Thursday, November 09, 2006

Sidney's TVB Award Favorites

TVB's Anniversary Award Presentation is Friday, November 10th at 9:30 p.m. ; taking the time slot of "To Grow with Love." Earlier I predicted who TVB is going to pick as their top 5 in each category. Kinda got drifted away from continuing on with my predictions of TVB choices. hehe... =P Anyways, here's my final prediction of who I want to win for this year:

Best Actor: Steven Ma- Safe Guards (鐵血保鏢)
Best Actress: Ada Choi- Dance of Passion (火舞黃沙)

Best Supporting Actor- Wayne Lai- Safe Guards (鐵血保鏢)
Best Supporting Actress- Florence Kwok (doesn't matter, I just like her)

Most Improved Actor-Kevin Cheng (天幕下的戀人)
Most Improved Actress-Selena Li (肥田囍事; would pick Face to Fate, but...)

Favorite Male Character- Michael Tse (女人唔易做)
Favorite Female Character- Sheren Tang (女人唔易做)

Favorite Host- Ronald Cheng (美女廚房)
Favorite Series- ....?

Best Variety Show- Beautiful Cooking (美女廚房)
Most Creative Show- On the Road (向世界出發)

Hopefully I won't be disappointed with my personal favorites during the award ceremony tomorrow. But from the looks of it...I'm bracing myself for anything to happen when I read tomorrow's headlines. However, if Bowie Lam wins Best Actor again for his role as Yip Man Hei in "Dance of Passion," I'm going to croak! Same goes with Kenny Wong. Cockiness doesn't win my support!


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