Wednesday, May 03, 2006

A Day with Joey Yung

This is old news, but Joey Yung might have a chance in filming a series for TVB!!! Yay!! According to Jayne's article about it, there's a possibility that she's going to co-star with Ron Ng or Sammul Chan, as a policewoman! Personally, I think it's great that she's filming for TVB! I loved her in Not Just a Pretty Face (美麗在望). She was so funny, but the series kinda went downhill from there. Anyways, there's a chance that Joey might pairs up with Ron or Sammul?! (sorry for all the Ron or Sammul reading this) but, WHAT!! No! Why! (sigh) But I have no say over this, so might as well support the "possibility" of its making.

Anyways, I saw many dubbed this series as the sequel to TVB's "The Academy" (學警雄心), which is true since there's lots of similarity between the two. But what got my attention was that people are expressing their dislikes for Joey on the behalf of her replacing Tavia Yeung (or Fiona Sit)! I guess the fans aren't too familiar with Joey and her personality. Here's a very short clip in spending the day with Joey. It may change your dislikings toward her. Enjoy!

Download Here

Clip Credit: Phil @
Image Credit:, & one cut by me! =)


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