Thursday, July 05, 2007

LIVE EARTH: The Concerts for a Climate in Crisis

Just finished reading the latest TVB ratings for the week (yeah, I know, it was posted up at the beginning of week and I just now saw it =P ). "On the First Beat," 《學警出更》 really isn't getting ratings that everyone (myself included) is expecting. Sure, an average of +/- 33 pts every week is good, but expected higher. "The Green Grass of Home" 《緣來自有機》on the other hand, got a peak of 37pts this past week! That's very impressive! I haven't started watching the series yet and was a bit iffy awhile back when TVB wanted to air it. lol..I guess I was wrong after all. It had a good cast and it's about environmental awareness. Why not watch it?! =)

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Speaking of environmental awareness, just a small reminder/announcement here: the LIVE EARTH 24-hour, 7-continent Concert will be broadcast this Saturday, July 7, 2007. Tickets, I believe, are still available to be purchase if interested (except UK; tickets sold out). The concert will be broadcast/perform live at the following cities respectively:
  • LIVE EARTH NEW YORK @ Giants Stadium
  • LIVE EARTH LONDON @ Wembley Stadium
  • LIVE EARTH SYDNEY @ Aussie Stadium
  • LIVE EARTH HAMBURG @ HSH Nordbank Arena
  • LIVE EARTH TOKYO @ Makuhari Messe
  • LIVE EARTH JOHANNESBURG @ the Coca-Cola Dome
  • LIVE EARTH SHANGHAI @ the Oriental Pearl Tower
  • LIVE EARTH RIO DE JANEIRO @ Copacabana Beach
Artists present @ Oriental Pearl Tower, Shanghai

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I don't know I could of sworn that Giants Stadium was in New Jersey. :P

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