Saturday, September 30, 2006

September's over; What's in Stored Next?

Oh my...the month of September surely went by fast. me it did. =) September is a month that lots have happen. Ron's b-day was in September. Ada's b-day was in September. And there was me. My special day also landed on this month. special!! =D With today being the last day of September, another month closer we are in drawing toward the Anniversary.

Been creeping around blogs and forums lately, (yes I do creep around! hehe...) and being the silent reader I am, I've noticed that it's been rather quiet lately. Everyone seems to be busy with school/work (me!), still hanging out w/ friends (me!), and still catching up on their TV watching(me, too!). Yes, that's correct: it's TV. Not TVB. New season premieres are being released everyday for the past 2 weeks or so; attracting alot of the audience out there. haha...I plead guilty as I happen to be one of them myself. Fans have been complaining/enjoying Maiden's Vows and Land of the Wealth lately. It's confusing me if I should watch it...or no.

Newest series that would be release soon after them would "At Home with Love," starring Lawrence Ng, Yoyo Mung, Cheung King Fai, Raymond Cho, Chin Ka Lok, etc. and "Lush Fields Happy Times," starring Myolie Wu, Andy Hui, Kenneth Ma, etc. etc. AHL sounds interesting to me in a way , but can't really state the reason why. Back again is Lawrence Ng with his newest series and his 2nd time pairing up with Yoyo since Healing Hands II, how nice. LFHT...I'm just not interested in it. Besides the fact that Myolie sacrificed her body, gaining so much weight just for this series, I'm not looking forward to it all.

Speaking of Myolie, she along with the rest of the cast for TVB's newest blockbuster series, "Fung Wan Shui Yuet's" costume fitting and contract signing this past Thursday. 3 major thing amazed me when saw the clip and pics. 1.) Myolie loosing most of the weight so fast!! How does she do that! I mean (pops a cookie into mouth) weight gaining is easy (pops another cookie in), but loosing the weight is hard!! lol...she's good! (reaches for another cookie) (j/k about the eating the cookies =P ) 2.) Jessica Hsuan got a haircut!!'s refreshing for Jessica to sport a new look since she had her long hair for so long. But...but..but...I'm not very excited about her new look. Looks nice, don't take me wrong. I'm just way too used to Jessica with long hair. I'll accept it...eventually. And last but not least 3.) Where's the male lead? "Fung Wan Shui Yuet" is already a very hyped up series with it's different location filmings, it's cast, it's storyline, and crew. The female participants are just fine with me, but the male side... oh gosh. Again: Where's the male lead? I love Raymond, but can he possibly lead the way for this series? Damian Lau and Michael Miu...both veteran actors. I like their actings; they're great! But we still need someone a bit younger? Ron. He's good, filming one series after another with barely any rest in-between. I guess his reason is like Ray's. Age and experience causing a factor. Only person left is Joe Ma. I like Joe. His acting is okay, and sometimes great. But still...not at all what I expected. Just my lil opinion, so don't bash me if don't agree with me. Maybe as filming starts, my opinion will change...or maybe not. Something to look forward to that is! =)

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Long lost so & so...

About to wrap up watching Face to Fate now, and I can say, TVB's using the same technique in this series as in their other productions. I'll call it the "long lost so & so" technique.

The "long lost so & so" technique focus mainly on parents (mostly the father figure) that either neglected their child from birth, parent/child just found each other, or parent/child were together for a long time but just never knew it. And I'm just naming off series that's released this year, too.

Always Ready

No...I'm not talking about Bowie and lil Jackie's relationship. A bit too obvious that their relationship were great. I'm talking about Linda Chung's Sandra character (施楚淇) and her father. If you didn't watch the series or didn't pay much attention to the series, Sandra was an orphan for most of her life. Her father shows up later on, but hardly develops much farther from there.

Lethal Weapons of Love & Passion

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Series talks about Deric Kwok's character in search of the mongolian decendant, Fung Hung Lit (Raymond Lam). Although not really Raymond's real father, but the way Deric teaches, protects, basically always around; it's about the same...right?

