Sunday, May 27, 2007

Community Chest Charity Show 2007

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Community Chest Charity Show 2007 萬眾同心公益金

MCs: Nat Chan, Carol Cheng, Vinci Wong, Anna Yau

Guest Performers: Hacken Lee, Joey Yung, Teresa Cheung, George Lam, Teresa Carpio, cast of "Heart of Greed" (Ha Yue, Lee Si Kei, Susanna Kwan, Michelle Yim, Bosco Wong, Fala Chan, & Louis Yuen), Vincy Chan, Ivana Wong, Deep Ng, Idy Chan, Raymond Cho, Wong Cho Lam, Vanness Wu, Lui Fong, Eric Moo, Leon Lai, Michael Miu, Carlos Ng, Miriam Yeung, Jill Vidal

The annual "Community Chest Charity Show" was held this past Saturday. Like all other charity shows, many artists and singers performed the night's entertainment to help raise more fundings. Despite what looks to be a star-studded night, which is, I can't help but feel it lacks more artists than previous charitable events; a repetition of performers. But then always, it may be just me who feels that way. (shrugs) Anyways, here's a short (very short) recap of what took place that night: =)

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The show started off with Hacken Lee and Joey Yung respectively leading some new artists: Vincy, Ivana, Deep, etc. to sing a song (or a couple of songs) reflecting the purpose of Community Chest charitable organization. Then Joey Yung had a duet Susanna Kwan. This duo was awesome! Joey, I knew already was a great singer, but Susanna Kwan, this was the first time I heard her sing (aside from "Hearts of Greed" theme song). She is good!

The cast of HOG appeared several times throughout the night; promoting HOG's climax finale for this coming week; used abalone as a theme to raise money ($168,000 HKD I believe), and performed the skit they (a pretty funny I might add). Fala Chan had a little performance herself for the night. She was able to have her hands stay firmly clasp together while circling her body with her hands like that. A very impressive sight, but a bit heart-wrenching for me. Fala was constantly rubbing her shoulder afterwards, possibly dislocated a shoulder or something to perform that stunt. What's worst: the MCs even suggested Fala to perform it again just so the audience can see it more clearly! Poor Fala. lol...kinda funny how the camera guy kept on swinging the camera back to Stephen Chan as he sits at ease, smiling, and looking on. The hardships of working with TVB. (shakes head)

A rare appearance by Idy Chan and Teresa Cheung really made me look forward to watching this show. It's practically a "Return of the Condor Heroes 83" reunion! All we needed was Andy Lau! But instead we got Leon Lai to perform instead. Leon was the last to perform for the night, singing remixes of all 4 Heavenly Kings' infamous songs. Personally, I didn't really like the way he sang it; not a fan of remixes.

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Btw, there was a segment that included Vincy Chan, Raymond Cho, Louis Yuen, and Wong Cho Lam. The segment wasn't all that funny and not one of my favorites for the show, however there was Wong Cho Lam in it. Personally, I think he's a great. Started noticing him in "Best Selling Secrets" as Lau Wah, and now he's impersonating TVB's general manager Stephen Chan. Did a pretty good job. I just think he's quite talented. Just passing along some of my thoughts here. =)

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Back into the Life of Blogging

It feels so weird coming back to this blog and actually typing up a post. lol...I'd been gone way too long. My brain empty, with no ideas of a post. Although I blame it entirely on all the finals I had to take. (shudders) What horror they were to me! But they're all over! Yay!

Summer officially started for me last Friday, but still had lots to do this past weekend before I can get back into my TVB life. First, there was a graduation I had to attend, which turned out to be a nightmare for my feet. Had to slip on some heels (2+ inches I might add) for most of part of the day, but that was not the worst part. Worst thing was I had to slowly, slowly, slowly make my way down the endless flight of stairs to where my mom saved some seats for us. I swear, I was about to fall flat on my face and roll down the rest of the way. Dude, the auditorium was huge and the stairs was steep! They could have at least installed a couple more railings for people like me, who doesn't wear heels unless it's absolutely crucial! (sigh) lol...yeah, a little bit embarrassing on my behalf, but that's the real me! =D And of course there was Mother's Day this past Sunday, too (I hope everyone remembered to give your mom a present, some flowers, or like me, just a hug ;-) It's the thoughts that really counts).

Since I haven't collected my thoughts together for a post yet (at least I have an idea on what's it going to be about), there's not much of an update today. Just here, stopping by to say "hi" and let everybody know I'm still alive. Changed my banner up top to catch the attentions of you guys, basically saying "I'm back!" hehe... =) Love Bernice & Moses as a couple. They're so cute together. Really wanted to use an updated pic of them, but couldn't find any that I like. Well...except this one:

But I think they belong more in front of a house as little statues than on my banner. (hehe...a joke there is you didn't catch it). Anyways, expect posts from me later on this week! Ciao!

*Special Note: MC3, do you like they banner up top? I remembered what I promised you. =) *