Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Scary Pics of the Week

This is a really freaky picture to look at. Look how Hacken has to back away! lol...according to the news, Hacken Lee (李克勤) is currently filming his newest movie with Alan Tam (譚詠麟), which releases sometime in June. hehe...seems like a horror film to me! Interesting. Been awhile since seen Hacken filming anything but variety shows or MVs. Can't wait!

It's Denise Ho (何韻詩) celebrating her 29th birthday! Yay for her! But does she really have to pose with a knife like that? geez....someone needs to tell her that the knife is real and that she's not filming! Put it down! hehe...HOCC was celebrating her birthday, by booking a whole cafe shop so she may have a party with her fans. Over 200+ fans arrived, along with her parents, aunt and cousin to celebrate with her. sweet! Happy 29th Birthday, Ah Sze!!

Recognize her? That's Kate Tsui (徐子珊), 2004 MHK winner. To me, she doesn't look anything like a MHK winner should look like, even after their reign has come to an end. If I didn't watch the 2004 pageant myself, I would have been shocked! lol...not really. =D The hair looks kinda familiar... Flora Chan's from To Get Unstuck in Time! First impression, not a very pretty hairstyle. Looks more a like a mop to me. Sorry to any Kate fans reading this!


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