Under the Canopy of Love

Out of all the series aired over the year, UTCOL maybe one of the sweetest and possibly the funniest, just it's very slow moving. Sweet part? Of course there is many's favorite couple, Niki Chow and Kevin Cheng. Funniest? We have the one and only Nick Kuen (Ah Lik), Bosco Wong's character. Ah Lik was raised by who he thought was his real father (guy's name unknown by me) and his aunt (Stephanie Che). Add a typical TVB twist, they just had to say that Ah Lik's real father is someone else. (sigh) Why oh why!

Le Femme Desperado

Father figure...Man Ging Leung, Ah Man. His child? Baby Hayley. Category that they fall under? Parent/child were together for a long time but just never knew it. Another sweet father and child relationship that's so well developed. Credits goes off to Michael Tse and his superb acting. Hating him one moment, but loving him the next. That's Ah Man and LFD everyone! =)

That's about all that I could think up right the top of my head. Father/daughter/son relationship are ever popular and could always work in a series. Nothing new, but nothing bad about it either. Hmm...last year (2005) focused more on the relationship of the mother with their kids. E.g. LMS, Ah Wong and his mom; My Family, Rebecca Chan and her 3 kids; The Academy, Michelle Mai w/ Ron Ng; WOIL, Bosco and Liza. The list can go on forever!! lol...what will TVB come up with next year? Sisters? Brothers? Cousins? The possiblities are endless! But that's TVB everyone! Approaching their 40th year in the business, they have to have something special coming. (cough cough) Fung Wan Sui Yuet!! =D

One more "Long lost so & so" series, but in case not many has gotten the chance to see it...


Face to Fate

Tavia Yeung's Ye Mung Sik character is the typical orphan who's adopted and raised by a kind person. Never would she ever dream that her actually father is the evil warlord, Gor Sui Tin. Call me strange or I'm just a fan of the Dark Force, but the way Tavia's dad tried to patch things up with Tavia, I have to give some credits to him. He maybe the all-mighty warlord in front of the others, but in front of his daughter, he's different. But again, another long lost father & daughter relationship, that's bitter at the beginning, but reconcile at the end.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Birthday over for me, but not for TVB

*Special Note: Thanks so much, you guys, for leaving me your messages in my c-box! I'm so touched!! (sniff sniff) =) *

My big day had come and gone. It was raining considerably hard Thursday when I woke up and for most part of the day. Lets just say I was drenched, cold, miserable (turning 20), and I had class that day. What a day!! lol...but it went a lot better as I dried up, and basically relaxed for the rest of the night. Just a perfect evening!! Being a 2-digit really isn't that bad! haha...I don't look a day older!...or so I think. ;-)

Speaking of birthdays, my b-day is over with, but TVB's big day is fast approaching, less than 2 months away! As always nominations for the Best Actor/Actresses, and all the other awards are up for grab and currently in a heated battle already! Normally, I'm very excited that the Anniversary is here so fast, but this year...I don't want it come so quickly.

I'm not sure if everybody heard the news yet, but "Pearls of the Orient" 《東方之珠》 and "Lush Fields Happy Times" 《肥田囍事》will be airing coming up in October and early November respectively. If it's true, then that basically wraps up for all the series that would be aired this year! (breathes) NO!!! There's still so many others that haven't air, and yet TVB is pushing another Myolie and Charmaine series out to the audience! A bit unbelievable in my opinion!

Earlier this year, my hopes were on Jessica Hsuan in hopes that she could once again claim the Best Actress award for the 2nd time. But from the way things are going, chances are pretty slim, close to 0 % as a matter of fact, in even getting a nomination! (sigh) How depressing. =(

A hot favorite for last year's Most Improved Actress may not be so hot this year, and that's no other than Bernice Liu. Like Jessica, Bernice doesn't even have a series this year in for nominations, so how can she possible win the award?!! Wait again 'til next year? =/

hmm...(shrugs) Can't really do much about it, but just had to vent out what I'm thinking. =) Since I'm talking so much about the anniversary, I'll be compiling my own top 5 list for this year's nomination real soon. Something to look forward to on TVB Sidsation. Check back later! As for now...more Face to Fate for me!! =D

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I'm freeeeeee.......

