Thursday, January 24, 2008

Finally back...I hope

lol...well, it seems like another month has passed by without blogging again. Sad that I probably lost majority of my readers here, but on a brighter note (for myself), I was able to catch up with things I'd slacked off for a good part of the year. Yay! Feel so relax right now...

Looking at the current TVB programme list and their decision to air one sequel after another of past (successful?) series, I'm beginning to think TVB's having their own version of the "writers' strike," too! Where's the creativity? Survivor's Law II, War of In-Laws II, The Gentle Crackdown II. Come on... And to have them air consecutively after each other? (sigh) That's my little rant about them for now. Possibly more later...after I watch them.


Another bright note (for me; possible for others, too) "Best Selling Secrets" has extended the episodes up to 500!! Wonderful news to me as I'm still keeping up with it; however, I'm not quite sure if my parents want to spend any more money on a sitcom, but that's another story.

BSS is getting pretty interesting as now their focal point concentrates on the relationships of the each character. I like that, as it makes the storyline flows more smoothly and easier to captivate the attention of it's viewers. The addition cast members made (picture above) indicates the increase appearance of these characters. A little bit disappointed that Florence Kwok wasn't among the individuals picked, but I highly doubt her character will be minimized. The storylines between her and Diana Di (Alvina Kong) and Mo Gai Yung (Stephen Au) are the highlights of the sitcom. TVB can't be that cruel to me and write their storylines off.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Happy Holidays!

Hi guys! Can't believe a year has gone by already (and nearly a month since I last posted!! =P) Want to take the time to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas! I'll be back posting tomorrow, Dec. 26th, about my take with TVB's latest scoops, my current TVB marathon playlist, and many more. Remember to tune in! Once again: Merry Christmas!!

--Love Always,

Friday, November 30, 2007

A duet with Raymond or Bernice? Your chance!

Photo Source: TVB Artistes Blog

The annual "Tung Wah Charity Show" 《歡樂滿東華2007》 is set to take place a week from tomorrow (Dec. 8th) and according to, a chance to sing a duet with either Raymond Lam or Bernice Liu is up for bid! Definitely an once in a lifetime opportunity here. Here's how it works:

Hong Kong audience will have to go to (or for direct link) to vote for whether you like a duet with Raymond or Bernice (there's separate tabs off of TVB's website). Once at the ebay site of the artist you had chosen, just start bidding! Just as simply as that! (Starting bid: $1000 HKD)

Winners will be able to sing with Raymond and Bernice live at the "Tung Wah Charity Show" on Dec. 8th! (I repeat it's going to be a live show!)

Bidding Period:
November 30, 2007 (12:00pm) - December 7, 2007 (12:00pm)

Song Choices:
- "相思風雨中"
- "人在旅途灑淚時"
- "明明白白我的心"
- "心太軟"
- "其實你心裡有沒有我"
- "Greatest Love of All"

Personally, I think this is a brilliant idea of TVB (or Tung Wah) to get more people to donate. Using TVB artists as baits for the fans. lol...I'm thinking to myself, if I was in Hong Kong would I be willing or even have the courage to sing live on TV with either Raymond or Bernice by my side? would be fun, but...I don't think so. But since this is a charitable event, people of HK, remember to donate! It's for a good cause as every little bit helps! Happy bidding!

Saturday, November 17, 2007


I'm trying to control my emotions here, (breathe in...breathe out...breathe in...breathe out...) trying to maintain my cool and collected image...(breathe in...breathe out...) but it's not working. WHAT IN THE WORLD IS WITH THE RESULTS! OH MY GOD! This is absolutely insane! It's rigged! It's all messed up! It'''s just wrong!

Why?...Why?...Why?...must TVB do this to us each and every year. It's just so dumb and makes no sense whatsoever to me. (sigh) For those who's still reading my rampage, I'm talking about the Anniversary Results of course, and for the highly surprised recipients for "Most Improved Male/Female" & "Best Supporting Actress." (sigh) Anyways, here's a recap, along with commentaries:

The TVB 40th Anniversary Award Ceremony night started off with clips of artists arriving in luxury cars (like previous years), accompanied by their designated parters for their walk on the red carpet. Next, we are brought back into TVB studios were Eason Chan kicks off the show singing "瑪利奧派對." His singing was good, but his clothings was hideous! You don't wear a gray-ish, purplish loose shirt that looks like a parachute and red sneakers to perform at such a formal night! And don't even get me started on the hair. Ugh!

