Friday, December 08, 2006

Jessica privately visits charitable organizations

*I am on a role with Jessica news these days! Glad to see her in the tabloids so much! Hope you guys do, too! Enjoy reading my rough translations! =) *

Source: Mingpao & Orisun
Translated by: Sidney

Yesterday, Jessica Hsuan accepted radio interview with CRHK’s “Share My Song”《有誰共鳴》 sound recording and requested a couple of songs that meant sentimental values to her. In hopes to help raise more funds for the Abandonment Animal Organization, Jessica was in all praises for the organization itself; mentioning how all her dogs were abandoned when she adopted them. Once before her friend lost their cat, but later when they found it, it was already dead, run over by a car!

Jessica had always been a very charitable person, donating old clothes, stuff animals, and even some of the newest electronic games to charitable organization before. Sometimes she donates so much, charitable organizations declined her offerings! Jessica ended up donating the rest to the Salvation Army. Will you be starting your own charitable organization? “No. I don’t think I’ll be able to manage or have the drive to start one on my own. However, whenever I have the time I’ll go around to visit different charitable organizations, helping whomever in need.”


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