Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Hype of TVB’s Dance of Passion Countdown: 3 days left!

Woohoo! 3 days left!! Just to clarify things with everyone, when I mean 3 days, it's Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I don't count today, since I ususally post late in the day. Well... for today, I supposedly didn't have anything to say about Dance of Passion and was very tempted and not post. But like yesterday's, the whole push-shove situation, here I am. Hope you like my today's attempt! hehe....=D

Thirst for Power

Who's not wanting power these days? I assume everyone does, because I know I am! Just about an hour or so ago, I have lost complete control of the usage of the internet, and my laptop! Which was bad. Very very bad news for me. I lost my "power" source. Everything that's me! Again, this incident gave me the idea of today's post referring to none other than Dance of Passion. I lost my power, and I nearly went crazy. How far will the DOP cast go to retain their's or gain more? Let see... (whispers: I only went back to my campus to get my power problem fixed, maybe a 3 minute drive! I have my power back! hehe...=P shhh....)

Yim Kwok Yip (Chung King Fai; King Sir)

In DOP, he's supposed (used to-be) head of the Yim's clan, owner of a firecracker company. Since he's old, and has no sons to inherit his title, Kwok Yip has no choice but to hand it all over to Bowie's character. Seeing someone that is not blood related to him, how can Kwok Yip possibly stay still and watch all his hard work credited under another man's name. Being an elder does have a price to pay. But being old also means you've been there and done that...exactly how Kwok Yip have a slight advantage over others in remaining in control and one step ahead.

Yim Man Hei (Bowie Lam)

Being older has it's advantages. What does being younger have? Well first off, Bowie's a male. He has what it takes to get his point across and gets others to obey him. Power! He has it all! The only drawback from achieving full authority was being deaf. Seeing the flaw as the doorway of him losing control, no one knows of it but his brother. How can he let anything get in his way when he has it all right now. (Basically, same as me. I had control. But had a slight problem, something wrong with my internet or my laptop. I blame it on the internet! Causing my downfall.)

Sung Tung Shing (Moses Chan)

Lost everything important in his life. His name, his love, his will-power. Everything! Wait! Scratch will-power off. He actually gain that. Whoops! Got carried away. Anyway... Seeking revenge at all cost, Tung Shing will get what's rightfully his; meeting his destiny in the eyes and no turning away. ( I should be a writer! So dramatic this is!)

Jiu Yuk (Ada Choi)

Being old has it's advantage. Being young has it's advantage. Being a guy has it's advantage. What does being a young, but acts old (mature) widow have? First off, women in period dramas have absolute no power whatsoever! Besides being a breeding machine, they are useless to men (unless the guy loves you dearly to sacrifice all for you). Changing wills; head of clan; deceiving her clan; falls in love with the enemy. Yup...basically Jiu Yuk did everything bad possible in that time period. Why? I assume power was what caused it. Being young and a widow, with no money, land, or power, it is a huge crisis for a woman during that time. What better way than take what's rightfully their's; taking back the authority from men. go, Ada! (Don't get me wrong! I don't think doing evil things right. I'm just saying...=D )

*There's more I can do, but I need to finish my homework first. I may continue on this topic later. Unless I think of something else! hehe...*

Image Credit and Most of my Info Credit: Sehseh's Blog


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