Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Look-Alike: TVB vs. ATV Feature

I was just finishing up watching ATV’s 49th Anniversary (yes, I occasionally watch their shows) and I saw the preview of ATV’s newest series, “Central Affairs 2” (情陷夜中環 2). During the preview, there was someone that looks so much like our TVB actress: Gigi Lai (黎姿)! Yup! Funny…both companies have a superstar that represents their branch. hehe… =) And it's none other than Pinky Cheung 張文慈. I like that name. Pinky. Cute...and different! ;-) Well...since we know who Gigi is, how about some background info on Pinky. Let see...

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*Sorry for the small image. The best I could find.*

Pinky Cheung Man Chi is one of ATV’s hottest female actresses around today. After competing in the Miss Asia competition in 1996, Pinky signed with ATV and began her career. Most of her images onscreen (that I've watched) leans toward the sex appeal in order to get whatever she wants, e.g. Central Affair. But some of Pinky's most memorable films/series goes toward the horror genres. (shrugs) I don't know about that. In CA2, her image has changed from a seductive role to a more modest side. A fresh change, I assume. Possibly a breakthrough role for her.

See the resemblance of the picture? Looks much like Gigi in her new series, “Super Cops” (通天干探), doesn't it? The hair looks to be about the same. The glasses? Yeah. Same modest look. Yeah. Looks the same to me! Didn’t even catch the resemblance the first time! lol…whoops! So what do you think? Same or different? BTW: Is ATV trying to copy TVB? A little bit of info: Super Cop’s costume filming was on February 20th, while CA2 was on March 22nd. hmm…coincidence maybe?

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Comebacks in May

Many stars did an great job coming back into the entertainment industry. And may have possibly impacted our lives (if you're really into it). Let's name a few shall we....

Sheren Tang 鄧萃雯

First off, let's start with Sheren Tang. Last time we saw her was in War & Beauty. After taking over a year's vacation and being well rested-up from our television set (or pc monitors), her series "Le Femme Desperado" (女人唔易做) turned out to be a huge hit when aired. Receiving high ratings during its airing time, and at the moment, the highest of the year. A great way for her to stay in good status with TVB and HK viewers. Welcome back, Sheren! *Although most of LFD was aired in late April, I still counted it as my May comeback. hehe... =) *

Vivian Chow 周慧敏

A comeback from Vivian Chow into the entertainment industry with her “Back for Love” concert was phenomenal! Lots of old and new faces were there to support her, and many of them were my all-time favorites: Hacken Lee and his fiancée, Vivian Lai, Karen Tong, Winnie Lai, Chris Wong, Leo Ku, George Lam, Leon Lai, Jacky Cheung, Andy Lau, etc. Some are still in the circle, and some are out. Some may have married already and some still remains single. Either way, it was a fine finale of Vivian's, to bring the class of the 90s music industry together one more time. Wonder when there’s going to be another reunion like this. (sigh)

Em & Ghosty 電視廣播空間新聞

Speaking of reunions and comebacks, I would like to welcome back a dear TVB news provider, Em! How can I leave her out! Em is the founder of TVB Space; a site filled with excellent translations of top TVB-related news today. Although her site was hiatus for about a year, she’s back! And I love it! TVB Space, aka TVB Space News Roundup, was my sole source of TVB news couple years back; way before I found about AF or any other sites (except for TVBsquare and TVSF). Seeing so many familiar faces [usernames] in the chatbox does brings back the good old times. hehe… =) Congrats, Em! And welcome back!

Monday, May 29, 2006

TVB and its Narrations

Earlier I was deliberating with myself and to a couple of friends on what I should watch. Safe Guards (鐵血保鏢) or Le Femme Desperado (女人唔易做). I finally chose LFD, since me and Elaine Yiu still doesn’t click well together. Anyways…I’m just now starting to watch LFD (currently on Episode 3) and so far so good. I was a little surprised that TVB, again, used the narration method for the storyline. When did TVB started using narrations at all?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The first one I can remember TVB narrating was "My Family" (甜孫爺爺); narrated by Hawick Lau. The next one, was "Under the Canopy of Love" (天幕下的戀人); narrated by Kevin Cheng. This time in LFD, it's by Melissa Ng. Seems to me like TVB's using the same method to keep it's air ratings up. Can't remember MF's ratings when airred, but is it just as high as LFD and UTCOL? If so, then I guess my theory is right. Or, HK viewers just like the series alot. What do you think?

