Thursday, August 30, 2007

Did you notice...

Did you notice that Joey Yung's "Nin9 2 5ive" poster was once featured in a scene in "The Academy?" If Ah Man would just look a little bit to the right, he would have recognized Ah Yun a year later! lol..btw, this scene totally sums up what's going to happen between Ah Fa and Ah Man's relationship in OFTB. Joey got added into the picture and...if you had watched the series, I'm sure you know what I mean. =)

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Jessica Hsuan on the cover of "Me Magazine"

Pictures Scanned by: Mrs. Luk @ Jessica Hsuan's Forum
Translations by: siaozhabor @
Jessica Hsuan's Forum
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Jessica was busy with the filming of “Healing Souls” in China and would only return and stay in Hong Kong for a night. As she had promised to do a cover page shot for Suddenly Weekly, her manager phoned them on a Tuesday. The reporter immediately went to borrow some outfits for shooting on the next day. The photography session was completed on Wednesday and Jessica proceeded to China to continue filming that night. The precious one-day break was given to “Me!” exclusively. The reporter’s impression of Jessica was a famous actress from TVB and had previous records of troubles. Her appearance that day changed the opinion of the reporter towards her from troublesome to straightforward and neat.

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The reporter felt that readers would be familiar with her series and classic works given her fame and he was afraid that he would mention incorrect facts as he seldom watch television programmes. He chose to ask Jessica on tips of being beautiful, and unexpectedly, Jessica answered, “Did you do any research on me before interviewing me?” Her tone was not harsh; however, the reporter was stunned. It would be bad to admit the truth and it is worse to lie. The reporter experienced Jessica’s candidness through the fact that he did not do his homework.

There should be little opposition when we conclude that Jessica is straightforward. As the reporter was caught red-handed not doing any research, he asked her on the titles of works that she was satisfied. “I was satisfied with Golden Faith and gave myself 95 marks. Other shows like Detective Investigation Files IV and Life Made Simple are OK. However, none of the shows relied on the female lead to bring out the whole story. Although I was contented with the shows, I would feel that I still lack a representing show in the hearts of the audience!”

Flow with Fate
Jessica was plain when she spoke which was very different from the previous entertainment tabloids that alleged wars between female artistes. “My mentality had changed and I reduced the total number of shows filmed in these recent years. I changed my contract with TVB to ‘per series’ lest a continual filming of shows. On the extreme end, my career is nothing compared to family, friends and love. Now, I would have a holiday in Hong Kong whenever it is possible to return to my dogs and cherish the time I had with them.”

We know that Jessica appreciated dogs. What about humans? Both relationships that were known to public almost made it onto the red carpet. Does Jessica wish to marry badly now? “I admit that I exceeded the optimum age of marriage and I had experienced the period of time where I longed for marriage. There would be a reason to a breakup in my previous relationships- either we were incompatible or we were immature. Since we already made the decision to no sound the wedding bells, I would not marry for the sake of marrying when I am more mature now. The old saying goes, “leave everything to fate!”

Jessica had softened up a lot. Previously, she would ignore or reprimand reporters who asked questions that she was not interested in. Now, she would answer, “I had little interest in it. If you insist on asking the question, I would answer.” Jessica mentioned that clothing and fashion wear was part of her job, and there was no such thing as pursuing. The most common type of clothing that Jessica had was jeans, followed by flat-soled shoes. There were around 10 pairs in her closet and she need not purchase more as she had enough. High heels were meant for work and she was not so stupid to torture her legs in her leisure time. She was not precise about their brand.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Happy Birthday to Jessica Hsuan!

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今天是 Jessica 的生日, 祝她生日快樂, 身體健健康康, 永遠都開開心心!

Love Always,

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Finished with PR; Moving on to OTFB

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Yay! Finished watching "Phoenix Rising!" Not a bad series at all. Definitely enjoyable with an interesting plot line. However, it's leaving me very questionable about its ending. What happened?! Who fired the shot?! hmm...=/ For favorite scenes, I have plenty. For favorite episode, it has got to be episode 15. lol... If you've seen the series, you'll probably know which scene I'm talking about. Trying hard not to spoil it for anybody. =)

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Finally moving on to the series I've been anticipating: "On the First Beat!"

Looking forward to:
  • Joey!; read mix reviews about her performance, so have to judge it myself
  • Ron's character; what?! I like Jung Lap Maan =)
Definitely NOT Looking forward to:
  • Kate Tsui; reason should be apparent

Linda being harassed; Trash basket to the head for Steven

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Source: The Sun

Steven Ma, Linda Chung, and Elaine Yiu were filming a street scene in MongKok for TVB’s newest series “Golden Destiny” 《金石良緣》 last night, attracting over 100 bystanders nearby. The scene talks of Steven trying to persuade a run-away Linda to return home, but in order to escape, Linda shouted that she was being sexually harassed! Elaine comes out and dumps a trash basket on Steven’s head; allowing Linda to escape.

Filming with over 100 bystanders looking, Linda laughed and said it felt like a theater performance. “It’s so fun! Every expression or movement I make, the audience around would have a reaction for it, like live theater performance! Luckily, everyone cooperated and allowed us to finish filming without interruptions.”

