Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Mr. Hong Kong Contestants meet the MCs

Source: Mingpao & The Sun

This year’s “Mr. Hong Kong Contest 2007” will be broadcast live this Saturday at TVB studios. For the third consecutive year in a row, Dodo Cheng and Anna Yau will be the MCs of the night and pairing up with special guest MC, Maggie Cheung. Yesterday, the 3 ladies met with the 12 Mr. HK contestants as the men each did a short introduction of themselves, follow by a group picture. All 12 guys wanted to impress the MCs and started to strike poses during their introduction! Michael Chiu Kwok Tung tempted the ladies by fiddling with his shirt, while Leo Lee Ho tried to impress with his fondness of singing. Anna immediately told Leo “Don’t bother singing any of Lui Fong’s songs. In Dodo’s eyes, there’s no one who can sing better than Lui Fong.”

Upon arrival, all 3 MCs gave their own evaluation with this year’s Mr. HK candidates. Maggie said, “When I first saw them, they’re all better looking than what I anticipated. Educated and polite…this year’s candidates are pretty good.” Dodo indicates that she has been the MC for the past 2 Mr. Hong Kong contests and she, too, thought this year’s candidates were pretty good. “If we want a cute guy, we have a cute guy. If we want someone educated, we have someone educated. It’s pretty evenly spread out. There will definitely be some contest. I’m even bringing in 2 of my girlfriends to watch the show and to have a good time!" When asked Dodo what criteria she looks for in a guy, she said he has to be neat and clean first, and then look at the way he's dress.

Being the first time to host a Mr. Hong Kong contest and working opposite Dodo Cheung, Maggie doesn’t feel pressured at all. Instead, she’s treating it as a new experience, an opportunity to learn something new. When asked what her criteria were when looking for a guy, Maggie said: “I look at their inner beauty. Let say, to find a guy that’s cute or educated is pretty easy. But to find someone that meets all criteria is pretty hard to do. As for outer appearance, I always need to look into their eyes first. If their eyes reflect kindness and honesty, they’ll definitely get a extra point from me.”


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