Carol Cheng gets introduced as the night's MC, followed by the introduction of the artists: (in order of appearance)

1.) Kenneth Ma, Ron Ng, Liza Wang, Bosco Wong, Sammul Chan
2.) Kevin Cheng & Charmaine Sheh
3.) Roger Kwok & Gigi Lai
4.) Moses Chan & Bernice Liu
5.) Bobby Au Yeung & Yoyo Mung
6.) Louise Li, Ha Yue, Susanna Kwan
7.) Myolie Wu & Raymond Lam
8.) Sonija Kwok & Steven Ma
9.) Wong Hei & Shirley Yeung
10.) Kiki Sheung, Michael Tse, Sheren Tang
11.) Wayne Lai, Kate Tsui, Michelle Yim, Louis Yuen
12.) Tavia Yeung, Linda Chung, Sharon Chan
13 & 14.) Harlem Yu, Patrick Tang, & I Love U Boyz
15.) Wong Yi Hing & Selina Li, Nancy Wu & Wong Cho Lam
16.) Chris Lai, Fala Chen, Natalie Tong, Matthew Ko
17.) Florence Kwok, Alvina Kong, Elaine Jin, Yoyo Chen, Tsui Weng, Vin Choi, Stephen Au
18.) Stephen Wong, Stephen Huynh, Toby Leung, Jack Wu
19.) Law Lok Lam, Lau Dan, Mimi Lo, Mary Hon, Johnson Lee, Ai Wai
20.) Power Chan, Derek Kwok, Evergreen Mak, Claire Yiu, Charmaine Li
21.) Amigo Chiu

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First award given away that night was "Best Host," which was purely given (imo) base on the popularity of the show "Foodies 2 Shows." I watched the show and believe me, they are far from being the best.

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Second & third award being presented was the "Most Improve Male/Female." As you can see, I changed my translations from being "actor/actress" to "male/female," which is technically more accurate, especially since Amigo Chiu won the award. Most improved...Amigo stayed about the same to me ever since I saw him at the MHK pageant in 2004. Compared to Chris Lai's performance over the year, this award was definitely set up, allowing him to win.

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Kate Tsui winning "Most Improved" was the one I'm most upset about. Bernice got robbed once again! True, I did say that she improved alot over the year, but when compared to Bernice, she's still lacking! What's worst was when Kate was making her way up the stage, clips and commentaries was aired, explaining why she deserves it. One line particularly line erk me: "Over the year, her performance has vastly improved, especially for her role in "Steps." For someone who doesn't know Latin dance and was able to dance it so mesmerizing & elegantly, it proves her hard work has finally paid off." That's a bunch of ____!! They're so talking about Bernice! (sigh) Kate's back on my blacklist, plus her makeup for night was terrible! Reminds me of Frida Kahlo.

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The "Best Supporting Actress" was another surprise of the night for me. Fala winning?! Unbelievable! First year truly experiencing the front-line of acting TV series and she won?! What about all the seniors before her? They deserve it much more! Again, this award was rigged!

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Yay for Louis Yuen! I guess the popularity tide from HOG really catches to all its cast. So far up to this point, the only deserving award winner. Congrats to Louis once again. The artists were so happy for him when his name was called. Emotional and funny acceptance speech as well. How Louis managed that at such a time was quite impressive.

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Next was for the award "Most Creative Variety Show" and won by "Foodie 2 Shows." Personally, I didn't think it was very creative as it's just a mix of the "Super Trios" & an old variety show hosted by Lydia Shum, Carlos Ng, and Timmy Hung. Again, it's the popularity thing.

For the "Most Enjoyable Value Show" award, it went to "Ten Years After" (拾年). I didn't watch this show, so can't comment on it.