“Ah Paau” kneeled and presented Vivian with flowers

Last night was Vivian Chow’s (周慧敏) “Back for Love 2006 concert” last show. Having been separated from the stage for 12 years, Vivian was very touched by her fans support for her all this time, and again started to cry! Finally calming down, Vivian revealed that there’s probably not a high chance of her having another concert in the future. Nonetheless, it was still her last night and going with the fans’ wishes, Vivian had an encore presentation as well the evening’s show.

Last night, Vivian’s boyfriend was the special guest performer of the night, but was unknown by Vivian. Dressed in a doll costume and called himself “Chow Wai Paau,” he kneeled on the ground and presented a bouquet of flowers to Vivian. When Leo Ku came out and revealed the costumed man as her boyfriend, Vivian was shocked, but very touched by him being there. Running into his arms, Vivian gave him a hug and a kiss, as Leo urged them to get marry for the atmosphere was very moving.

At the post-concert celebration, Vivian was asked if she’s going to have a concert again. “I’m not going to think about it right now. I have to relax. Back to being myself makes me really happy. Just eat, gain weight, and spend time with my family.” Vivian denied getting married, but promised to announce it when she does.

Having always been a very generous person, Vivian will be donated an estimate of 7-digit sum toward the Hong Kong Non-Profit Veterinarian Clinic from the proceeds of the concert. Besides that, Vivian plans on becoming a volunteer at the clinic as well; helping to take care of the animals.

*SEN: So sad to hear that it's going to be Vivian's last concert ever!...possibly. (sigh) But definitely very sweet and nice of her boyfriend to surprised her like that. I would have fainted if that ever happens to me! lol... =)

Tavia got jilted at the altar

Yesterday, Bobby Au Yeung, Jessica Hsuan, Michael Miu, Bosco Wong, Tavia Yeung, and the rest of the cast were filming a wedding scene for TVB’s new series, “Dou Cheung Fung Wan” (賭場風雲). The scene talks about Bosco and Tavia having their wedding ceremony amongst their family and friends, but Bosco suddenly walked away from Tavia and his wedding! Tearfully, Tavia tried tugging Bosco back; keeping him from leaving. But Bosco just threw Tavia off and making her fall to the ground.

This was Bosco’s second wedding scene he filmed recently of him jilting his wife-to-be at the altar; earning the nickname “runaway groom!” “When I was filming for Under the Canopy of Love (天幕下的戀人), I also left my bride [Niki Chow] on our wedding day. But this time, I found out Michael [Miu] gave money to Tavia to marry me! Prior to the wedding, Tavia even had her chest size reduced in order to please me.”

Having the chest pads off for the day’s filming, Tavia instantly felt relief in her back and waist. But since wearing the pads for over 2 months, Tavia felt rather uncomfortable without it! “I was wearing a 36D for the past couple of months filming. Of course I’m relieved without it! But it feels like something’s missing. Jessica was laughing at me and said I got used having it [upper torso] so big! No…If I had a choice I wouldn’t have want that big. Maybe a B or C size is efficient enough for me. As for going to the Philippines to film next month, I’ll still need to bring the chest pads with me.”

Next month the cast would be flying off to the Philippines to film for some outdoor location scenes. Only limited to bring 15 kg of luggage on the plane, Jessica said she’s most definitely going to bring some skin care products and some sort of entertainment. Will you bring Mahjong as one of your entertainment? “No…I’m just bringing some DVDs to watch.” Currently stressed over the the living arrangements when in the Philippines, as the rented house needs 3 people to a room, but there just so happens to be 4 guys (Bobby, Michael, Bosco, & Hui Siu Hung) and 2 girls (Jessica and Tavia)! Jessica laughingly said, “Me and Tavia sharing a room is a definite. But I’m thinking which of the guys should we share a room with? I think Hui Siu Hung. It’ll be like having another servant to use! Tell him to cook and clean for us!" Earlier, there were rumors of Jessica calling Michael old and not being famous. To this, Jessica denied it and said, “No…I would never say that! That day we [Michael and I] were filming in Tung Lor Waan and a reporter came up to ask for a picture of us. He didn’t even interview us at the end, but left and made up this whole story!”

