Thursday, November 30, 2006

"Oh, when the weather outside is frightful..."

lol...the weather outside my house right now is very frightful indeed. Since yesterday morning, a cold front swept through my home state; bringing in heavy rain, snow, sleet, high gust of wind, and of course, the freezing dropping temperature that came with it.'s freezing here! Current temperature: 19°F (but actually feels like 4°). How wonderful is that?!

But on a bright side, all my classes were cancel today, along with many public schools, so had an extra day off for everyone. Yay! Curling up on the couch with a blanket over my lap and a nice pot of hot tea at arms reach, I was set for the day. =)

I got the chance to finish watching "Land of the Wealth" 《匯通天下》 today! Woohoo! Took me way longer than I originally expected, but at least I finished watching it. The whole storyline was stretched out a tad longer then absolutely necessary. It's a 32 episodes series, but I would say 20 episodes is more than sufficient. Can't really blame others for finding this series boring; causing the ratings to be only mediocre when aired. I can't help from releasing a couple yawns when watching it myself!

Overall the actings were great; Steven Ma and John Chiang were awesome (Steven's character was very close to his character in "Where the Legend Begins"). Tavia's screen time was very short and not much difficulty there. Sonija Kwok's acting had improved immensely from the last time I saw, but I'm still...very hesitant about her acting abilities. Not a true fan of her's just yet. I blame it on the storyline for stretching it way too long, causing the series to be only ehh... (sigh) TVB these days... (shakes head).

Is this series worth watching? a way it is. You'll learn a lot about the functions of currency back in the old time. But here's a warning: the chinese used in this series is very deep. I didn't understand parts of the series, with the strong "4-word" phrases. Other then that and with a semi-longer plot then necessary, it's really not a bad series. The sceneries were beautiful, so that might be something to look forward to. =P

Now that I'm finish with LOW, what series should I watch next? Any suggestions? Finals are coming up for me, so I won't be able to start anything new 'til around Christmas time. Hopefully I'll find something that captures my interest soon! But until then, I'm going to go heat up my tea now. It's cooling off. =)

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Congrats to Mr. & Mrs. Hacken Lee!

Today, Nov. 28th, 2006, is the official day in which Hacken Lee and Emily Lo finally tie the knot together! Woohoo!! Invitations were released earlier in October with a supreme amount of secrecy toward the media and press, which is understandable.

The wedding invitations were very unique and special; encompassing both Emily and Hacken's careers (Hacken's success in the music industry and Emily's victory in 1992's MHK Pageant). Although the colors chosen (black & gold) aren't the traditional colors use (red & gold), it's still very pretty. I just like how creative it is, don't you? At least the guests will be happy, not having to receive a "red bomb" in the mail! =P

So far, every picture I've seen of the couple's wedding that were released was kept simple, but elegant. Nothing over the top and not that extravagant, as like the grand staircase shown here. Maid of honor was Emily's sister, and other bridesmaids included Ada Choi and Margaret Chung. Best Man of the night was the none other, Andy Lau with brothers, Joey Leung, and others.

What a star-studded night it must have been. But what better way than to have all your friends and love ones there present in witness of your special day! After 14 years of dating, Hacken Lee and Emily Lo officially became our Mr.& Mrs. Hacken Lee today. Congratulations to them, and may forever they be happy and live a wonderful life together. =)

Additional Pics:

Monday, November 27, 2006

Disappointments of the Week

(stretches) Woo! Took a couple days off from blogging, due mostly to my Thanksgiving holiday. It was nice break, but way too short. hehe...but classes are over for me in about 2 weeks, so I'll get my longer break then. =)

Some disappointments are floating in my head now, of course related to the HK entertainment industry. First of all, I'm dying to see "Dicey Business" right now, especially since lots of people have emailed me or left me messages on how great it is. Argh! The pain! ;-) Speaking of DB, the newest ratings have been released for the week of 11/20/06- 11/26/06, and "Dicey Business" only managed a mere 30 pts average in ratings (1.93 million viewers)! I was stunned! It's not what I would expect for their 1st week! (sigh) But on the bright side, TVB's "Dicey Business" sure kicked ATV's "No Turning Back" _____!!! "No Turning Back's" first week only racked up an average of 4 pts (260,000 viewers). hehe...that's kinda funny and sad at the same time. ATV hardly have ratings pass the 2-digit mark. Embarrassing compared to TVB, but I guess that's good enough in ATV's standards.

2nd disappointment I like to mention is the Leslie Lee's "Superstars Pictorial." Can anyone tell me the whole purpose of this? I know I know, the proceeds will go toward charitable cause, but still...I'm not too thrill with what I saw. In my opinion, it reflects a bad image of the artists, especially the ones who had a cigarette dangling between their fingers. (cough...Chilam and Cecilia) Eww!! Ruins my personal image of them. =/ Btw, the photo album is a limited edition with prices ranging around $300 (USD) and $2300 (HKD).

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

TVB 2007 Sales Presentation: Is it as promising as it sounds?

