Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Vinci accepts interview with Metro

Yesterday, Vinci Wong and Chow Ka Yi accepted an interview with Metro radio station. Since the 2 are amongst the cast of Dance of Passion, they were asked what they thought of last week’s ratings.

Dance of Passion’s average rating as of last week was 33 pts, and peaked at 35 pts. Instead of rising, the ratings actually decreased by 1 point from the week before! Vinci replied that he has full confidence in the series. “Having 36 pts at its premiere and so many promotions, it’s going to be a good series to watch.” With Le Femme Desperado breaking the current record in ratings, Vinci responded, “I'ts (LFD) a good series, but it’s really up to the audience and their choice.” Sheren Tang earlier stated that she has no clue what Dance of Passion was about. Vinci replied that, “I have talked to Sheren on the phone before, and we’ve discussed the 2 series. Probably she was traveling in Europe earlier, and didn’t have time to watch it. I’m sure she didn’t have time to watch it and not that she didn’t understand.”

Vinci remembers that on the day he had to film a rape scene with Gigi Lai, Michael Tse just so happens to come by and visit the cast, causing him to have lots of pressure. Rumors are floating around that Dance of Passion has 2 separate endings, and they were asked if the rumors are true. Vinci smiles and said that the finale was very nicely written, but from what he knows, there is just a one ending. At least it’s a “happy ending.”

TVB Chinese News


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