Tuesday, December 05, 2006

HK Entertainment v. Hollywood

I don't know about others, but I'm a huge entertainment fanatic. TVB news (of course), other Hong Kong entertainment, and regular Hollywood entertainment that's here in the U.S.

Just this past week or so from what I read in the news, there was Hacken's big wedding, the rumors of the homosexuality of male celebrities (Steven Ma, Sammul Chan, etc.) and the Sammul Chan's stab-in-the-back news. Funny and what a coincidence that all these can be relate back to the Hollywood industry as well. Did the paparazzi run out of topics to write about? hmm...oh well, that is part of their jobs. =/

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Hacken's Wedding vs. Tom Cruise's Wedding

November. What a lovely month for a wedding. 2 major weddings took place, almost back-to-back from each other: Hacken Lee's wedding and Tom Cruises. Hacken Lee and Emily Lo just had their wedding, costing about a $1 million dollars; inviting a grand cast of guests of the entertainment industry. Tom Cruise had his marriage to Katie Holmes, costing...gosh! way too much for a wedding inside a castle, but they had their fair share of a mega-blockbuster guest list, too. Not much differences there, but a minor detail. I don't know if it's Hacken's personal style and his way of expression of love, but why can't I find a single wedding pic that he has his arms wrapped around his wife! Sure, that's a nice pose when you're up on-stage and waiting to get an award, but it's your wedding day! Express your love! Be like Tom Cruise and make your bride feel like she's the most luckiest woman alive! Cheek-to-cheek pics! Hands clasp and rest on heart! Be romantic! (sigh)


Steven Ma vs. Clay Aiken

I personally think it's pretty funny how tabloids and magazines constantly like to bring up a guy's sexual orientation if there was no news regarding them dating anyone. Dating is a private issue, so there's no obligation that celebs have to announce it the world! (Not everyone is like Tom Cruise; jumping on sofas, etc.) Recently been attack by such issue: Steven Ma (HK) and Clay Aiken (Hollywood). Is it really necessary for paparazzi to question them? I don't think so (reason explained already). Not artists welcome such questions when thrown at them. Steven was calm and collected, having a great laughs at the rumors. But not everyone is like Steven, too. Clay was impatient and agitated; going as far as covering Kelly Ripa's mouth on her own show (Regis and Kelly)! See! Not everyone enjoys hearing these news, and I don't really care for them myself. Find something else to write about please.


Sammul Chan vs. Star Reynolds

Haven't heard much of Sammul Chan of lately, and when we finally do, it's big. Well, for the 2nd time this year, Sammul said he's going to leave TVB in pursuit of a career in the mainland. Don't know if he'll actually leave this time or not, but I'll miss him. Only an okay actor, but he's a good eye-sight to look at onscreen. One of the reasons he mention for leaving was because of a betrayal by one of the 6-Olympic Stars: Ron Ng, Raymond Lam, Bosco Wong, Chris Lai, and Kenneth Ma (Sammul's the 6th). Same situation with Star Reynolds (Hollywood) earlier this year. She was kicked off "The View," mostly because of the betrayal of Barbara Walters. Back-stabbing here and there. That's why the entertainment industry is a dog-eat-dog world. My sympathy goes toward Sammul, and can't really blame him for leaving. Everyone of the original 6-Olympic stars are achieving fame and recognition, but him. The whole "betrayal" issue is probably a sham to make himself look better and win our sympathies! lol...it won mine! So still...poor Sammul.


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