Monday, February 05, 2007

Louis has surprise ready for Kay on Valentine's Day

Source: the Sun

Yesterday, Kay Tse had an autograph signing session for her newest CD “The First Day” at Tuen Mun; attracting over 200 fans present. Kay said she is not worry about her fans acting wildly around. “They are all very cooperative and understanding. Some, automatically, becoming my bodyguards, too!” Already 5 months pregnant, Kay has already gained 20 lbs. and scheduled herself into a private hospital whenever she gives birth; hoping to avoid any clashing with another pregnant woman over a bed during labor.

Since this year would be the first Valentine’s Day spend as husband and wife, Kay’s husband, Louis Cheung, specially arranged for a surprise for his wife. Previously, because the couple did not set a reservation at a restaurant last year, they had to celebrate Valentine’s Day at a cafe diner.


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