Monday, November 27, 2006

Disappointments of the Week

(stretches) Woo! Took a couple days off from blogging, due mostly to my Thanksgiving holiday. It was nice break, but way too short. hehe...but classes are over for me in about 2 weeks, so I'll get my longer break then. =)

Some disappointments are floating in my head now, of course related to the HK entertainment industry. First of all, I'm dying to see "Dicey Business" right now, especially since lots of people have emailed me or left me messages on how great it is. Argh! The pain! ;-) Speaking of DB, the newest ratings have been released for the week of 11/20/06- 11/26/06, and "Dicey Business" only managed a mere 30 pts average in ratings (1.93 million viewers)! I was stunned! It's not what I would expect for their 1st week! (sigh) But on the bright side, TVB's "Dicey Business" sure kicked ATV's "No Turning Back" _____!!! "No Turning Back's" first week only racked up an average of 4 pts (260,000 viewers). hehe...that's kinda funny and sad at the same time. ATV hardly have ratings pass the 2-digit mark. Embarrassing compared to TVB, but I guess that's good enough in ATV's standards.

2nd disappointment I like to mention is the Leslie Lee's "Superstars Pictorial." Can anyone tell me the whole purpose of this? I know I know, the proceeds will go toward charitable cause, but still...I'm not too thrill with what I saw. In my opinion, it reflects a bad image of the artists, especially the ones who had a cigarette dangling between their fingers. (cough...Chilam and Cecilia) Eww!! Ruins my personal image of them. =/ Btw, the photo album is a limited edition with prices ranging around $300 (USD) and $2300 (HKD).


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