Sunday, July 23, 2006

Series Recommendation?

Summer's about to be over; about 1 more month until the fall semester starts off again. Whoopie...(I sound so excited, don't I?) *sigh* So fast it went by! my last month of freedom, I'm trying to find some good series to watch. Any good recommendations, anyone?

Just recently, I finished watching Forensic Heroes, which was not bad nor the best series of the year. Before it was released, FH was dubbed as the modern version of Witness to a Prosecution and if you've seen it, there's not much similarities between the two, but more of CSI instead. I'm not a real fan of watching CSI, so no comparisons by me. Everyone did relatively okay, but some characters really do stood out amongst the rest, aka Yoyo's Madam Leung Siu Yao and Linda's Lam Ding Ding. Yoyo did really well in this series; one of the most enjoyable characters I've seen her portrayed. Breakthrough role? Nah...still not yet, but acceptable. Linda's a little should I say this?...annoying in this series? lol...I might be weird liking her after one series and turns around and hate her for another. But seriously! If you've seen (or heard) Ding Ding at the beginning, middle, and some parts of the end, she's quite pitchy when saying her dialogues. Linda's more quiet and mellow character roles are more suitable for her. Just my opinion.


Le Femme Desperado and Safe Guards were great, too. Especially surprisingly SG, since I rejected this series earlier this year; mainly because of one person: Elaine Yiu. I think she's a terrible actress! I still do. Seen both RDOV and SG, and my impressions of her are still quite low. Other than that, SG is a fine series to watch. Definitely recommendable to others. Steven Ma fans: you'll love him. Wayne Lai fans: you'll love him, too. (Can't hate Wayne at all, despite all the things he's done.) *Special thanks to Ying (aka TVBsquare) for telling me to watch it everytime I talked to her; or else I would have missed it! lol...thanks! ;-) *

Other than those series, I've also watched Files of Justive V, Recipe of the Heart, Game of Deceit, Old Time Buddy and A Smiling Ghost Story. Yes...I admit...I can watch alot of TVB series if I want to. And pretty fast, too. hehe... =D So...any suggestions? ;-)

*Special Note:
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Blogger -ExqUisite - said...

OMG OMG!TVB sQUARE is back on!woopie!
anyways,I'm seriously looking forward to watch Forensic Heroes..I have to wait for the vcd/dvd to be released...blah!
SG is good?it looks boring to me...and who is Elaine Yiu?lol
and what is SG all about?

oh oh!and i have to say LFD rox!!!Well the artist are pretty boring to me but it was just for the sake of Melissa..hehe..and no offence,i totallly dislike Katie Tsui..eww..
I totally have to agree on how hawt Raymond was in that series!haha..*droools*

hmm..u've been watching the old series eh..well try Love Bond again..haha..i love watching Bernice and Moses..they're soo cute yet funny! = )
i'm currently watching Into Thin Air..which is just "OK"...hmmm..
any suggestions from u? = )


3:55 AM 
Blogger Sidney said...

Hey Samantha! How are you? Have you seen Revolving Doors of Vengeance? If so, Elaine Yiu is the girl that plays Chloe. Trust me, SG is not boring at all. Pretty interesting in fact. Go try it out and see. =)

Agree with you about Raymond! hehe... ;-) Love Bond? umm...not so sure about that one. Too many flashbacks for me. But again, agree with you. The Bermoses parts are the best!

6:16 PM 
Blogger -ExqUisite - said...

yups..i know Chloe!that b***** that always goes 'saam pui kor'..haha..i hate her too so.. = P
hmm..i shud try SG then since u're reckon..hehe

3:50 AM 
Blogger tvbsquare said...

haha, you welcome, sid, I am glad you loved Safe Guards.. haha, who wouldn't?

4:54 PM 

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