Award for Mainland's Favorite Actor & Actress, Raymond Lam & Gigi Lai, I assume it's deserving. I'm still questionable about how the system actually works. Not much applause from artists sitting below. Gigi was giving her acceptance speech in a very small meek voice for some reason. Surprised maybe. Raymond turned out to be very calm and collected (& very cute), but not overly happy about winning.

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Yay! I guessed "Best Variety Show" accurately! Again, one of the best variety show ever produced. So happy to hear that a possible 3rd installment is in consideration. Can't wait!

"My Favorite Male/Female Character" award was up next with Liu Wai Hung & Idy Chan as the presenters. Liu Wai Hung did a great job building up the excitement as everyone knew it was either Louise Li or Susanna Kwan getting it. Idy on the other hand had a long speech and I'm still not sure if I grasp what she was saying. Very deep and slightly too long. Anyways, Moses and Susanna won. Yay! Although, Moses did seem a bit disappointed when his name was announced, reminiscent of Charmaine's reaction from the year before.

"Best Promotional Clip" was the next award presented. There was neither a top 5 nor a top 3. It was just...they won. That's about it. Oh clip goes to "The Drive of Life."

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The hype of the night is finally here! Best Actress & Best Actor. Since Susanna Kwan already received the "My Most Favorite Female Character," automatically "Best Actress" would go to Louise Li. But a standing ovation was in order as that's exactly what she got when her name was announced. Louise's speech was great and emotional, but the true emotions starting pouring out when her daughter came out to present her with flowers. sweet. Congrats to See Kei Jeh!!

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It's great to see old faces again, especially faces like Kathy Chow. Still looks very pretty even in her 40s! She made a speech about the qualification of a perfect actor, and mentioned that a guy needs to be tall in order to look great with the female they're paired up with (not intentionally aiming towards Dodo and her boyfriend Lui Fong), but still pretty funny. Moses won (yay!), made a short speech thanking everyone and how he has finally got the award. When Moses paused, trying to think who else to thank, someone (I don't know who for sure; Louis Yuen as reported) said "Bik Yee" (Bernice), making Moses' face red and grinned while saying "Thank..., too." cute!

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Last but not least, the prestigious "Lifetime Achievement Award" given to Lydia Shum. Standing ovation once again but this time from all the staffs of TVB. Seeing Lydia being wheeled out in her wheelchair, the dramatic weight lose and her devotion toward the television industry brought tears to everyone, myself included. It was great to see Lydia again back onscreen and I truly hope she remains healthy and recovers soon! =)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Final Predictions for "Best..."'s been awhile since I last posted on my bloggie! lol..anybody miss me? ;-) Polls to vote for this year's "Best..." on officially closed on Sunday, November 11th; hope you guys snagged the chance and vote for your favorites! Based on last night's "Scoop" 《東張西望》 , the top 5 nominees (currently) for the "Best Actor/Actress" category has been revealed:

Best Actor: (in no specific order)
1.) Bobby Au Yeung - "Dicey Business"
2.) Ha Yue - "Heart of Greed"
3.) Moses Chan - "Heart of Greed"
4.) Damien Lau - "The Drive of Life"
5.) Raymond Lam - "The Drive of Life"

Best Actress: (in no specific order)
1.) Charmaine Sheh - "Glittering Days"
2.) Jessica Hsuan - "Dicey Business"
3.) Louise Li - "Heart of Greed"
4.) Susanna Kwan - "Heart of Greed"
5.) Sheren Tang - "The Family Link"

Excellent list of top 5 for either categories. I like it! But speaking of top 5, what in the world is with the "Mainland's Favorite Actor/Actress" award! That's crazy and a waste of an award (no offense). In my pov, it's stealing some thunder from the "Best Actor/Actress" winners. If TVB really wants to give out more awards, why not bring back the "My Favorite On-Screen Partner" (本年度我最喜愛的拍擋)?! (sigh)

Since the TVB's Award Ceremony is this Saturday, I think it's best that I hurry and finish up on my predictions on who's going to win. Let see...:

Best Variety Show:

"On the Road" (向世界出發)
This show by far has got to be one of the best variety programs produce by TVB in history. It's just a show that one can sit back at home and enjoy over and over again ( like me), as it broadens our knowledge of the world and cultures around us, and at the same time get better acquainted of the celebs. Hope it wins again this year, too. But with the popularity of "Foodie 2 Shoes" (味分高下), chances are slim.