I finally got my chance to view the TVB's 2007 Sales Presentation clip! Yay! Although I'm a couple of days behind everyone else, but it's better late than never, right? hehe... =P First off, before I start talking which series interest me the most in the upcoming year, Thanksgiving Day is tomorrow, so Happy Thanksgiving's Day everyone! =)

TVB's 40th year in the entertainment industry. A very strong and steady production company with abundant amount of talents. What better way to show them off than to produce mega-size series for the upcoming year! Every series that was showcased to possible clients/sponsors are critical and seems to be a huge hit. 40+ episodes on one series, 60+ on another, and 80+ on the one after that. From the way the sales presentation went, all of them sounds very interesting, very dramatic, and very modern. Yes, they're all drama-series and in the modern time. How much different could each series be from the other, I really have no clue.

"Exquisite Beauty" 《玉面玲瓏》

This series seems very interesting to me just by looking at the pictures that were release couple weeks ago! With almost an all-female cast, lead by Ada Choi, Anne Heung, Bernice Liu, Shirley Yeung, Astrid Chan, etc. First thought, "uh oh! Not another WAB type of series!" But then again, it's not. Lots of deceiving, hatred, and manipulation will be involve. Suspenseful, too. Although I'm very interested to see how the storyline goes, I highly doubt TVB will make this series. Ada joined the cast for the 80+ episode series which would be filming soon, so hardly any time to fit this into her schedule. Plus, I can't think of anyone who could take her spot. Kenix Kwok maybe? Nah...I don't think so.

"Cordial Heroes" 《真心英雄》

I may be the only one out there that thinks highly of this series. It looks so cool! Sorry, I'm really into the HK's custom and legislation type of series. Couple years back, TVB produced "A Matter of Customs," so I assume this series has something relatively similar to it, as shown in the sales clip. Really strange of TVB to choose Bowie Lam and Charmaine Sheh to film the clip as just last year, "Always Ready" was released and the ratings were terrible and the storyline was base off of the HK government Air Force. You're trying to sell the series to your clients, hoping that they'll sponsor the series. With Bowie and Charmaine in it and their history for making "good ratings" the last time? Umm...good luck if the series could even make it past the chopping block!

"Cadets on the Beat" 《學警出更》

Nothing much to say other than I like "The Academy" when I first watched it, so I'm going to watch this one when it comes out, too. Some new cast will be added on to the storyline, like Joey Yung, Kenny Kwan, Kate Tsui, Sonija Kwok, and Michael Tao, but I doubt it's going to effect the original cast that much. Kate Tsui and Sonija are 2 artists I'm still not too fond of right now. Seeing both of them at the same time in the same series will definitely be difficult for me to bare. I guess we'll have to wait and see how it goes. Btw, heard that this series will probably be release March 2007.

"The Changing Times" 《 歲月風雲》

"Brink of Law" 《 突圍行動》

A little obvious that these 2 series would spark an interest in me immediately. Since "The Changing Times" barely have any news release out to the public yet, my focus will turn mostly toward the "Brink of Law." I read the news about it during its filming, but I didn't realize that it was going to be that dramatic! From what I understand from the sales clip, Steven is a spy and he's trying to gather info from this one family. The family may or may not be Bernice's family, since info is really limited. But it does put in at the edge of my seat. Aside all that, Michelle Mai is evil! Never before have I seen her act as an evil person before, so a fresh change in image. Can't wait! Btw, heard that "Brink of Law" will be release after "Glittering Days" is over, so mid-December 2006 is my guess.

Monday, November 20, 2006

"Dicey Business" 《賭場風雲》 themevideo

Today is the official premiere of "Dicey Business" 《賭場風雲》. Yay! For those who saw the 1st episode, so how was it? I only saw the themevideo so far, and it seems promising to me. For those who haven't, here's the clip of the themevideo uploaded by 4everjessicafans, so credits to him/her. Enjoy! Btw, the themesong is sung by Hacken Lee. =)

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Happy Birthday, TVB!!!

"Happy Birthday to you!" (clap clap) "Happy Birthday to you!" (clap clap) Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday to you!!" (clap clap)

hehe...Happy 39th Birthday, TVB!! Woohoo!! Today, November 19th is the official birthday celebration of TVB Anniversary and as annually there was a huge extravaganza to celebrate its joyful day. Watched the anniversary show already, and I have to say, it's way better than last year. any year to last year's show, anything is way better!

