Monday, October 22, 2007

Predictions for Best Supporting Actress

Out of all the categories I voted for, the "Best Supporting Actress" was my least favorite. Why? The list is too too too too short! My gosh, so many actress should be added on (E.g. Kiki Sheung for "Family Link;" Anne Heung for "Best Bet;" Michelle Yim for "The Brink of Law," etc.)

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Just looking at the list, it doesn't seem to matter who wins at the end. My favorite for the year has to go to Michelle Yim as Sung Kam Chi in "The Brink of Law." Her character was just awesome! How can TVB not put her in for nominations?! Unbelievable! And for that, whoever wins, congrats to them. (sigh) Anyways, back to my predictions:

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1.) Fala Chan
Besides being a hot favorite for this year's "Most Improved Actress," Fala is also a strong contender for "Best Supporting Actress." For a newbie in the business, I'm really impress with her performance throughout the year. Let see...she was in Best Selling Secrets, Family Link, Heart of Greed, Steps, and mini-series "Colours of Love." If she wins, I guess I'll be okay with it. Deserving? I haven't decided yet.

2.) Mimi Lo
It's been a long time since I saw Mimi in a series, so it was great seeing her in "A Change in Destiny" and "The Green Grass of Home" this year. Mimi's acting has always been steady, but her popularity just...doesn't go anywhere. Chances of winning or even nominated: very very low, but I still like her.

3.) Gigi Wong
Besides Fala, I think Gigi has a chance in winning. So far, her character is enjoyable to watch in "The Drive of Life" and to add on to that, she's hosting one of TVB's food programs: "Secrets of Soups" (吾湯吾水嚐鮮篇). TVB "might" give the award to her, but Gigi just doesn't seem like the person whether awards matter or not. I'll just support her nonetheless.

4.) Florence Kwok
Yay! Florence is in the running! I think I nominated her as my favorite for last year's nominations, too, for her role in "Forensic Heroes" I believe. This year...she has got to be in the top 5. We practically see her in every other series this year; and now almost a regular on "Best Selling Secrets." Wouldn't be surprise if she turns out to be the "black horse" in this category. However she did leave TVB for awhile couple years back, will TVB be so lenient and give her the award?

5.) Leila Tong
Another deserving candidate in the running, however like what I said for "Most Improve," I highly doubt she's going to win. This time for a whole different reason. Earlier there were reports of Leila signing with a mainland company for singing? acting? something along the following. So because of this, I doubt TVB's going to give her the award, but rather give it to one of their own people instead. Typical of TVB nowadays.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Joey Yung's "Midnight" (零時零分) MV

This is the newest (I think it's the newest) music video for Joey Yung's song "Midnight" (零時零分), co-starring Ron Ng. I read that many claimed this MV as an alternate/better ending toward Joey & Ron's relationship for "On the First Beat." lol...understandable. It's a real cute MV and a good song. Enjoy!

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Predictions for Best Supporting Actor

This category is probably one of my favorite categories to vote for and probably the hardest, too. Everyone (well, almost everyone) is a veteran in this industry & they each did a great job with their roles. If any of my top 5 win, I'll be happy for them. But what a shame that Wayne Lai didn't get nominated for this category, but for the "Best Actor" category instead. No offense, but it's about 100% he won't win it there, so why bother!

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1.) Ng Wai Kwok
Just a little fyi, I'd started "The Drive of Life" already, and Ng Wai Kwok (Ng Siu Sung) is awesome in here! It's been years since I last saw him in a series (last time was for the 1994 series "Conscience" starring Maggie Siu, Deric Wan, Amy Kwok, etc.) Although, I'm far from finishing DOL any time soon, his performance is great so far; enough to get my vote. Welcome back to TVB!

2.) Louis Yuen
HOG is still a hot topic these days, despite it being aired couple months ago. But understandable, it's TVB Anniversary; typical. We hear praises for Dai/Sai Kai & Duc Duc Dei alot, but let's mention Uncle Bong now. I personally think Louis did a great a job portraying this character. Did I like his character? No, but I like controversies & troubles he brought to the Tong household; added more drama. Best of luck to Louis as he really is a remarkable actor.

3.) Evergreen Mak
Another great actor that I just love in about any series he's in. Sometimes supporting characters' storyline is what keeps me interested enough to watch a particular series. And in this case, it was all due to Evergreen and Yvonne Lam's chemistry in "Life Art" that gave me the patience needed to finish watching. Just for this reason only, Evergreen gets to be in my top 5. =)

4.) Elliot Yueh
I watched both of Elliot's series that were released this year: "The Brink of Law" (aired in January) & "The Slicing of Demons" (released overseas). Both series, Elliot delivered a strong performance, and that's about all I can say. I liked TBOL and I liked his character in TBOL, but can't really criticize him for not knowing much about him. Don't even know who he was until this year! lol..

5.) Benz Hui
I'm pretty sure TVB's going to pick Benz Hui to be this year's recipient for Best Supporting Actor. For those who don't remember, his role as Chow Fook Wing (周福榮) in "Dicey Business" was a huge hit amongst the audience earlier this year. Like my other nominees, I love Benz acting in just about any series. He's so funny and it's so easy to love his character. About time he gets recognition for his achievements, don't you think?