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Vivian became very emotional at concert

Last night was Vivian Chow’s (周慧敏) “Back for Love 2006 concert;” helding it’s 2nd of 3 concerts at the HK coliseum. Beside having Chris Wong (黃 凱 芹) and Leo Ku (古巨基) as her special guest performers, George Lam (林子祥) was also present in the house and sang an English love song duet with Vivian.

With the fans’ positive response during the concert and so many of her friends arriving just to support her, Vivian became very emotional. While singing one of her tear-jerking songs, “If You only Knew My Reason” (如果你知我苦衷), Vivian couldn’t hold back it and started crying on stage! At the end of the show when Vivian went backstage, the audience chanted for an encore presentation. Once again, Vivian comes back on stage and started to sing; making only halfway through the song before tears started to flow again.

Bernice doesn’t mind having limelight stolen

Yesterday, Bernice Liu (廖碧兒) was at a charity selling event. Currently trying her hardest to stay fit, Bernice appeared at the event wearing a backless outfit; winning the approvals of many and making her feel real happy. Bernice revealed that she’s been busy filming for her new series, “Breakthrough Action” (突圍行動) and when the reporters asked if she minds the water scene yesterday, when all her other female co-stars had to swimsuits [revealing their bodies], while she had to wear rather conservatively. Bernice just laughed and said, “It’s okay! My character doesn’t even know how to swim! But I did my part, such as when Steven almost drowned and I gave him a massage.”

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Michelle Ye: brushed off by Breakthrough Action cast!

Kate Tsui, Shirley Yeung, Steven Ma, and Ron Ng were all filming a water scene at Tuen Mun yesterday, for their new series, “Breakthrough Action” (突 圍 行 動). Nearby working, was ATV’s anniversary series “Central Affair 2” (情 陷 夜 中 環 2) star, Michelle Ye, who happens to be shooting in that location, too! Seeing the cast and crew and wanted to the opportunity to promote herself, Michelle strolled over and greeted them, but no one paid attention to her!

Originally dressed in a conservative white blouse, an OL image for her shoots; Michelle happened to see TVB’s cast for “Breakthrough Action” filming with news reporters tagging along. Quickly changing into a revealing spaghetti-strap purple dress, Michelle casually walked over and greeted everyone. But to her dismay, no one acknowledged her! The cast later explained that no one knew Michelle that well to begin with. Willing to get on headlines at all cost, Michelle boldly trespassed into TVB’s set, and with the cool response in return, Michelle had no choice but left.

Yesterday, Steven, Ron, Shirley, and Kate were filming a water scene for their new series. Steven said, “In the scene it talks about all of us going for a swim, but I suddenly had a muscle cramp. Bernice [Liu] was nearby, and gave me a massage [to relieve it]. In the series, Bernice, Kenneth [Ma], and I will have a love triangle, while Ron, Shirley, and Kate will have their's. It’s going to be very interesting!”

Although dressed in swimsuits, both Kate and Shirley were very shy about removing their bathrobes for their scenes. Bravely stepping up, Ron whipped off his, revealing his muscles. Normally a brave one himself, even Steven was hesitant with disrobing! “My body is not as fit as Ron’s. But if you help me overcome my doubts, I think I’ll look just as fit.”

Bowie and Sheren attend cosmetic store opening in Macau

Adorned in Giorgio Armani’s clothing wear, yesterday Sheren Tang (鄧萃雯) and Bowie Lam (林保怡) attended the opening of cosmetic store in Macau. Bowie revealed that when he’s filming for series or for commercials, he always apply on make-up, but doesn’t on his leisure time. Despite the falling of air rating points of Dance of Passion” (火舞黃沙) [decrease 2 points every week], Bowie’s not worried. “Ratings have its ups and downs. Just like the stock market!” The reporters suggest that Bowie reveals his “2 points” [his chest] to help out. Bowie just laughed and said Kenny Wong can do it, but not him!