The show lasted approximately a little less than 2 hours long (commercials deleted), but I wouldn't mind if it was a tad longer. The performances weren't as all that great but enjoyable enough. Took lots of time playing games then actually performing. I guess interacting with fellow colleagues is a good thing, as we can see how happy everyone was. I meant it! Everyone seem to be having a blast this year! I'm going to do a recap of the Anniversary night. So if you don't want me to spoil it for you (or listen to me blabber ;-) ) I suggest you stop reading right.......NOW!! =P

It's been awhile since we last saw Sir Run Run (Uncle 6) at a TVB event. He didn't participate at the "Jade Singers Celebrate TVB Anniversary" nor the "TVB Anniversary Award Ceremony." Nope, just tonight! Carol Cheng and Liza Wang accompanied Sir Run Run in lighting event; officially starting the celebration of the show. Btw, I have to mentioned that TVB is so creative by having this jade ball rise up, and float on water (there was a stand) once the switched was activated. cool! What! I'm easy to be impress by simple objects like these! =D

Next, were some dances that features all of TVB's artists dressed in costumes ranging from Chinese Opera to Justice Bao to Shanghai time periods to modern day clothing. Basically emptying TVB's dressing room in the back with every costume available. (I am so sorry for whomever works in the dressing room! They will have a lot fun doing that pile of laundry! )

All the artists were separated into different groups: the performers, the wavers, the dancers, and the walkers. The pictures above are the artist that actually performed; dancing and [lip] singing. Top "siu sungs" and "fa daans" came out next, led by the cast of "Welcome to the House," however, they didn't do much other than wave to the audience. (waves back) The dancers are the group with TVB variety shows' hosts, MHK contestants, etc. who just moved with the beat of the music. hehe...cute! And last but not least were the veterans, who walked out from the back, onto the stage, walked down the stage, went outside, and joined the rest of the artists for the big finale.

The special edition of "Ah Jeh" Cooking was the first performance of the night with Nancy Sit, Carol Cheng, and Liza Wang cooking. At first I was very excited about it, since I'm a fan of "Beautiful Cooking." However, when this segment past the 10 min. mark, it turned flat and sorry to say, a bit boring. It was taking too much time! Btw, the judges were Nat Chan, Michael Hui, and Alan Tam with Roger Kwok, Kevin Cheng, Ron Ng, and Bosco Wong as the chef's special assistants.

A huge game was played throughout the night of the show; splitting the artists up into 2 group (red and green) with 3 rounds. Round 1: "Th King of Game's" specialty game: blowing out candles with face plastered to a flexible, plastic sheet. Round 2: "15/16's" marching game, and Round 3: "Super Trio's" drawing the ping-pong ball suction game. At the end, the winning team was again split into 2 teams to play a round of "15/16;" regarding trivia questions of past TVB Anniversary events.

Nat Chan and Eric Tsang, I guess you can say, were the 2 sole performers of the night with each having a dance routine of their own. Nat performed with a group of artists in a drum/feather/1000 arms dance. Pretty well coordinated during the 1000 arms part. Average performance overall.

I have to give credits to Eric for being a great guy in his dedication towards Lydia Shum. (Fei Jeh). Lydia wasn't able to participate in this year's anniversary, still recuperating from her recent release from the hospital. Despite not being able to make it, Eric deliberately made his image the exact replica of Lydia (again) during his performance, saying it can't be a TVB Anniversary without Lydia here! How sweet! No matter how many times I've seen Eric dresses up like that, can't seem to get tire of it. He's funny! Along with Eric dressing as a female, his fellow comrades: Lam Mun Chung, Tang Tze Fung, Louis Yuen, Cheng Chi Kwong, and a whole group of [male] artists were singing, dancing, and flapping their dresses for the crowd. Quite funny and the guys [in dresses and make-up] were pretty ugly, too, as they went around and introduce who they were. (shivers)

Last but not least performance of the night was the Anniversary skit. Like every year (again, except last year's) TVB Anniversary skit is supposedly very funny and pokes fun of the most recent entertainment news. This year's is no different; focusing on the rumor couple: Bermoses; the Bosco's SMS textings; Yoyo's relationship with Ekin; etc. Using the theme of a sculpture display exhibit, Eric, Nat, Carol, and Alan [Tam] picked, poked, wrote, soaked, and scared all the artists: Moses Chan, Gigi Lai, Bernice Liu, Bosco Wong, Sonija Kwok, Kenny Wong, Charmaine Sheh, Bowie Lam, Kenneth Ma, Roger Kwok, Kevin Cheng, and Yoyo Mung. Very funny during the Moses and Bernice's part (she was picked up and placed on Moses lap!), but felt sorry for Gigi, Charmaine, and Bowie on their's (Gigi had a "fake" insect [1] thrown on her; Ah Sheh was scared by her own surname, a snake [sheh= snake; cantonese term] or so they say was in the bag; and Bowie was washed like he was a window pane [he doesn't look that happy!]) Very funny segment; a must watch!

The anniversary show wraps up quickly with the grand prize drawing of $390,000 HKD ( cars giveaways much less a new home; weird). Cut the the cake (the cake looks yummy!), invites the executives on stage, repeats their motto once again: "Always in the lead. Wonderful 39 years!" And wallah! There you have it! TVB's 39th Anniversary! Hope you guys enjoy reading my semi-long recap of the anniversary night. The show overall was average, but highly acceptable since we've got our performances back to the way it used to. I'll recommend watching it. lol...I recommend watching anything! hehe...see for yourself if you like it or not! =)