Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Celebrities Venting

People like to express their inner feelings differently. I, for one, like to vent out my frustrations here, on my blog or on whatever that's near. hehe...But that's only me. For celebrities, it's different. They can't show their frustrations to the public! Bad image! Duh! How else can they do it w/out people noticing? Why with their clothings of course!

Moses Chan was spotted wearing this t-shirt at Dance of Passion's Special Interview show after its finale this past Monday night. When I first saw it, I liked it. It was funny. Was Moses complaining that DOP is finish airing? Or did he just hear DOP's recent ratings? (Average about 31 PTS)

Moses had a good reason to vent with his shirt. But what about Julian (ChiLam) Cheung? hmm... =\ Well, ChiLam was seen wearing this shirt recently while going out with his girlfriend/ fiancée, Anita Yuen. I guess he dragged himself away from watching the World Cup just to spend time with her. Outer image by us: Aww...very sweet gesture by him. Considerate. Inner thoughts by him: (revealed via X-Ray t-shirt) "What the..." ;-)


Blogger tvbsquare said...

lol. that's so interesting. but I am sure I don't want to wear that, haha... it's little strange, I guess. Surprising that Chilam wear that.. lol

5:28 PM 
Blogger Sidney said...

lol...I wouldn't wear the shirt either. It's just fun to read them while others are wearing it. =D

7:14 PM 
Blogger fishi3s said...

i noticed the two wearing the same shirt too..i talked about it in TVB Generation but i checked late and the chatter box was filled.

9:44 PM 
Blogger Sidney said...

Aww...glad to see you stop by and noticed the shirts, too!'s a random post by me as always, but please do check back if you notice any more. I might spot them, too. ;-)

11:49 PM 

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