Sheren has always used this brand of cosmetic for herself, but doesn’t think it’s to intensify her own image. Normally, Sheren doesn’t know much about cosmetics, but since the filming of “War & Beauty” (金枝慾孽) and “Le Femme Desperado” (女人唔易做), her knowledge had broadened.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Song of the Day's been so long yet again, since the last time I've uploaded a song! lol...I am so not good at this. So inconsistent I am. Well, to go along with my Vivian Chow translation and in case you're wondering, here's the song "Fabricated Love in Your Head" up for download. Enjoy! =)

Song: Fabricated Love in Your Head 自作多情
Singer: Vivian Chow (周慧敏)

Download Here

Vivian kicks off concert with vengeance!

Although it’s been about 10 years since last performed on stage, Vivian Chow (周慧敏) kicked off her 1 of 3 night concerts at the Hong Kong Coliseum with vengeance! Leaving behind her “Jade Girl” (玉女) image, Vivian wore a sexy short spaghetti-strap dress, estimated to be worth over $200 thousand HKD, to sing and dance!

Performing consecutively for 3 nights, the “Vivian Chow Back for Love 2006 Concert” started off last night at the HK Coliseum. Many people from the entertainment industry were present, such as: Linda Wong (王馨平), Gigi Fu (傅明憲), Hacken Lee (李克勤), and Emily Lo (盧淑儀). Although couldn’t make it themselves, Leon Lai (黎明), Andy Lau (劉德華), Jackie Cheung (張學友), and Twins each sent her baskets of flowers respectively. Leo Ku (古巨基) brought along some abalone and shark fins, hoping that it’ll protect Vivian’s voice to stay strong for the rest of her performance.

Vivian first entered wearing a crystal-clad dress in the entrance of a Catwalk style; while singing her hit song “Fabricated Love in your Head” (自作多情). Wearing over $100 thousand HKD worth of V-shaped crystals in her hair, Vivian continued her concert and even did a sexy close-up dance with a male dancer! At one point during the night, Vivian appeared an elegant white evening gown while singing “Toi Ha Nui Jue Gok” (台下女主角) and said it’s been a long journey from the young girl she was to the present day her and thanks her fans and friends for supporting her all this time. All proceeds from the concert will be donated to the Hong Kong Non-Profit Veterinary Clinic.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Come on, HK fans, watch DOP!!

(sigh) If you haven't heard by now, TVB's current airring series, Dance of Passion (火舞黃沙), is not doing as well as expecting in rating wise. Although starting off the 1st episode with a high 36 pts, it all went downhill from there. I encourage you to watch it! The cast is strong and the setting is little dusty but it's still worth your time. Despite the plot moving so slow and numerous long speeches, it's still good. =)

ATV just had a promotional event for their new series (or should I say sequel) Central Affairs 2 (情陷夜中環 II). At the event, Kenneth Chan (陳啟泰) said he heard of the disappointing ratings with DOP and thinks that AC2 will be able to go up against it. So what do you think? Think ATV's Central Affair 2 will top DOP's ratings? I don't think so, but just to be on the safe side, watch DOP!

Hacken takes fiancée to England for wedding pictures

Since Hacken Lee (李 克 勤) announced his upcoming marriage to long time girlfriend, Emily Lo (盧淑儀), no true actions were made until recently. Yesterday, Hacken and Emily (now fiancée) were spotted flying back from England after having their wedding portraits made. Upon seeing so many reporters, they tried to dodged, but couldn’t escape. While hiding behind Hacken’s assistant, the reporters asked Emily questions regarding her wedding pictures or plans, but Emily just smiled and didn’t reply back. Hacken said that on this trip, besides him and his fiancée, both their parents and their personal hair/make-up stylists went as well, around 10+ people. Besides just taking wedding pics, they also did some sightseeing and Emily did a little shopping as well. Currently busy finishing up all his projects, Hacken hopes he'll get the time off so he may have the wedding that they've at the end of July. The wedding and the banquet will be held in Hong Kong, inviting all of Hacken and Emily's family and friends; estimated the total cost to be over $1 million HKD.

*SEN: Wonderful! I'm so excited for them myself. I remember watching the 1992 MHK pageant (yes, it's really old) and the MHK contestants were needed to film scenes from different countries and with some guest singers. England just so happens to be one of the countries and Hacken just so happens to one of the singers! So sweet! Going back to the England for their wedding pics! Congrats to both Hacken and Emily!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Jessica and Tavia lacks courage in competing in Beauty Pageant

Bobby Au Yeung, Jessica Hsuan, Tavia Yeung, Michael Miu and Leanne Li were all filming an outdoor scene yesterday for their new series, “Dou Cheung Fung Wan” (賭場風雲). In the scene it talks about Tavia’s character competing in a beauty pageant. On stage and fighting for the spotlight with the other contestants, Tavia accidentally exposed herself to the judges! Not only was Tavia embarrassed, but was eliminated from the contest, too.