Monday, October 08, 2007

Predictions for Most Improved Actor

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1.) Jack Wu
Jack really need some recognition for everything he has done at TVB. He's a great actor and is one of the host for "The Scoop." Even though I'll cheer for him if he wins, but I highly doubt it. His exposure really isn't too high with the public nor with TVB (the game show he co-hosted with Alvina Kong "Is that Right?" wasn't all that great). If TVB would just air "Phoenix Rising," his chances will definitely increase. Possibly next year... =/

2.) Stephen Wong
First off, I think Stephen is really cute on-screen; making it possible for him to become a male lead in series later on. But for most improved...I don't know. His recent appearance in "Steps" does make the audience recognize him a bit more (although I thought his character was little bit perverted with his daydreams over Kate; it's just me); but not much improvement. About the same to me. TVB is more than likely to put Amigo Chui in this spot as their top 5 over him.

3.) Chris Lai
lol...again my pick for the winner of this category is on the bottom of the list. Coincidence maybe. But seriously, out of all the nominees listed, Chris's chances of winning is pretty high. I can't find a reason why TVB would pick someone else over him! Chris took part in 4 of series aired this year and they all did really well, and yes, it's 4. TVB forgot to list "Fathers & Sons" as one of the series he took part of, although I'm still curious to know why "Glittering Days" is amongst the nomination list; wasn't it on last year's? Anyways, just to keep it short, my prediction is Chris would win; not complaining if he does.

4.) Stephen Huynh
I really don't know why I picked him into my top 5. He's cute? lol..possibly...since I'm seeing him in "Steps" now. ;-) Not the greatest actor of all and will definitely need more improvement, but there's potential. Since he performed at TVB's lighting ceremony this year, his odds are decent. Btw, when did he appeared in "Dicey Business?" Other than his guest appearance in "Best Selling Secrets" & now "Steps," I don't recall seeing him anywhere else. hmm...

5.) Matthew Ko
Oh gosh...what's the best way to sum up what I think of him? He's...terrible? Yeah...pretty much it. Matthew definitely needs to work on his facial expressions in acting. While I was watching "Steps," and they zoom in on his face, I'm always thinking to myself "Why does he have the funny look on his face?" (sorry to any Matthew fan reading this) His reasons for being on my list: just because. Just because he's Mr. HK. Just because his exposure has increased to the public. Just because TVB likes him, or so I think. Chances of winning...I hope not! I'll cough up blood if he does.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Predictions for Most Improved Actress

I'd been glancing at the list for this year's Nomination List for "Best ____" for a couple of times already. With this year's new policy, the list seems shorter than normal or is it just me? I guess it makes sense since we've practically been seeing the same actors/actresses for every series. Although, I a bit surprise with one minor detail. Did anyone else noticed that Kenix Kwok and Frankie Lam isn't nominated for any category, other than "Best Series?" Pretty ruthless of TVB in my opinion since "Ten Brothers" did pull in the highest ratings up-to-date of the 2007 year (if my memory serves me correctly). Just a little fyi.

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After glancing at this year's nomination list for "Most Improved Actress," it's quite easy for me to pick my top 5 nominees based on this year's performance only. First off, in my opinion, "Most Improved" is an award that can basically be competed by anyone in TVB; not just for the younger generation and he/she can be a main lead. The recipient must have shown vast improvement over their previous performances. That's what "most improved" mean, right? Anyways, back to my list:

1.) Bernice Liu
Pretty obvious that I would pick her. Her recent performance in "Steps/Devil's Disciples/The Brink of Law" really shows how much she has improved in her acting, especially when delivering her dialogues. No more of the slight pauses she used to have in-betweens lines; runs much more smoothly now (more natural). Great year for Bernice, especially after TVB customize her "Lee Sum Ying" character for her. How can she not win?

2.) Kate Tsui
lol...although her percentage of winning this year is practically <5% with me, have to give credit to Kate for a great effort this year. If she would just tone down her acting (such as don't over exaggerate her lines) she should be fine. Better luck next year.

3.) Fala Chen
To be honest, I really had no clue who Fala was until I watched HOG this year. Her performance was pretty good for a newcomer, and I'm pretty sure she's on the good side with TVB since the series she participated in has been receiving good ratings (HOG, Family Link, Steps). Chances of her winning: about 30%.

4.) Leila Tong
It's pretty hard to believe that Leila is probably the youngest of the 5, but at the same time her performance is the strongest. Because of her carefree nature, odds of Leila winning is pretty slim (she doesn't seem to mind if she wins or not). Besides, her acting is pretty solid to me, with not much improvement. Should TVB move her to the "Best Supporting Actress" category instead?

5.) Sharon Chan
I love Sharon's character in "Devil's Disciples." Definitely see improvement there, but because the series was constantly bashed; chances of her winning is a flop.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Schedule up to TVB's 40th Anniversary

1.) "TVB's 40th Anniversary Lighting Ceremony" (TVB四十年盛世最強迎台慶)
  • Thursday, October 4th, 2007 (actual date)
  • Saturday, October 6th, 2007 (airing date; @ 9:00 pm)
2.) "40 years with TVB" (TVB同行四十年)
  • Monday, October 8th, 2007 (everyday @ 7:55 pm)
3.) "Jade Singers Celebrates TVB Anniversary" (翡翠歌星賀台慶 )
  • Saturday, November 3rd, 2007 @ 8:30 pm
4.) "TVB Anniversary Award Ceremony 2007" (萬千星輝頒獎典禮 2007)
  • Saturday, November 17th, 2007 @ 8:30 pm
5.) "TVB 40th Anniversary Special" (萬千星輝賀台慶)
  • Monday, November 19th, 2007