Woohoo!! Yay!! Yippee!! I'm freeeeee...., I didn't went bonkers after a couple days of absense on my beloved blog. Just like many others, I've been busy with school work; one test after the other. But I'm back now!! =D After days of studying, after days of staring at my books, after days of confusing myself, my stressful week has now become my stress-free week!! Phew!! My brain is fried from all those exams I just had. Not a total great week for me, but it could only get better from here.

Let see, over the weekend and the past couples of days, lots has happened in the TVB entertainment circle once again. Maiden's Vows ratings continue to dominate the #1 spot in ratings, holding steadily in the mid 30's; congrats to the cast! Wonder if I should watch it later on when it comes out over here.... =/

Land of the Wealth, surprisingly, peaked only at 29 pts on it's debutting week. Like I said, surprising, as I've heard many were highly anticipated of it, earlier this month. Maybe it'll do better as the series progresses. Have to check with Kitson's blog to find out next week.

Despite how busy I was and the time needed for the preparations of my exams, I still managed to sneaked an episode of Face to Fate every night; keeping me from reaching the insanity level. hehe... =P Almost reached the climax of the series, which is the big battle that the whole series practically talks about, and I can't wait. Don't really know why, but this series is keeping me at the edge of my seat throughout the whole time I was watching it. Why? (shrugs) I guess I'm just way too absorbed into what I'm watching. Plus, the extra anticipation just makes my measly 45 mins that I had to spare well spent!

Aside from TVB that will be occupying my time tonight, the newest season of America's Next Top Model will be air!! Yay!! Last season, I was rather disappointed with the judges choice as the winner of the contest. This season, hopefully, it'll be better!! =)

Finish this post off, I have something great to add to my blog!! Check out these logos?, link icons? lol...I forgot what these are called, but I really liked them. Got them as a gift to me from a special friend of mine. If you want to use them as a linkie back to my blog, TVB Sidsation, then feel free to use them! I'll be posting them up on the sidebar later on this week. Enjoy!!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Friday, September 15, 2006

Be My Guest (志雲飯局)

A couple months ago, I purchased some items off of Just some CDs and a box set TVB series. Anyways, YesAsia is now offering a new feature that gives out free gifts if you purchase items from them. How nifty is that!! =D

My free gift of that time was the copy of Stephen Chen's Be My Guest (志雲飯局) of the first 3 episodes. Heard about the show before, but didn't really seem interesting for me to actually take some time and watch it. After a couples months of just letting it sit there covered up in dust, this past week I finally gave it try and I have to say, I like it!!

If you don't know by now, Stephen Chen is a very high executive w/ TVB, that you may see often at Anniversary shows, annual JSG award shows, charitable events, or as of lately in the news, having dinner with Charmaine Sheh and Virginia Lok. ;-)

Be My Guest basically is an one-on-one interview conducted by Stephen on a variety of celebrities. Stephen will pick a very elegant restaurant, have dinner with them, and in-between ask some personal questions regarding that artists that no ones really knows about, very personally info revealed, too. lol...if you've seen the show, you should have saw how scrumptious the foods look. Even I will talk if he invites me to be his guest!! haha...but there's really not that much interesting info about me. The ratings will go down for sure! =P

I don't know if I should recommend this show to others. Why? 1.) Many will think it's boring, 2.) It's a pretty long interview, an hour or so, and 3.) There's really nothing attractive to captivate your attentions with. Don't get me wrong, if you don't mind watching/listening interviews, then this show is well worth your time. Personally, I liked it, so if you get a chance to see it yourself, I hope you won't be disappointed and like it, too. =)

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Look-Alike: Raymond Lam?