Butin real life, Tavia thinks she’s just really ordinary and so never competed in any beauty pageants before. “I don’t have the courage to wear a swimsuit on stage. If my legs are 2 inches longer, and my breast increases a couple of cup sizes, and that there’s a new regulations for not needing to wear swimsuits, then I might consider participating. Probably in my next life before I can compete in one! In the past, my mom has always encouraged me not to compete in any beauty contest. She’s afraid that if I got eliminated, I’ll be unhappy. But I think my older sister has the qualifications to enter. Nowadays, competing in a beauty pageant is very hard. You need to be very talented and versatile, that’s why they’re not for me! I’ll just encourage some friends that meet the qualifications to participate.” Jessica revealed that early on, one of her aunt has nominated her in joining a beauty pageant. But because of lack of courage in wearing a swimsuit, too, Jessica didn’t participate.

Bobby and Michael were asked what they thought a pretty woman should have in order to meet the requirements in being beautiful. Together, they answered that it’s different for everyone. Michael said, “It’s really hard to say the standard requirements. At one time, someone has asked me to be a judge for a beauty pageant, but I refused. I don’t want to give the wrongs points out, and carelessly send deserving contestants home.”

During the filming for the outdoor scene yesterday, rain was constantly pouring; leaving the ground to be real muddy. Having to walk around in the mud with filming, the whole cast’s feet were pretty dirty/muddy when finished. Even Bobby stated that he wants to hurry up and go home so he can get his feet clean off.

Source: The Oriental

Monday, May 22, 2006

Nnadia clarifies she does NOT have Uterus Cancer

Yoyo Mung (蒙嘉慧) and Sharon Chan (陳敏之) were at the opening night of their new film “Yan Ying Dau Sat” (隱形鬥室) last night. Although not feeling well herself and had a fever, Nnadia Chan (陳松伶) was determine to come out and support her good friends. Earlier, there were rumors concerning Nnadia and her diagnose with uterus cancer. Upon asked if the rumors were true, Nnadia denied it and said, “I want to clarify some things. I do not have uterus cancer. It’s just that a lump about 10 cm big was grown nearby. I didn’t explain earlier was so it won’t make the whole situation any worse. I’m afraid that the next rumors are going to say I’m dead!” Nnadia explained that in July she’s going to undergo a surgery to have it removed. But in the mean time, she’s going to concentrate and finish up any projects; giving her plenty of time to recover later.

Having met on the set of Trimming Success (飛短留長父子兵), Nnadia and Sharon became fast friends and often talked non-stop on the set. When Sharon learned that Nnadia was rumored to have cancer, she was very worried, but now relieved after Nnadia clarified it. “Nnadia is a very optimistic person. I’m not going to worry about her illness. OnceI went and talked to Nnadia about it, but she ended comforting me instead! Let’s just pray and hope that she gets well soon.” In the new film, Sharon will be playing a telephone marketer. But in real life, whenever she has a problem she couldn’t solve, Sharon tends to pray in hopes that it may help her solve the problem.

Source: The Sun

Moses supports Bernice in becoming a singer

Rumored couple Moses Chan and Bernice Liu was at last night’s Community Chest Charity Show 2006. Although both were present, they each had to perform separately. Moses was performing with the Dance of Passion cast in a dumpling eating contest; earning over $500,000 HKD for the charity. Bernice, on the other hand was performing as a singer, along side Leo Ku and Jade Kwan in the show’s encore presentation. Seeing how well Bernice did, even Moses can’t help it and said, “Have to support. Go buy an All about Women CD!”

“All about Women” CD has been doing pretty well in the number of copies sold, which is surprisingly rare these days and with Bernice having the most songs on it, it’s considered Bernice’s contribution had been a big help. Since last night’s performance, Bernice was asked if she’s going to continue and pursuit a full-time singing career. “No! I’m still managed by TVB. I’m not a singer. Having the opportunity to participate in the All about Women CD, I’m already very happy.” When are you going to release your own personal CD? “I haven’t received any notice about it yet.” Out of singing or acting, which one do you like better? “Both. Mixing it would be best since as an artist, we need to versatile.”

