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Ten Brothers: Is it that good?

Sidney's little ramble: "Hi guys! So sorry! It's already the 6th of March, and I'm now making my first post of the month! Eeks! Truly slacking off around here. But I have an excuse! First off, my router is still down at home, so my time online is very limited. Don't really like hanging around campus too long if I don't have class or work to go to. (sigh) What a hassle for me to go through just to check my emails, submit homework, post on blog, etc. etc."

Anyways, TVB's current airing series, "Ten Brothers" (十兄弟) seems to be doing a fantastic job in keeping up w/ it ratings; achieving an average of 34 pts and peaking at 37 pts. That's beating the very promoted series, "Best Bet" (迎妻接福) by a mile! And it was previously a warehouse series, too! lol...funny, interesting and pretty impressive.

I haven't had the the chance to watch TB yet when it first came out overseas. But then again, I didn't really want to. For most parts, it was because I'm not a real fan of all the extra computer graphics added (one of the downfalls I found in DD currently), plus the costumes of the cast looking a bit odd. However, since the ratings are so high and I heard numerous praises for it, should I change my opinion and give it a try after I finish "Devil's Disciples?"

"Ten Brother", I believe, is the only series left of TVB starring Kenix Kwok. Since it's doing so well, I really can't help but notice that Kenix's status w/ TVB and the HK viewers in general are relatively still strong despite not seeing her for so long (Kenix's last aired series was "A Pillowcase of a Mystery;" almost exactly 1 yr. ago). When compared her to the recent aired TVB series, "The Brink of Law" w/ the new generation fai daans: Bernice Liu, Shirley Yeung, & Kate Tsui, & the currently series: "Best Best" w/ Linda Chung, Kenix's series can really surpass them all! Ratings? Yup! Acting? Umm...I'm pretty sure, yes on that, too. lol...however, when compared to Jessica Hsuan's "Dicey Business," they're about equal, don't you think? ;-)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i agree. the new generations of fa dans are a far cry from the likes of Jessica, Kenix, Flora, etc. to be honest i don't think even Charmaine is at their level yet. Charmaine's just the #1 sis compared to the "newbies" but had Jess, Kenix, & them not left, Charmaine wouldn't be bumped up so fast.

i'm not exactly dissing Char or anything so don't be mad Char fans :D just my lil opinion.

8:44 PM 
Blogger j00ky said...

I really thought 10Bs was a pretty good series... but that could just me being bias since I love to watch all those 'koo ling jing gwai' type of stuff. lol I also loved that Don Li and Matt Yeung were in this, they were cute! :D -- One thing that I noticed was that Ah Dai (1), Ah Sarm (3) brothers & the evil circus boss (Lai Lok Yee, Jack Wu & ?) looked kinda alike...? I thought they were related in real or something lol But overall, it wasn't the best series out there, but it was sure enjoyable to watch. (Unless you are a Kenix hater that is lmao)

4:53 AM 
Blogger Sidney said...

Anonymous: I agree w/ what you said. Not that I'm not a Charmaine fan, but when Charm won the Best Actress award at this past TVB Anniversary, I didn't really think she deserves it? Her performance in MV was about average to me. Nothing to be wow about.
Like you: this is just my lil opinion regarding my thoughts about Charmaine. No hard feelings anyone. =)

j00ky lol...I assume you're chinese since you can say: "koo ling jing gwai." =) Anyways, I'm not a total fan of those types of series, but I sometime still watch them. However, I'm thinking about skipping TB now (not that I'm a Kenix hater ;-) ).

11:13 AM 
Anonymous Katie said...

well, I think this series is very good lol. It has weird special effects, and crazy hair styles! But besides all that, it has a great story. But when you want to compare Jessica in Dicey Business and Kenix in Ten Brothers, definetely Kenix! I thought Jessica was really bad in that series. She often got on my nerves!

3:05 PM 
Anonymous JJ said...

Actually Dicey Business didnt do that great in the ratings department...only the last few episodes have impressive ratings! But in terms of acting...I do think Jessica and Kenix are equal...but Kenix is a bit more versatile as Jessica plays redundant roles most of the times.

Regarding Charmaine, it's only right that she isnt on their level..after all, Kenix and Jess for example have around 5 years more of experience. And in actuality, I believe Charmaine is an even better actress than Flora -Flora nearly always excel in professional roles and that's about it, she's quite a limited good actress if you know what I mean.

