Sunday, August 27, 2006

Maiden's Vow: A Breakthrough for Charmaine?

Maiden's Vow. 鳳凰四重奏. To be honest, this series was never on my must watch list. It just doesn't look or sound attractive enough to captivate my attention. Maybe it's because of the news I read during MV's filming that confused me, but after a quick scan of the synopsis, my perspective of it has a bit.

As many knows, Charmaine will be starring opposite Joe Ma...again. hmm...this would be...interesting to see them onscreen again. Not a real fan them as a couple, but oh well...can't really do anything about it. =/ Separating Joemaine apart is a little bit better. If my memory serves me right, I don't think we've seen Joe in any TVB series this year. lol...just in time to slip one in before the anniversary show in a couple of months. For the past 2 years, Joe had snagged himself a spot in the top 5 Best Actor category; 2004: A Handful of Love and 2005: Revolving Doors of Vengeance. But this year?...his only hope as far as I know is MV's, but I'm real skeptical about his chances; not very high.

Maiden's Vow should be Charmaine's 3rd series to be aired this year. Again, I'm really skeptical about how well she's going to do. On her past 2 series aired this year, both were a major disappointment towards TVB in rating wise, but a huge popularity amongst the fans. LWOLAP was a big flopped, despite how hyped up everyone was about it. Even I was disappointed! The good thing that came out from it: Charray. lol..a new era begins! Same goes with TVB's Dance of Passion. Although the ratings wasn't as bad as LWOLAP's, but it was still pretty low compared to it's strong castings. But again, the nickname Charmoses was born. hehe...pretty creative in the names! =D (sigh) Poor Charmaine. From the looks of it, Charmaine's role in MV should be quite challenging for her to portray. 4 different time periods. 4 different ways a girl would have to go through to seek out their love. Sounds pretty tragic, yet (hopefully) captivating, too. lol...maybe Maiden's Vow would give Charmaine the breakthrough performance she needs. As the saying goes, " 3rd times the "Charm." ;-)


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