Friday, January 12, 2007

2006 HK Music not up to Par

TVB’s 25th Annual “Top 10 JSG Award Presentation 2006” 《2006年度十大勁歌金曲頒獎典禮》 is tomorrow night, January 13. Like every year, TVB will present the top 10 favorite songs over the year to a variety of artists, along with the Favorite Male & Female singer award; Favorite Newcomer; Commercial songs, Mandarin songs, Golden Song, etc. etc. Lots awards will be given out that night, and all I’m hoping for is just a good show to watch.

One way or another, I think I had the opportunity to listen to all 58 songs posted up on in having an opportunity to snag a Top 10 song slot. Some of them are great! Some of them only okay. While some was just…lets just say…I wasn’t terribly thrilled with.

My favorites this year:

1) Stephanie Cheng- “Red Light Green Light” (紅綠燈)
2) Andy Lau- “Open My Eyes” (張開眼睛)
3) Joey Yung- “Splendid Unexpected Meeting” (華麗邂逅)
4) Eason Chan- “Under Mt. Fuji” (富士山下)
5) Denise Ho- “Bright Meeting” (光明會)
6) Janice Vidal- “Run Away from Home” (離家出走)
7) Justin Lo- “Love Song” (情歌)
8) Kelly Chen- “Severs Completely” (一刀两断)
9) Leo Ku- “Love Too Late” (爱得太迟)
10) Miriam Yeung- “Big Silly” (大傻)
11) Ivana Wong- “Poem’s Passion” (詩情)

Although my list of favorites can go on and on, but I’m not completely satisfied with this year’s performances. Compared to the previous years, this year was ehh! One artist in particular was Hacken Lee’s. Always been a favorite of mine, but just not this time around. Same thing goes with Joey Yung. I would expect better songs from her and EEG, but I guess not. I still like Joey, she’s great and her song “Splendid Unexpected Meeting” (華麗邂逅) was good, too. Just expected something better with Joey’s standards. The underdogs would just surpassing them one award at a time if this keeps up. (sigh)

My current favorites: Stephanie Cheng, Janice Vidal, Justin Lo, and Ivana Wong. They are amazing. Surprisingly, for me to discover I like Stephanie Cheng a lot. Her singing is really not that bad and her album “Honey” is good, too. I would recommend it. Janice Vidal and Justin Lo were the Favorite Male/Female newcomers winners last year and their popularity has risen immensely since then. Not really much of a surprise there since their songs are good, they both can really sing, and their images are welcome by the fans. Ivana Wong was the 1st runner up for last year’s Favorite Female newcomer. I personally like her a lot, but she’s more on the quiet side as her main focus is on composing songs for other artists than actually singing the songs herself. She's still good, if you guys ever get the chance to listen to her sing.


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