Wednesday, June 07, 2006

HTML: Cause of my near destruction

I’m in the process of changing a new layout for my blog. One word I can say to it is “Ahhhh…….” Okay, that’s not really a word, but still. I think I got my point across. Reading, writing, using, and understanding HTML language/code is probably one of the hardest task I’d ever put myself into. It can be so complicated! And confusing! Especially for a newbie like me! Adding Photoshop to that and BOOM! I'm doomed. For those who owns a website/blog/xanga/myspace/etc. I give you guys my full undivided respect. How you managed to changed it to your style or preference, I don't know. I was this close (holds up 2 fingers about 2 cm apart) into losing my sanity just doing mine! Luckily, I’ve found my energy source to continue and carry on.

For the past couple of weeks, my blog (mostly just me) has changed drastically, solely for 2 reasons. First off, I'm meeting more fellow bloggers or webmasters, who's showing me how to or what to change for the better or worse (it’s for the better). The lessons given to me are priceless, since they’re like online celebrities to me! hehe… ;-) Secondly, more visitors are visiting each day. I like that! I didn’t really matter to me at the beginning, but it really does add-on to a person sooner or later. (shrugs) With the increase in visitors each day, it's becoming a source of energy for us (I guess it’s safe to speak for other webmasters/bloggers, too) to continue posting, translating, analyzing, etc. And I [we] thank you!

Okay. I’m finish venting for now. Time for more HTML reading. (sigh). ;-)


Blogger Em said...

Keep up the good work Sid - your site looks great, I really like this nice unoffensive green colour, really easy on the eyes! Don't claim to be an expert myself, but I do have a (little) site, so if you need any help, just shout!


4:51 AM 
Blogger Sidney said...

Aww...that's very sweet of you, Em! Thanks! I think I'm getting it, but just got frustrated. Nothing much. But thank you, again. I will keep that for future reference. ;-)

10:26 PM 
Blogger MetalAZNWarrior said...

Hehe I remember my struggles with html. 5 years ago when I was first trying to build a VOH forum - which turned into VOH pages - which then became a VOH website. :P Ah, the struggles - the cheatsheet, the "stealing" hahaha. But all in all, I've made it and I'm proud of the VOH Network that I've established. Though my html skills are nothing to boast about, I'm happy with what I can do - even if it's not that great.

Good luck Sid!

11:19 PM 
Blogger -ExqUisite - said... least u hav the interest to learn..i don't!haha..i get frustrated reallly quickly..lolz

12:06 AM 
Blogger Sidney said...

lol...thanks for the encouragement, Metal. I'll need it. ;-)

12:14 AM 
Blogger Sidney said...

Samantha: hehe...I get frustrated easily, too. A bad habit sometimes. But I think I can control that! =D

12:16 AM 

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