Source: The Sun

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Criticisms on "All about Women" CD

All about Women was just release and I've just finished listening to my copy of it. Two words for it: it's good. I've separated the songs into 4 categories: "I love it and kept on replaying it" category; "The Fans love it"category; "It's good but can be replace" category ; and "What! Again! category." Another short evaluation by me again. hehe...=) Plus some more concert evaluations, too. Just finish watching it. Courtesy of RIta. =D

"I Love It & kept on Replaying It" Category

Track 1: Women with a Past 有過去的女人
Singer: Miriam Yeung (楊千嬅)

Track 4:
Fortunately 幸而
Singer: Myolie Wu (胡杏兒)

Track 6: Swear 發誓
Singer: Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣)

I love all 3 of these songs. Miriam's song has a very catchy tune. So you might find yourself tapping to the beat, but that could be just me. hehe... ;-) Myolie and Linda's were surprising good to me. Didn't know that Myolie could actually sing that well! When she was singing her voice could hit the high notes pretty well, and had a hint of vibration in the throat on the ending notes. Nicely done and impressive. This was Linda's first song of her's and she did a good job. I didn't expect it at all. Like Myolie's song, the lyrics needed to be sung fast but in a slow ballad. Reminiscent of Joey Yung's songs, but not to that singing quality. But great job. =)

Concert Evaluation: Miriam, Myolie, and Linda, too, did the best. Miriam, a performer, a singer was very relax and comfortable, so did the best. Myolie's part, the spotlight was focused on her, but she did an excellent job. Not stiff and awkward, but very professional. Seems like singing was her profession. Despite this being Linda's first time to sing her song on stage and kinda pitchy at some points, she still did well. I liked it. How about you?

"The Fans Love It" Category

Track 2: Break Up 分手
Singer: Bernice Liu (廖碧兒)

Track 3: Yellow Sand Lover 黃沙中的戀人
Singer: Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼)

*Sorry to all Bernice and Charmaine fans reading this*

I don't know what to say about these 2 songs. I don't hate it, but I'm not too thrilled about it either. Bernice's song is good, but sometimes she puts way too much emotion while singing it. Not that it's a bad thing, but enough is enough. (only in my opinion) Charmaine. Oh my gosh. This song! I hear it everywhere now! I serious don't know what's so great about it. To me it's only tolerable and okay. (hides from Charmaine Sheh fans) But like always, with Charmaine's ever-growing fan base, it's going to be consider great among them. (sigh)

Concert Evaluation: Like I said earlier, Bernice puts way too much emotion when performing live. She needs to be like Stephy's song "Let it Flow" and not over-perform. Her dancing is nice. Liked that part. Charmaine's performance was very stiff. Her acting is great, but live in front of an audience, ehh....not too comfortable. Her performance with Alex Fong and Justin Lo was very funny after actually seeing it. The song was suppose to be upbeat and lots of motions. Alex and Justin did fine. Charmaine's turn: swings arm and move to the beat while other's sing, but paralyzed when it's her turn. Always! Plus, is she reading the lyrics from somewhere? Seems like she is. (shrugs)

"It's Good but can be Replace" Category

Track 5:
Let it Flow
Singer: Stephy Tang (鄧麗欣)

Track 7: Rebroadcast by Standards 逐格重播
Singer: Sharon Chan (陳敏之)

These 2 songs are good, but not one of my favorites. Again surprised that Sharon can sing! Her voice seems pretty raspy, and she couldn't carry out the high notes that well. So only a so-so song. Stephy's was one of 2 songs out of the whole cd that's fast beat. It's good, but probably because I'm so used to her and Alex Fong's duets, something seems to be missing. hehe...I'm just crazy thinking that. Anyway, Shirley Yeung's song from the Biter Bitten could replace either one and I wouldn't mind. That would be pretty nice. =)

Concert Evaluation: Sharon's performance was like her song, kinda bland. Not much to say. Had some slight breathing problems, such as running out of air to hit the notes. But it's okay. My gosh! Stephy's performance! Shocker! She's a singer! Why does she looks so uncomfortable onstage! Plus could hear her gasping for breath while singing. Does she always do that? hmm....

