Tuesday, October 31, 2006

TVB Calendar: What's the order of the months?

lol... No, I'm not THAT dumb and not know the right orders of the 12 months (looks at calendar) j/k!! What I was referring to is how TVB is arranging their calendar this year; who belongs to Jan., Feb., March...etc. etc.

Earlier, news source such as the Orisun, Mingpao, and even TVB Magazine itself posted articles relating to the order in which the pics will be feature in: January 2007 kicks off with Bowie and Charmaine leading the front, follow by Liza Wang, Adam Cheng, Jessica Hsuan for February; March: Roger, Melissa, and Steven, and so on. But then again, how accurate is this order?

In yesterday's TVB Scoop (10-30-06), they talked about the making of the annual TVB calendar, and showed some clips of the photo session. According to the clip, credits to TVB.com btw; January 07 kicks off with the red-fiery photo of Myolie, Raymond, Tavia, Sonija's pic. February stays the same. March with the Ron Ng, Winnie Shum, Matthew Ko, Charmaine Li pic. And so on. What happened to the Bowie and Charmaine photo? Supposedly that's last photo of the year, so it'll feature in December.

So what do you think? Like the new arrangements or no? Myolie and Charmaine's rumors have been escalating non-stop as the anniversary draws closer and closer. With the airing of this clip, does that mean Myolie have the upper advantage over Charmaine? January before December. Or vice-versa? haha...of course this is just me rambling here, so nothing personal to the Charmaine or Myolie fans out there reading this. I'm remaining neutral. Besides, what was posted earlier could have been accurate and what I saw from this clip was absolutely useless; only for entertainment, not an informative source. (shrugs) Clip has been uploaded, so you may view it and see for yourselves. Enjoy! =)

Source: TVB Scoop: Oct. 30th, 2006
Credit: TVB.com

Download Here

Monday, October 30, 2006

"Casino Wars" 《賭場風雲》 preview clip

Uploaded by: qidilys
Founded by: ashinko @ Jessica Hsuan's Bravenet Forum

A very dramatic preview clip of ever-anticipated "Casino Wars" aka "Dou Cheung Fung Wan" 《賭場風雲》. And I love it!! All will be put on the line: Emotions turn raw. Frustration reaching insanity levels. Innocence, Betrayal, Hatred. hehe...sounds interesting huh? ;-) From what I heard, the clip said it's an anniversary series for TVB. Possibly because it's going to be air in November; catching the name as being one of the anniversary series. But does it really matter? Nah...I don't think so. Remember! "Casino Wars" will debut on Monday night; November 20th @ 9:30 p.m. Enjoy the clip! =D

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Joey Yung Live in Las Vegas

Couple weeks? months? ago, a family friend asked me and my family to go with them on a Las Vegas trip during the Thanksgiving holiday. We declined, but it wasn't 'til last night that I learn that there will be a Joey Yung concert at the Mirage Hotel & Casino!! OMG!! My chance to see Joey and attend one of her concerts was at my fingertips!! But... (sigh)... won't be able to go this time. However, for those who can, tickets are still available to be purchase (LUCKY!) ;-) :

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Event: 2006 Reflection of Joey's Live 容祖兒演唱會 @ Las Vegas
Where: The Mirage Event Center
Location: Mirage Hotel & Casino; Las Vegas, NV
Show Times: Sat, November 25, 2006, at 08:00 PM
Ticket Prices: $188, $128, $88 per person

More Information about the concert, visit HERE

Saturday, October 28, 2006

TVB 2007 Calendar: Jessica Hsuan's pic

Source: www.matakchung.com
Scan by: Lee
Posted by: jenny @ Jessica Hsuan's Bravenet Forum

More bits and pieces of the 2007 TVB calendar are being revealed out to the public. Like last year, TVB uses their annual calendar to promote and reveal who's with TVB, who's going to be promoted by TVB, and who TVB still likes. Not a bad thing to do, but the pics do seem a bit cluster, especially with so many artists on just one pic. I like how TVB paired 2-3 artists much better a couple years back, but of course, that could be just me who prefers it that way. =)

Much appreciated to Lee for taking the time to scan the pic. Love Jessica as always, but the make-up seems a tad too heavy for her; possibly it's the quality of the pic above. (shrugs) What's floating in mind right now: why is Virginia Lok in the pic?!! lol...umm...interesting? Wonder if Stephen Chen is going to be in the calendar, too. hehe... =P

Friday, October 27, 2006

Clips of "Jade Singers Celebrate TVB Anniversary" press conference

Almost forgot what time of the month it is! Halloween! aka candy time!! hehe... =D If you guys go out to trick-or-treat this year, be very careful out in the streets, don't stay out too late, and remember your good buddy, Sidney here, is awaiting for you to share your loot with her. ;-)

Anyways, as I said I almost forgot what time of the month we're at. Didn't realize that November is actually next week, and the show "Jade Singers Celebrate TVB Anniversary" 《翡翠歌星賀台慶》 is next week as well! Found some clips of the press conference held 2 days ago, so wanted to share them with you. Enjoy!!

