!” and made the whole audience laugh! Because in Taiwanese, the term “little chick” actually means the males reproductive system! (hehe….)

In LMS, Roger’s character, Ah Wong, is mentally hinder and naïve, so was not a perfect match for Jessica’s independence stature. But the currently single, Jessica, she’s not in any hurry to look for a new boyfriend, as her friends are doing all the looking for her! Jessica revealed that one time; her friends invited her out to dinner as an excuse, and used the opportunity to introduce her to some new acquaintances [boyfriends].

Ever since collaborating together in “Square Pegs” (戇夫成龍), Roger and Jessica’s friendship had intensified. LMS was their 2nd collaboration, and they both wish that in the future they might have another chance to work together again, but not relating toward the “Ah Wong” storyline. Jessica said that Roger and herself would often go visit each other on the sets during filming. Sometimes, Roger would bring along some cakes and pastries to treat Jessica and the crew, as his girlfriend, Cindy Au (歐倩怡) had specially made for them.

During the filming of Life Made Simple, Jessica was reportedly hit by a semi-truck driver, and had the case filed all the way up to the courts. At the end, the driver was fined $9000 HKD and had his license suspended for 5 months. Jessica stated that the driver didn’t find that it was his fault for driving so carelessly and was even mad himself! The neighborhood where the filming took place were filled with many pedestrians and elderly people walking/living. Seeing the possible danger that might harm others’, Jessica had no choice but to file a lawsuit against him. Jessica also stated because she filmed for the series, “Files of Justice” before, she understands many of HK laws and regulations. So when ever encounter such situations again, Jessica’s able to handle the situation with ease.