"What! Again!" Category

Track 8: Bias Love 偏愛
Singer: Kary Ng (吳雨霏) and Stephy Tang (鄧麗欣)

Track 9: Don’t Blame Him 別怪他
Singer: Vivien Yeo (楊秀惠)

lol...these 2 songs. (shakes head) Whatever happen to originality! If you don't know or haven't heard of the song "Bias Love," it's the sub-theme to TVB's Love Bond, originally sung by Michael Tao, Kenix Kwok, Moses Chan, and Bernice Liu. Not that Stephy and Kary didn't sound good, but still... =/ I much prefer the originals, than them. Okay, AGAIN! "Don't Blame Him"!!! I know many fans love the song, but does TVB have to re-issue the song! And for the AAW cd! I'm not a fan of the song. So when I first heard Ron sang it, I didn't blame "her" but blame him (Ron). This time around, I won't blame him, but "her" (Vivien)! At least Ron's was an original, and sang it a tad better. (shudders)

Concert Evaluation: Worse dress of the night, Kary Ng. She looks so depress! Seems like she doesn't even want to be there. Stephy: again, the breathing problem. Not much else. Vivien's? Umm...pretty onstage, but singing was...horrible. I didn't like it. Funny how the fans knew the song she was singing, and sang with her! Karaoke time! And singing Ron's song!....with Vivien's turn at the mic!

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Déjà Vu, anyone?

Recent article of Bobby Au Yeung, Jessica Hsuan, Bosco Wong,and Florence Kwok filming a funeral scene for their new series, Dou Cheng Fung Wan (賭城風雲). But by the pic, it must have been a déjà vu for me! Just a couple months back, Bobby and Florence were filming a cemetary for Forensic Heroes (法證先鋒)! A change of cast (except Bobby and Florence), a change of clothing, same shades, and boom! We got ourselves a new funeral scene! hehe...even the flowers are the same! Just a little fyi.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Fiona Yuen's Look-Alike

Amazingly, there's a ton of celebrity that looks like each other. And we don't even realize it until we actually see the pic. With the recent news of Leanne Li (李亞男) filming in TVB's newest series, "Do Cheung Fung Wan" (賭城風雲) with Michael Miu and Jessica Hsuan, doesn't she look like someone? hmmm...seems a lot like Fiona Yuen (袁彩雲) to me. What do you think?

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Bad Hair Days with Celebs

Bad hair days....Everyone gets them. I do. You do. And celebs will most definitely do, too. Although, my fashion critique is still terrible, I find these hairdos....ehh....

Grace Yip

Going for the rocker type look, huh? Or did your hair stylist not show up for work? Sorry to all the Grace Yip fans. But...umm...sure. Not that great. It's....interesting. Different and most definitely eye-catching.

Kate Tsui

Am I picking on Kate Tsui lately or is it just me? hmm...seems like I'm not a great fan of her's. First off, she looks old in the pic! They both do! If they're trying to go back into the 70s or 80s, they've succeeded. But for a guy, Patrick Tang, it's okay. A girl? With that? And being MHK? I don't think so. Can't really judge anything else since didn't read the whole article.

Linda Chung

I'm starting to be a fan of Linda Chung. Don't know why and don't know when it started. But in this pic, it looks really bad to me. Probably, I'm used to her with her long straight hair, but still... Looks more like a mop to me. I don't like it. Sorry to any Linda fans. =/

Bernice Liu

I really really don't like the hair. Looks....bad? Got struck by lightning just minutes before she had to perform hairdo? lol...compared to her other styles, which are normally great; this is one of my least favorites. But since Bernice had to dance, I guess it gives her a reason.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Look-Alikes for the Lee twins!

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hmm...surprising today. Was browsing online again, like I usually do, and I saw Jayne's "Child Actors" features. Very well written as always, so good job to her. Yet I was a little surprised on what I found after reading it. First off, I did not know that Gregory Lee (李泳豪) aka Shirley Yeung's boyfriend had a twin. Anybody else besides me? Secondly, Gregory and his twin, Lee Wing Hon (李泳漢) looks a little like someone else...and I don't mean each other. Let see....