Most Favorite TV Male Character:

Base on the series I saw this past year, I would say my favorite male character is...Bao Bao (鮑鮑)! Ha Yue's performance as Tong Yan Gai (唐仁佳 ) in HOG is truly the life of the series. His character was so easy to love and his contagious! Definitely one unforgettable character and performance by Ha Yue. Job well done!

Most Favorite TV Female Character:

This category is the hardest to choose for. There's so many I like! I like Ester Kwan's 黃家嵐 (Wong Ka Nam; "Best Selling Secrets"), Jessica Hsuan's 李青雲 (Li Ching Wan; "Dicey Business"), Christine Ng's 葉滿枝 (Stella Choi, "A Green Grass of Home"), Shirley Yeung's 宋嘉兒 (Kelly Sung, "The Brink of Law"), Bernice Liu's 李心盈 (Samantha Lee, "Steps"), and the 3 female leads of HOG: Louise Li, Susanna Kwan, and Linda Chung. lol...I guess that basically means if any of the nominees I mentioned wins, I would be happy. Although, I'm guessing TVB would give the award to Dai Kei (大契). Reasons: keep reading.

Best Series:

"Steps" 《舞動全城》
Chances of this series getting in the top 5 nomination? Pretty good odds. Chances of this series actually winning? Umm...I don't think so. HOG's popularity is too strong this year, so odds are in their favor. However, I'm still cheering on for the black horses. "Steps" is a light-hearted comedy/drama that revolves around the art of dancing. The cast was great (minus a few), the storyline was fresh, and the ratings are decent. If this series win...I'll be surprise and happy. =)

Best Actress:

Everyone is saying Louise Li is going to win this year, but I'm putting my money on Susanna Kwan. Their actings are both great, but I have a feeling TVB's going to pull another WAB moment on us. Back in 2004, Sheren Tang was too a hot favorite to win Best Actress award, but in the end, the winner turned out to be Gigi Lai. Sounds familiar anyone? The situation is practically the same here. Dai Kei will get the "My Favorite TV Female" award, while Sai Kei gets "Best Actress." Another thing with TVB, there's a saying that "if you show up, you get an award; if you don't show, then no award." I've been watching a lot of variety show lately, and Susanna Kwan is everywhere! She's a guest here, a performer there; odds, I think, favors Susanna. (Personally, I voted Jessica Hsuan. Reasons: everyone should know. =P )

Best Actor:

This has got to be Moses' year to win "Best Actor." Everyone's expecting it! I'm expecting it, you're expecting it, the fans are expecting it. So if TVB pulls another "Kevin Cheng" trick again this year, I'm going to boycott TVB ( I won't, but just saying). However, I still think Bobby Au Yeung chances of winning is just equally as high. hmm...guess we'll just have to see this Saturday!

Friday, November 02, 2007

Rundown of tomorrow's "Jade Singers Celebrate TVB Anniversary" (翡翠歌星賀台慶)

It's finally here! Tomorrow night will be TVB's annual "Jade Singers Celebrate TVB Anniversary" (翡翠歌星賀台慶); airing @ 8:30 pm. This year will be a little different since both Hacken Lee and Andy Lau will not be making an appearance; favors the female side. But by adding Eric Tsang as the captain for the guys, it just might fill in the missing gap. =) Earlier, Niki Chow injured her knee-cap area while rehearsing for "Jade Singer..", and during her phone-interview for Eileen Cha's "Va Va Voom" (巴巴閉邊個夠我查篤撐) yesterday, she confirmed that she will be staying at home and resting that night. Hope Niki gets better soon! Btw, is Raymond Lam really going to be on the show tomorrow? Huh...his name is among the list as a performer, along with Deep Ng, Don Li, etc. (scratches head) Oh well, not going to complain. Remember to tune in!

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Event: "Jade Singers Celebrate TVB Anniversary" (翡翠歌星賀台慶)
Date: November 3, 2007
Time: 8:30 pm

Captain: Eric Tsang, Dodo Cheng
Chief Commanders: Alan Tam, Teresa Carpio
Commanders: Leo Ku & Andy Hui; Joey Yung & Miriam Yeung

跟你"和"阿LAM - George Lam, Justin Lo, Deep Ng, Seasons Lee, etc.