Credit: TVB.com
Source: TVB Scoops 《東張西望》 10/26/06

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Clip 1: Download Here

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Clip 2: Download Here

*Aside from the press conferences clips in today's TVB Scoop, they also showed another clip of the big banquet party of the series, "The Changing Times" 《歲月風雲》. Uploaded that, too! Enjoy! *

"The Changing Times" clip: Download Here

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Golden Songs of Our Century 《我們的世紀金曲》

Been very busy lately again. Tests, work, tests, work, and did I mentioned more tests that basically took over much of my time lately. Well...just for this past week, and most likely next week, too. (sigh) One good thing about being so busy is that it takes all my time away from reading the daily enterainment news involving the TVB industry. I so missed that!! Luckily it's mostly located at either at Em's TVB Space or at Jayne's JayneStars, so much easier on me. A good 30 mins+ of reading. Nice! hehe... =D

Breaking news for me, my personal most anticipated series of the year, "Casino Wars" 《賭場風雲》, will air right after TVB's anniversary night; Monday, November 20th @ 9:30 p.m. Woohoo!! What a fine way to kick off the new year! It's officially been a year since I last saw a Jessica Hsuan series, so my expectation for this series is really high. You guys know how big of a Jessica Hsuan I am. =)

Another piece of news that caught my attention if the upcoming show, Golden Songs of Our Century 《我們的世紀金曲》, which is set to take place next week: Nov. 1-4 @ 8:15 p.m. Stars that would be present at the show include Adam Cheng, Liza Wang, Raymond Lam, Ron Ng, Miriam Yeung, Andy Hui, and Kelly Chen, just to name a few. This is great! Not too sure if you guys still remember this or not, but I used to do a "Song of a Day" feature and most of the songs I'd uploaded was oldies, so I'm pretty sure I'll enjoy.

*Raymond's so cute in the pic! =D *

Today's news said that Ron and Raymond are practicing dance moves for the show together. hmm...kinda strange. Does oldies really have songs that require dancing? Or am I just misinterpreting the show and what songs that will be performed. Oh well... I'm kinda curious now to find out how well Ron Ng will perform that night. His dancing is good, but singing...no comment.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Getting Out of Control

Not too sure if it's the stars that are getting out of control, the paparazzi, the fans, or the effect of being in the entertainment industry, but just in 2006 itself, there's a allegedly tons of news regarding stars being assulted, intimated photos being released, etc. etc. Is that the consequences for entering this industry? Or did they merely just had a stroke of bad luck?

Reports here and there are now talking about Erica Yuen and her "intimate" photos being released with her and her ex-boyfriend. Haven't seen the photos myself (not that I want to), but personally, my sympathy goes out to Erica. No one wants photos of...being release to the public like that! Although it wasn't very bright to begin with of Erica to have kept the photos, much less share it with friends (whom Erica blamed as the culprit in releasing the photos out to the media), but still... =/ Btw, I've heard of Erica Yuen before, but don't know where. Anyone care to enlighten me?

Other than Erica's news filling the tabloids, Shirley Yeung's recent exposure as a model for Rockport was definitely an eye-opener for me. The pictures published by Orisun of Shirley being groped around by the brand's Internation VP was way over the line! lol...I'm still very surprised that no news of Lee Ka Ding or Gregory Lee beating that guy up!! hehe...j/k!!! But still...how protected are females at promotional events, at sponsor's shows, or any other public exposures from...whomever! Should't there be a line drawn as of how far is too much?

Last thing is about Ella Koon being kissed on-staged by her "fan." Kinda funny at first when read about it, but that is so disgusting that it could happen! Totally ruins the image of the word "fans" to the idol. Fan and idol relationship are meant to be a special bond. Us telling our idols that we approve of their image and that we support them. Idols telling us that they appreciate our support and will continue to do better. It's as simple as that! After Ella's incident, it really puts a barrier in the fan and idol relationship. Can fans be trusted or are they [we] truly a psychopath?

Remember about a year ago, around this time, Joey Leung and Queenie Chu's intimate photo was released to the public. Kinda strange and a coincidence that the same (almost the same) types of news are floating around right now. It's a curse! haha..no, it's not. Just getting out of control... (sigh) =/

Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Insider of "The Changing Times" 《歲月風雲》

I love the Blog now. I love the all the news that's being shared, the clips being uploaded, and the occasionally rare pics of certain people that's posted. It's great!

Found that there'a ton of celebrities [HK] have a blog themselves. Niki Chow has blog. Joey Yung has a blog. Fiona Sit, Kenix Kwok, Ekin Cheng, etc. etc. they all have a blog. Not only do they share their personal thoughts to us, but we get an insider source of what they're doing, too.

About a week ago on Jessica Hsuan's bravenet forum, someone posted up a link to Gigi Wong's blog (Gigi Wong played Oscar's [Raymond Lam] mom in Golden Faith). Started reading it and found infos concerning the new series, "The Changing Times" 《歲月風雲》. Thought I'll translate some parts of what Gigi said to you guys. Enjoy!

