Sunday, April 08, 2007

TVB desperate to bring up its ratings

TVB’s ratings have been relatively low these past couple of weeks. Why? Well, each current airing series has had one complaint about them or another. “War & Destiny” (亂世佳人) was allegedly accused that the storyline of the series does not match the actual historical contexts during WWII; maintaining an average of 30+/- pts in ratings. “Life Art’s” (寫意人生) mostly had Kevin’s singing the themesong to complain about; ratings even lower than WAD’s. And last but not least, “Best Selling Secrets," TVB's newest sitcom, where the ratings are dropping by the week. What could TVB do to salvage back this past couple weeks' lost? Well, as the saying goes, desperate time calls for desperate measures.

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Since WAD still has 2 more weeks of airing before its finale, let's talk about the others. BSS is truly element to captivate the audience to watch it daily. There really is not much of a plot, other than Esther Kwan is Vin Choi's mother that he doesn't know about. That's it. Not too sure how "Welcome to the House's" per episode went, but for BSS, every episode is a new story w/ new problems that get resolve in the 20 minute it's being broadcast. That's something new, but just very random imo. Maybe that's why it's not drawing a strong audience? (shrugs) TVB's method to boost its ratings: special 20 second guest appearance of Bernice Liu.

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Bernice literally appeared in Episode 18 (April 5th; Thursday night) for 20 second, starring as herself. Her character just "randomly" showed up at a restaurant to thank James (Rocky Cheng) for a wonderful commercial he did w/ her cat, Baby. Little bit off topic here, but to my knowledge, Bernice doesn't have a pet cat. Doesn't she just have 2 dogs, Mac and Baily? lol...hope w/ Bernice 20 second drop-in (I think she was just on her way home or switching in-between sets) would help boosts BSS ratings a bit more this week. However, I highly doubt it's going to receive anything over the average of 27pts. =/

I think TVB had high expectations for LA since it starred: Kevin Cheng & Gigi Lai. But it turns out to be only average series. Nothing to be impress about. Time to move in some heavy artilleries aka "Heart of Greed" to be air. Everyone (myself included) is getting really excited; setting our expectations real high. Just look at the cast! Definitely something to be impress about. BUT! If I were TVB, I'll be a tad worry for the unexpected. Like I said, the cast is one of the reason it attracts so many people's interest towards it. Last time we saw Moses Chan was in "Land of the Wealth" and that series had great expectations for it, too. It turns out to be average and occasionally a bit boring on parts. (eek!) Raymond Lam and Bosco Wong tends to do a lot better when they each have their own separate series airing (Ray: LFD; Bosco: DB), but do you guys remember the last time they collaborated together what happened? TVB obviously forgot, better refresh their memory (clears throat) "Leathal Weapons of Love and Passion." lol...let's hope it doesn't happen again. =) This should be Yoyo Mung and Linda Chung's 2nd time collaborating together since "Forensic Heroes" where back then they had the highest ratings of the year! But again, when starring individually, series was just only average. Could they pull off another FH rating w/out the guaranteed-rating Bobby Au Yeung w/ them? Risky combination of cast here by TVB, but I think we're all willing to give HOG a chance right? =D


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