It's been awhile since I've last spotted anyone that shares a resemblance with another. Call my eye-sight bad or that I'm just not paying that close of an attention, but is that who I think it is? No, I'm not talking Joey Yung, nor am I talking about Kenny Kwan. Take a look at the guy behind them, wearing the glasses. Is that a Raymond Lam look-alike or is that just me?

huh...funny now that I stare at it a bit longer, that guy looks like Evergreen Mak in some ways, too! lol...gosh, my wild imaginations are going bizarre in my head. What do you guys think? Raymond Lam look-alike? Evergreen Mak look-alike? Or does Sidney just needs to go get her eyes checked...again! hehe... =P

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Jessica's Birthday Party pics

Earlier, I'd mentioned that Jessica Hsuan's birthday was on August 18th. Since throughout the month of August, Jessica was busy filming her newest series, Parental Guidance, in Singapore; her annual b-day party with her fans had to be postponed until this weekend.

It was a bummer for me that I wasn't able to attend; school plus work, plus the distance really puts a barrier for US fans, huh? Any other fans want to host a party for Jessica next year here in the US? ;-) lol...that would be sweet! hmm...I'll have to think much deeper into that. =D Birthday pics from the party had already been uploaded by fellow fans on the Jessica Hsuan's Bravenet forum. The pics were wonderfully taken, w/ lots of close-ups; thought I should share some of them with you guys, too. Enjoy! =)

Pic Credits: Fanny and Angel @ Jessica Hsuan's Bravenet Forum

That's the party room. First impression by me?'s so grand!! lol...didn't TVB use this room before for some scenes in series or is it just me? =P

The Birthday girl, Ms. Jessica Hsuan. Can't tell if Jessica's happy, excited, or shocked at what she's looking at.

Jessica w/ Carrie Ma

Jessica making her Birthday wish. Be careful with that knife!

I assume these were some presents that Jessica received that night. lol...she was acting so silly!

According to what I read, Jessica and Carrie Ma provided small little gifts to the fans that was present at the party. The gift is that plant Jessica's holding. Very thoughtful of them. =)

A very emotional Jessica. Aww... =)

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Not Much To Say...

There's really not much I want to talk about lately, other than I've become lazy and don't really want to type out posts. lol...that's not good! Plus that's not that new either since I've said that numerous times before! haha... Anyways...what's floating around in the Entertainment News lately?

Just last month, in August, was Yoyo Mung's birthday and she had to work on that day. Likewise, Ron had the same fate as well while having to film during his brthday as well. Pictures of Bernice taking a quick break to find Mr. Chow was published earlier, too, by Orisun. And how can I not mention Myolie's weight gain just for her character in her latest series. Kinda brutal of TVB to make the artists work so hard, day and night, night and day, to produce series/entertainment for our disposal. Well...not really to our disposal, but I guess you guys get the drift... =/ Should we carry part of the blame and not just blame it all on TVB? TVB basically is working for way, so why not? huh...this issue was floating in my head for awhile; I guess it's about time to have it all out.

Speaking of Yoyo Mung, after her birthday, she's been on a rise! Seriously! First, she got to film a kissing scene with Raymond Lam in their new series. How lucky is that! Next, she snags herself boyfriend just recently. If you haven't read the news by now, Yoyo is now rumored to be a couple with Ekin Cheng! Technically, it's more real than being an actual rumor, so congrats to her!! Things seems to be getting better and better for Yoyo this year! Possibility of snagging the Best Actress award this year, too? lol...I dont' think she's that lucky to entitle that achievement just yet. Maybe later. =)

EEG just had it's annual New Talent Singer contest recently. The purpose of it is easy: finding a new, fresh face, talented singer to sign with them and help snag more awards at the 4 big Music Awards ceremony that's held by the radio stations respectively each year. EEG just isn't satisfied with Joey and Twins sweeping up the awards, but always wanting more. (sigh) Haven't gotten a chance to watch the show yet, but I doubt it's going to much different from last year's. As always, at an EEG show, how can we forget about EEG's #1 female artist: Joey Yung. Joey was the highlight of the show; performing an encore presentation; basically showing the newcomers how it's really done if you're to become the newest artist. Saw the clip of Joey performing, and gotta say...she's still got it!!

