Saturday, August 19, 2006

Cute YouTube clips

I'm pretty sure by now that almost everyone knows I'm a huge Jessica Hsuan fan. hehe... ;-) But did you guys know that I'm also a fan of Sammi Cheng's as well? lol...pretty obvious that I'm a fan to almost everyone, huh? My dislikes are normally shown through the "cough cough" that I don't like to name. ;-) Anyways, my little brother (blood-related one) was surfing on YouTube and found some Sammi clips on JSG for me. Other stars mentioned and appeared are: Jessica Hsuan, Louis Koo, Jerry Lamb, etc.

LJ!! Seeing them together is quite nice nowadays. Hope you guys enjoy the clips! Credits to colby1986 for uploading it and my little brother for finding out about it for me. I knew we kept him when he was a baby for a reason! lol...j/k!!! I'm not that mean! =P Enjoy!

*Warning: Don't have too high of an expectations from these clips. It focuses more on Sammi than anyone else.*

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


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