Saturday, August 05, 2006

TVB Open: Coming Soon...

Since the World Cup is over, and most of the golf tournaments are wrapping up quickly, what better sport to broadcast next than one of my favorite: tennis. The annual U.S. Open [tennis] tournament is about to go underway: Aug. 28th, and I'm estatic! Just a little fyi, this will be Andre Agassi's last U.S. Open before he retires, so yes, I'm going to be cheering for him like crazy. Yay!!! =D hehe... ;-) And yes, I know I'm a bit early as there's still a couple more weeks before the actual tennis tournament begins, but the fall semester is about to start for me, too; I won't have as much time as before to write more features, translate, etc. etc. Time for clips!! Woohoo! =)

TVB Open is my newest feature in which I'll be sharing some of my favorite TVB moments and of course, it's going to be tennis related. Tennis have pros like Roger Federer, Andre Agassi, etc. etc. TVB of couse will have some "pros" of their own and their unique technical style. Just at the top of my head, I have 3 clips I'll be sharing. Can you guess which one? If not, it's okay as this new feature will be launching real soon!


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