我愛一支POLE- Jade Kwan, Bianca Wu, Elanne Kwong

熱情的三個 - Susanna Kwan, Stephanie Cheng, Janice Vidal

非一般赤祼 - Eric Suen, EO2, William Chan (Sun Boy'Z)

招牌的主題曲 - Leo Ku, Miriam Yeung, Deep Ng, Janice Vidal, Stephy Tang, Justin Lo, Vincy Chan, Wilfred Lau, Jason Chan, Don Li, Charmaine Fong, Vangie Tang, Wada Hiromi, CK, Ama Huen, Charles Ying, Kenny Kwan, OSCAR, Ivan Wang, etc.

這個台風不太難 - Deep Ng, EO2, Don Li, Ryan Lam, Vincent Wong, Raymond Lam, Stephanie Cheng, Sherman Chung, Vangie Tang, HOTCHA

難為雌雄定分界- Patrick Tang, Hins Cheung

為你POPPING - Leo Ku, SunBoy'Z, Louis Cheung, Minan Ruan

迷人兵LADY - Joey Yung, Ella Koon, Cathy Leung, Sherman Chung, Vangie Tang, Charmaine Fong, FREEZE, Wada Hiromi, Casey Tse, Yan Ng

大木琴演奏BAND - TWINS, Stephy Tang, Percy Fan, Ama Huen, Jasmine@J.O.Y,Jay@J.O.Y

巨頭大合唱 - Eric Tsang, Nat Chan

Monday, October 22, 2007

Predictions for Best Supporting Actress

Out of all the categories I voted for, the "Best Supporting Actress" was my least favorite. Why? The list is too too too too short! My gosh, so many actress should be added on (E.g. Kiki Sheung for "Family Link;" Anne Heung for "Best Bet;" Michelle Yim for "The Brink of Law," etc.)

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Just looking at the list, it doesn't seem to matter who wins at the end. My favorite for the year has to go to Michelle Yim as Sung Kam Chi in "The Brink of Law." Her character was just awesome! How can TVB not put her in for nominations?! Unbelievable! And for that, whoever wins, congrats to them. (sigh) Anyways, back to my predictions:

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1.) Fala Chan
Besides being a hot favorite for this year's "Most Improved Actress," Fala is also a strong contender for "Best Supporting Actress." For a newbie in the business, I'm really impress with her performance throughout the year. Let see...she was in Best Selling Secrets, Family Link, Heart of Greed, Steps, and mini-series "Colours of Love." If she wins, I guess I'll be okay with it. Deserving? I haven't decided yet.

2.) Mimi Lo
It's been a long time since I saw Mimi in a series, so it was great seeing her in "A Change in Destiny" and "The Green Grass of Home" this year. Mimi's acting has always been steady, but her popularity just...doesn't go anywhere. Chances of winning or even nominated: very very low, but I still like her.

3.) Gigi Wong
Besides Fala, I think Gigi has a chance in winning. So far, her character is enjoyable to watch in "The Drive of Life" and to add on to that, she's hosting one of TVB's food programs: "Secrets of Soups" (吾湯吾水嚐鮮篇). TVB "might" give the award to her, but Gigi just doesn't seem like the person whether awards matter or not. I'll just support her nonetheless.

4.) Florence Kwok
Yay! Florence is in the running! I think I nominated her as my favorite for last year's nominations, too, for her role in "Forensic Heroes" I believe. This year...she has got to be in the top 5. We practically see her in every other series this year; and now almost a regular on "Best Selling Secrets." Wouldn't be surprise if she turns out to be the "black horse" in this category. However she did leave TVB for awhile couple years back, will TVB be so lenient and give her the award?

5.) Leila Tong
Another deserving candidate in the running, however like what I said for "Most Improve," I highly doubt she's going to win. This time for a whole different reason. Earlier there were reports of Leila signing with a mainland company for singing? acting? something along the following. So because of this, I doubt TVB's going to give her the award, but rather give it to one of their own people instead. Typical of TVB nowadays.