And one more thing, regardless who's still with TVB or who hasnt left TVB..I don't think it would affect her position/promotion (well she wouldnt be called the #1 sis and that's about the only difference)...TVB has heavily promoted her since the beginning!

Actually, Charmaine's win at last year's anniversary is much more deserved than past winners - Gigi Lai's Yuk Ying in WAB and Liza Wang's sassy mom in law in Wars of In-Laws just to name a few examples. I don't think last year's performances were that outstanding...so Charmaine deserves it...now Kevin is more undeserving IMHO. Yes Ada played a different character, but she tends to overact in the begining of DOP and the series was just not "hot" enough. Sheren was good...she was at her usual...in fact it's another strong woman - if she didnt win for WAB, I don't see why she would for La Femma Desperado. With that being said, I think Charmaine deserve it with her versatility in MW.

Sorry for the lengthy message...and just to be more on topic...10B was only decent at best.

3:14 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

true. Char's been promoted for a long time now compared to Jess & Kenix. i was just talking about how she wouldn't be the #1 sis.

honestly idk how Liza got that award over Kenix. even though Kenix prob didn't "leave" TVB over that award, i wouldn't blame her if that was the reason b/c it sucked enough that Sheren didn't get it for WAB but Liza over Kenix that year?! *tisk tisk*

any of the contenders could've gotten this year's award cuz none of the roles were that outstanding. so the only obvious biasness from TVB was giving Kevin best actor when he should've gotten most improved at most.

9:20 PM 
Blogger Sidney said...

katie: lol...you have the audacity to talk about Jessica like that in front of me! Just kidding!!! =) Everyone's entitle to their own opinions. But thanks for your thoughts about TB. =)

jj: Perfectly fine w/ your lengthly post. Don't mind at all. =) You have some good points made about Charmaine's status w/ TVB and everyone else. However, you can call me bias towards Ada, but I still think she's more deserving for the award than Charmaine for it. (shrugs) lol...funny how we can still discuss this controversial topic after so long.

anonymous: Liza really did do pretty well in WOIL. Her winning Best Actress again was...acceptable. I think most fans are mad that Kenix is a great actress but has yet to won the Best Actress herself. Poor Kenix. Possibly TVB will give it to her for role in TB, but I somehow I highly doubt that's going to happen.

About Kevin and his win last year, I'm not even going to bother talking about it further.

11:17 AM 
Blogger Michelle said...

nah, i dont think Kenix deserves an award for her role in TB, even if TVB wanna give it to her. it's not her best performance. i rather she wins for A Pillow Case of Mystery. she gave a very different feeling & her performance was very good. but again, many recent past winners didnt really deserve their awards either. Sheren was totally robbed!
i'm actually not surprised to see TB doing so well. my whole family loved the series. of course it's not the best series out there, but to me, it was very enjoyable. the brothers are very cute, & i thought the outfits are so unique instead of "weird" like pp said.

10:31 PM 
Anonymous JJ said...

Sidney, time cant change something from been controversial to not..hehe so it's cool that we are still discussing it after so long. But we are both been constructive..so that's wat really matters.
Yea Ada was my second choice...but I thought Charmaine's role was more award-like...it's rare to have a series like MV...and I think Charmaine deliver at the very least decent performances...

Ada supported Charmaine to win too so haha...it's all fun and friendly =).

8:22 AM 
Blogger Sidney said...

Michelle: Kenix did pretty well in APCOM, but that was aired last year, so no chance at all that Kenix could win for it. And since she doesn't have anymore series left in TVB's warehouse, Kenix basically couldn't compete for any of the awards at this year's anniversary. What a shame! She's a wonderful actress, but for some reason, TVB just doesn't present her w/ the Best Actress awards. Same goes w/ Sheren (I agreed w/ what you said about her). Geez...(sigh)

jj: lol...true. Charmaine's role in MV was a challenge. But for me, it was a mere combo of all the roles she acted before in previous series: pitnol, angels of mission, etc. But that could be just me who thinks that. ;-)

8:51 PM 
Blogger Michelle said...

Sidney: yah i know that APCOM was aired last year. i meant that if Kenix wins the award, it's better she wins for that series. oh well, she's still a good actress with or without that award.

10:28 AM 
Blogger steven.phan said...

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11:30 PM 
Blogger alex.ly said...

this movie is very great but at the end the ten brothers had left thier parents.And nancy and jack are a very good couple but jack already have a wife

11:35 PM 

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