Gregory Lee vs. Kenneth Chan

So...what do you think? Same? Different? lol...can't believe that there's another person that looks so similar to Gregory and it's not his twin! hehe...=D Gregory Lee Wing Ho, we should all know him. But Kenneth Chan Kai Taai (陳啟泰) ....anyone else recognizes him? If not, it's not surprising since Kenneth's not with TVB (which he was in the 1990s), but is now one of ATV's most prominent actor/host. Some series that you might have seen Kenneth in are TVB's Time Before Time (大闹广昌隆) or Web of Love (网上有情人). Or if you're an ATV fan and just so happens to be reading "TVB" Sidsation's articles, you'll recognize him as host for "Who wants to be a Millionaire."

Lee Wing Hon vs. Edmond So

Gregory's twin, Wing Hon is not very popular to me. Like I said earlier, didn't know he was a twin. Recognizes him in a couple of TVB series, but since it was mostly minor roles, didn't pay much attention. The "twin" I found for him many of you should recognized: Edmond So Chi Wai (蘇志威). Edmond was in and currently still with the boy band, Grasshopper (草蜢). Some TVB series you might remember him in is DIF IV, Love Bond, Greed Mask, Family Man, etc. Again, do they look the same? Different? hmm...I thought they do, but it may be just me. (shrugs)

Image Credit: Jayne @

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Angela Tong: Moses Chan didn’t come to my house!

Rumors has been flying that Moses Chan was spotted coming in and out of a building in which Angela Tong’s house is located. With Angela having a boyfriend herself and Moses having his rumor girlfriend, Bernice Liu; it has turned into a 4-person relationship/controversy!

When Angela was asked about the rumors, she denied it but started laughing; never dream that she would be rumored with Moses Chan! True, Moses was spotted going in and out of the building she lives in, but he didn’t come to her place. “Although we had worked together a couple of times, but we’re not that close for him to be coming up to my home. Maybe he’s visiting his friend, but not me!” Angela was asked if she needed to explain to her boyfriend of the misunderstanding. “No. He’s read the news and he knows it’s just rumors.” Angela will be flying to Canada today for a short vacation. As for the rumors, she’s just going to leave it as it is.


Vinci accepts interview with Metro

Yesterday, Vinci Wong and Chow Ka Yi accepted an interview with Metro radio station. Since the 2 are amongst the cast of Dance of Passion, they were asked what they thought of last week’s ratings.

Dance of Passion’s average rating as of last week was 33 pts, and peaked at 35 pts. Instead of rising, the ratings actually decreased by 1 point from the week before! Vinci replied that he has full confidence in the series. “Having 36 pts at its premiere and so many promotions, it’s going to be a good series to watch.” With Le Femme Desperado breaking the current record in ratings, Vinci responded, “I'ts (LFD) a good series, but it’s really up to the audience and their choice.” Sheren Tang earlier stated that she has no clue what Dance of Passion was about. Vinci replied that, “I have talked to Sheren on the phone before, and we’ve discussed the 2 series. Probably she was traveling in Europe earlier, and didn’t have time to watch it. I’m sure she didn’t have time to watch it and not that she didn’t understand.”

Vinci remembers that on the day he had to film a rape scene with Gigi Lai, Michael Tse just so happens to come by and visit the cast, causing him to have lots of pressure. Rumors are floating around that Dance of Passion has 2 separate endings, and they were asked if the rumors are true. Vinci smiles and said that the finale was very nicely written, but from what he knows, there is just a one ending. At least it’s a “happy ending.”

TVB Chinese News

Shirley's in no hurry to get marry

Yesterday Shirley Yeung, Yoyo Mung, and Rosemary were at a promotional event for cosmetic brand, Laura Mercier, for its 10th anniversary. Rosemary served as the model for the event, wearing the season’s latest style of cosmetic.

Earlier, Shirley was at a classmate’s wedding and was asked when she’s going to have a wedding of her own and if she’s been rushed by anyone yet? Shirley laughed and replies, “Not yet. Both my boyfriend and I clarified that we would like to focus on our careers for the time being. We don’t want to talk about marriage yet, and our parents are not urging us to do so.”

Yoyo has been busy filming for her newest series lately, which requires her to do a lot of fighting scenes. Having to film at least 4-5 fighting scenes a day, it was no wonder Yoyo looks so exhausted! Yoyo stated that the company has arranged for 2 substitutes to help her out.

Source: Mingpao