I guess that's all the gossip news I want to talk about today. hehe...I lied. Said that I had not much to talk about and end up typing so much! lol...hope you guys don't mind me blabbering so much. Until my next pst...see ya!! Btw, do you guys know that TVB's Land of the Wealth is to be aired this upcoming Monday, September 11th? No wonder so many fellow bloggers and others are talking about it! I just found out today!! I'm so slow at this!! lol...whoops! =P

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Face to Fate: A Warehouse Series?

TVB produces a ton of series every year to be air. From Nov. 19 of one year and all the way 'til the next Nov. 19th, every series aired is crucial, meaning they get a shot a in the nominations list for the Best... in whichever category respectively.

If a series is lucky and the producers, executives, etc. of TVB all likes it, it gets air. If you're not...what else could happen to it? Back into the house it goes...warehouse, is what I meant. So far, I could only think of 3 that's been put on the warehouse list. 1) Trimming Success, 2) Au Revoir Shanghai, and 3) Face to Fate.

Trimming Success has been the only series pulled from the list so far to be aired back for HK viewers, but will the others get the same fate? I hope so! Especially with Face to Fate, since that's what I'm watching right now. =P

Face to Fate. 布衣神相. Pretty surprising to me that this series was put on the chopping block as a warehouse series, other than being broadcasted. Why? Simple! Because of it's cast! There's Raymond Lam, Frankie Lam, Tavia Yeung, Selena Li, John Chiang, Anne Heung, Nancy Wu, and many more! Sound like a great cast to me. The storyline, I can't say, to be simple, and easy to understand, as I was a bit confused earlier. But it's still pretty good so far, especially with the added humor in their dialogues. Quite witty, as you can't help but tweak a smile at times when watching it. =)

The themesong was sung by Raymond Lam, which was a bit fast pace, but still okay. On the otherhand, the sub-theme sung by Frankie Lam and Tavia Yeung is the one I'm quite fond of right now. Don't really know why, but I guess that's just a personal preference by me. =D What do you guys think?

Face to Fate themesong (TV-version)
Singer: Raymond Lam (林峰)

Download Here

Face to Fate sub-theme (TV-version)
Singers: Frankie Lam (林文龍) and Tavia Yeung (楊怡)

Download Here

Friday, September 01, 2006

TVB's 2006 Children Song Award: Direct Download

Finding the right source or uploading service is hard, especially if the file is really really big. Example: TVB's 2006 Children Award show. It's 500+ MBs!! It's hard to find a place that would upload for me for free. lol...and frustrating, too. =P

Anyways, thought I'll cut it up myself and make it smaller; easier to upload. Yeah...that didn't work to well for me. Plan B? Finding a site that would host such a big file! Just my luck, I found 2!! Yay! (pats myself on the back) Here's the one of the host I used: Badongo.

Never before uploaded using them, so it was a first. Surprisingly, they cut the file up for me into 6 pieces?!! lol...hope it still works right! If you've gotten the link from elsewhere, good for you. hehe...I don't mind. I'm awfully slow at this. If you haven't seen it, and wants to be the first person to confirm that Badongo actually works for me, then go right ahead and d/l it! Enjoy! =)

Download Here or Download Here

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Ahh..been awhile since I've mention TVB Open on my blog. Still remember this feature? lol...Sorry about that. School preparations and other things came up way too soon than I originally expected. This weekend is Labor Day weekend, so I should be able to find time and finish up TVB Open with my 2nd and 3rd clips as I've promised. Remember to stayed tune for that and have a nice Labor Day weekend!! =)