Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I'm freeeeeee.......

Woohoo!! Yay!! Yippee!! I'm freeeeee...., I didn't went bonkers after a couple days of absense on my beloved blog. Just like many others, I've been busy with school work; one test after the other. But I'm back now!! =D After days of studying, after days of staring at my books, after days of confusing myself, my stressful week has now become my stress-free week!! Phew!! My brain is fried from all those exams I just had. Not a total great week for me, but it could only get better from here.

Let see, over the weekend and the past couples of days, lots has happened in the TVB entertainment circle once again. Maiden's Vows ratings continue to dominate the #1 spot in ratings, holding steadily in the mid 30's; congrats to the cast! Wonder if I should watch it later on when it comes out over here.... =/

Land of the Wealth, surprisingly, peaked only at 29 pts on it's debutting week. Like I said, surprising, as I've heard many were highly anticipated of it, earlier this month. Maybe it'll do better as the series progresses. Have to check with Kitson's blog to find out next week.

Despite how busy I was and the time needed for the preparations of my exams, I still managed to sneaked an episode of Face to Fate every night; keeping me from reaching the insanity level. hehe... =P Almost reached the climax of the series, which is the big battle that the whole series practically talks about, and I can't wait. Don't really know why, but this series is keeping me at the edge of my seat throughout the whole time I was watching it. Why? (shrugs) I guess I'm just way too absorbed into what I'm watching. Plus, the extra anticipation just makes my measly 45 mins that I had to spare well spent!

Aside from TVB that will be occupying my time tonight, the newest season of America's Next Top Model will be air!! Yay!! Last season, I was rather disappointed with the judges choice as the winner of the contest. This season, hopefully, it'll be better!! =)

Finish this post off, I have something great to add to my blog!! Check out these logos?, link icons? lol...I forgot what these are called, but I really liked them. Got them as a gift to me from a special friend of mine. If you want to use them as a linkie back to my blog, TVB Sidsation, then feel free to use them! I'll be posting them up on the sidebar later on this week. Enjoy!!

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