Having filmed street scenes before with huge crowds looking on, Steven disclosed that this time was a piece of cake. “When I was filming at Lan Kwai Fong for “Entire City Dances” 《舞動全城》, we drew a crowd of over 300! The atmosphere was very wild and lively. This time, the audience cooperated really well with us, so when they requested a photo with me, I quickly agreed.” Because the scene required Steven to be shoved off by Linda and dumped on the head with a trash basket by Elaine, Steven ended up with a cut on the lip and scratches along the back of his hand. “It wasn’t their fault! It was actually the basket, it’s too small! In the series, my character gets beaten up and fooled by Linda all the time! Luckily, when girls film hitting scenes, they don’t use a lot of strength, so won’t have too many bruises.”

Joey's 2nd Hand Store runs out on inventories!

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Source: The Sun
Yesterday was the opening of Joey Yung’s 2nd Hand Clothing Shop. Since it was opening day, Joey’s fans were already outside waiting, completely crowding the hallways of the shopping center and emptying the store’s inventories! Accepting a telephone interview yesterday, Joey discloses that the first day of sales was up to 5-digits, with everyone able to receive $10,000 (HKD)! Joey had to quickly restock up the store’s inventory, bringing 6 more big bags of clothing from her own closet to the store last night. Seeing her clothes sold at discounted price, Joey indicated that her heart hurts a little as each article has a fond memory to it.

Friday, August 10, 2007

"Entire City Dances" airs after "Fathers & Sons"

Read from the news that TVB's newest series: "Entire City Dances" 《舞動全城》 (unconfirmed title), starring Steven Ma, Bernice Liu, Matthew Ko, Kate Tsui, etc. will be replacing "Fathers & Sons" 《爸爸閉翳》 time slot on September 10th.

This is great news! But is TVB releasing this series a bit early? Seems like just a couple months ago, they just finished filming and now it's ready to be released?! Woah! Plus, Bernice's "Devil's Disciples" just finished airing recently and earlier this year "The Brink of Law" was released, too, starring Steven Ma & Kate Tsui. Wouldn't it be better to wait 'til after the TVB anniversary? hmm...what do you guys think?

Btw, here's the cast and character's name that I know of:
  • Steven Ma-
  • Bernice Liu- Lei Sum Ying
  • Matthew Ko-
  • Kate Tsui- Yeung Si Maan
  • Fala Chen- Ching Ka Man
  • Wayne Lai- Lei Lik Keung
  • Claire Yiu- Yau Lam Lam
  • Tracy Yip-
  • Mannor Chan-

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Mr. Hong Kong Contestants meet the MCs

Source: Mingpao & The Sun

This year’s “Mr. Hong Kong Contest 2007” will be broadcast live this Saturday at TVB studios. For the third consecutive year in a row, Dodo Cheng and Anna Yau will be the MCs of the night and pairing up with special guest MC, Maggie Cheung. Yesterday, the 3 ladies met with the 12 Mr. HK contestants as the men each did a short introduction of themselves, follow by a group picture. All 12 guys wanted to impress the MCs and started to strike poses during their introduction! Michael Chiu Kwok Tung tempted the ladies by fiddling with his shirt, while Leo Lee Ho tried to impress with his fondness of singing. Anna immediately told Leo “Don’t bother singing any of Lui Fong’s songs. In Dodo’s eyes, there’s no one who can sing better than Lui Fong.”

Upon arrival, all 3 MCs gave their own evaluation with this year’s Mr. HK candidates. Maggie said, “When I first saw them, they’re all better looking than what I anticipated. Educated and polite…this year’s candidates are pretty good.” Dodo indicates that she has been the MC for the past 2 Mr. Hong Kong contests and she, too, thought this year’s candidates were pretty good. “If we want a cute guy, we have a cute guy. If we want someone educated, we have someone educated. It’s pretty evenly spread out. There will definitely be some contest. I’m even bringing in 2 of my girlfriends to watch the show and to have a good time!" When asked Dodo what criteria she looks for in a guy, she said he has to be neat and clean first, and then look at the way he's dress.

Being the first time to host a Mr. Hong Kong contest and working opposite Dodo Cheung, Maggie doesn’t feel pressured at all. Instead, she’s treating it as a new experience, an opportunity to learn something new. When asked what her criteria were when looking for a guy, Maggie said: “I look at their inner beauty. Let say, to find a guy that’s cute or educated is pretty easy. But to find someone that meets all criteria is pretty hard to do. As for outer appearance, I always need to look into their eyes first. If their eyes reflect kindness and honesty, they’ll definitely get a extra point from me.”

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Windows blasted open while Ada slept

Source: The Sun

Ada Choi left a message online earlier about her recent trip to Taiwan to promote for the series “Dance of Passion.” During her stay, Ada felt that she was treated unprofessionally by the media, as some of them don’t even know what her profession is! When posting up her thoughts, Ada referred to a portion of the media personnel as “doesn’t do research” people. “I know I’m not a huge celebrity, but I’m an artist that gives my best at every job that is given to me. The media should do the same thing! Inviting/interviewing guests without any preparations is like insulting them and your own profession! Technology is so advanced nowadays, just go online and there’s nothing one can’t find!” After Ada left her message online, many of her fans left messages to show their support.

Another incredulous incident happened to Ada during her stay was when she was in her hotel room sleeping, and a huge “CRACK!” sounded. At first, Ada thought it was just thunder, but when she went to investigate, broken glass pieces from her window littered the floor! Ada immediately called for hotel service to switch rooms, but was still able to witness the windows continually to crack open.