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That's exactly how I feel right now. Utterly speechless. lol...what can I possibly say now that I just finished watching TVB's Anniversary Award Presentation?!! OMG? WTF? etc. etc. "french" isn't that great, so I won't say that. Besides, if you go anywhere that's TVB related, you could easily find my mix-feelings of the winners' list.

As EVERYONE now knows, Kevin Cheng and Charmaine Sheh are this year's Best Actor & Actress winners of TVB of 2006. TVB management personnels...(shakes head) guys are great! Seriously! You're absolutely the most creative and unexpected people ever!!! Hats off to you for completely blowing me off guard. Never, and I mean NEVER!!! will I expect Kevin to win the Best Actor for his role as Sum Long (Alan) in "Under the Canopy of Love"!!! Like everyone else, OMG!!!! I admit, Kevin is cute and his acting in UTCOL had improved immensely from the other roles I've seen him in. But still...Best Actor? Surpassing Moses Chan? Raymond Lam? And all the other Siu Sungs? Oh pleaz.....

Charmaine snagging the Best Actress award, I was ready for it. Disappointed that Ada and Sheren didn't win, but I was still happy for Ah Sheh. Her acceptance speech was so emotional! It even got me all teary-eyed! (sniff sniff) Funny how Bobby Au Yeung was included in Ah Sheh's speech. hehe...a highlight for me! Don't ask me why. ;-)

Winners for the Best Supporting Actor/Actress are: Kenny Wong for "Dance of Passion" (oh dear!) and Shirley Yeung for "Always Ready" (yay?). Like I said yesterday, if Kenny Wong wins an award, I'm going to die! lol...God!! Are you playing a trick on me?!! I'm only 20!! I still have to finish college!! Ehh...I need to finish typing up this post anyways, I'll postpone it...indefinitely. ;-) Anyways, got off topic there. I'm beginning to wonder if Kenny has some inside source of him winning. Earlier, he stated that he was "confident" and was "for sure" he'll get an award to this year. Well...he got it! The deeds is done! No sense complaining about him anymore. Btw, does he have to reveal his "hot" body again?! lol...woah!!

I maybe the only one out there who's okay with Shirley Yeung winning last night. No problem with me. Her character as Nikki in "Always Ready" was quite lively and I liked her. Maneuvering wheelchair throughout the series, plus her chemistry with Chris Lai makes it much more easier for me to accept Shirley as the winner.

Most Improved Actor/Actress: Kenneth Ma and Linda Chung. Can't really say anything bad about this pair of winners. They did happen to be on my list, but Selena Li and Kevin Cheng had the most improvement among anyone I've seen (Kevin didn't improved that much to receive Best Actor though). Linda seemed very calm and collected during her speech; like she rehearsed it beforehand. Kinda obvious that Linda's going to win this year, so no surprise there.

At first when I learned that Kenneth won the Most Improved Actor, I was like...okay? And I still feel this way...a bit. But have to say, his acceptance speech was hilarious! I loved it!! Very cute and funny. Much watch that part if you don't on watching any parts of the show.

Favorite Male/Female Characters: Steven Ma (Safe Guards) and Charmaine Sheh (Maiden's Vow). Again, not really much I can say about either one of them. So glad that Steven got some sort of recognition for his character in SG rather than go home empty handed. Go Steven!

Haven't seen "Maiden's Vows" yet so I can't really criticize Charmaine's acting and how well she played her characters(s). She's deserving? Maybe? Personally, I still think Sheren Tang's character as Hilda was much better.

The other awards mentioned for the rest of the night I was okay with. At least I got 2 of my guesses and favorites winning in their categories. Worth watching this anniversary? I suppose it is. But have a bag of popcorn ready when watching though. No, don't eat it! It's for throwing at the screen. You'll never know what when you want to hurl something at the screen when watching. Popcorn: helps ease your anger but at the same time causes the least amount of damage. It works! ;-)


Blogger -ExqUisite - said...

i'm reallly not satisfied with the results!arghhh...gggrrr!lol
well it was obvious that charmaine whud win the best actress award but i seriously wanted myolie or sheren to win instead..
best male..HAHA...i was freaking shocked!till now -_- i didn't watch UTCOL but still!kevin!?i wanted either Raymond or Bowie to win!gosh!and for the most favourite character..charmaine again!?at least moylie shud have gotten this award..sigh
Maiden's Vow is a bunch of crap to me..i never liked watching that series..i watched the 2nd episode and couldn't take it >.<
well now it's up to u to judge ( =


8:18 AM 
Anonymous Sidney said...

Hi Samantha! lol...long time no see! Yeah...Kevin shouldn't have won. Way too inexperience like Liza Wang said about him. Maybe later. Right now, him winning, it's causing an uproar throughout the asian entertainment online forums/blogs/myspace, etc.etc. Gaining lots of popularity we're giving him.

You watched MV already? didn't like it huh? I'm getting mix feelings with this show. Some says it's good and some say bad. Not too sure if I should waste my money on a series is bad, but at the same time don't want to miss out the opportunity to watch a good series. So hard! (sigh)

Despite how disappointed I am this year, there's always next year to look forward to. My hope with TVB is still alive, especially since "Dicey Business" is airing soon! ;-)

10:23 PM 
Blogger -ExqUisite - said...

lol!*hugx*well u can dl the first episode of MV and see how it goes >.< but honestly,i didn't like it..maybe it's cuz the quality was bad..LOL
oh yea Dicey Business!sooo excited too!i want to see bosco,bobby and jessica reallly badly!love them heaps = )
well u shud try watching the first episode..haha..u might like it >.~


3:39 AM 

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