An Excerpt from "Gigi Wong's Kitchen"
Written by: Gigi Wong
Translated by: Sidney
Source: Gigi Wong's Kitchen

"....the picture above was 2 days ago during "Fat Tin's Happy Affair's" 「肥田喜事」promotional event. Seeing Myolie so happy while clad in the shimmering Chinese wedding gown, it's a given that she sacrificed a lot and placed lots of effort for this series. Although she still wants to loose another 8-10 lbs., but Andy [Hui] and I both think she's looks great the way she is. What do you guys think?...

...Yesterday, we filmed a big scene for "The Changing Times"「風雲歲月」 where we had a huge birthday celebration/dinner party for Lau Gong. TVB needed to arrange over 100 artists [bystanders] to help film the scene. Along with the regular cast (Damien Lau [劉松仁], Jessica Hsuan [宣萱], Michael Miu [苗侨偉], Sheren Tang [鄧萃雯], Joe Ma [馬德鐘], Lok Ying Kwan [駱應均], Lau Gong [劉江], Gong Hon [江漢], Jue Wai Dak [朱維德], and of course, there's me) and crew, we easily filled up Gold Coast Hotel's ballroom. At one point when I was bending to reach for a glass of wine, I suddenly had a cramp in my back! Damien saw this and hurriedly told me to sit down. He told me to relax while he used his hands to apply pressure on my calves a couple of times. I almost shouted out in pain, but the cramp in my back lessen, and eventually disappeared! It's like a miracle! Always the playful Jessica, she saw what Damien was doing to me and said "Me, too! Me, too!" She sat down and once Damien applied pressure to her calf, she screamed out in pain!! It turns out that Damien was applying twice as much pressure to Jessica then what he was applying to me! Damien later explained that over the year, he was pupil to a massage specialist, so he knows what to do at situations like these.

Filming took place around 8:00 pm, and lasted 'til the earlier morning of the next day around 5. After riding back to the studios, went home, and shower, the sun was already up by then. Tonight, I'll just have to try my best as I'll be filming more scenes with Damian for the rest of the night. Have to go read my scripts now! Bye!"

Chin Ka Lok got rejected by Mary

Yesterday, Ron Ng, Florence Kwok, Chin Ka Lok, Michael Tao, Sammul Chan, and Kate Tsui were out filming some location scenes for TVB’s newest series, “Cadets on the Beat” 《學警出更》. Seeing that Florence brought her maid, Mary, along with her, Ka Lok was teasing her mercifully; going as far as proposing to her!! Ka Lok laughed and said Florence was complaining that he’s causing her maid to be fluster whenever she’s around him!

But from the looks of it, Mary doesn’t seem to have an attraction towards Ka Lok, so no wonder Florence had to step out and clarify things on her maid’s behalf. “I won’t agree to this “marriage.” Ka Lok just teases too much. Earlier, when I was filming with Bobby [Au Yeung], he also teased Mary, but not as bad.” Did your maid complain that Ka Lok was harassing her? “No she didn’t. She knows that Ka Lok is just playing around, and even called naughty!”

Sammul was also around during this incident, laughing and blurted that Ka Lok always tries to hit on Mary, but she just ignores him.

Source: Orisun

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Confirmed Info of "Jade Singers Celebrate TVB Anniversary"

"Jade Singers Celebrate TVB Anniversary" (翡翠歌星賀台慶) will be air live on November 4th, 2006 with artists throughout, coming together to celebrate TVB's 39th Anniversary.


Last year's captain of the male and female side respectively were Nat Chan and Dodo Cheung, who also served as MCs of the night. This year, it's a bit different as instead of Nat taking part, TVB brought in Lui Fong as the male team captain; going head-to-head with his real-life girlfriend, Dodo. Uh oh!!! lol...is this really a good idea? Seems very fresh to the audience [me], but at the same time, I don't want to see them fight! Dodo has been a MC for many many years. She's authoritative, she's witty, she can talk fast; basically, she holds a very impressive stage presence that just can't be denied. Lui Fong, on the otherhand, I'm quite worry about him. If you've seen some of his past participations in TVB events, he's a slow talker, attention doesn't draw towards him, and most importantly, he's very very quiet when he talks. You can't be like that if you're to help and argue for the guy's side! He can sing and can hold a note for a very long time, but that really can't help him that night, right? lol...I don't think so, but we'll have to wait and see.

Another confirm info about the night's events is Joey Yung will perform a sexy "sizzling" dance with Jordan Chan. What type of dance, don't know yet. Will they be singing and dancing at the same time, again, don't know either. I'm so not a good news reporter!! hehe... =P hmm...I'm not really a big fan of Jordan Chan. He's just....eww looking to me for some reason. So not quite looking forward to that part. But oh well... I'll still enjoy watching it...I hope.

Gold Label MIA?

Still no news whether Gold Label artists will be there are not. Kinda strange and still disappointed I am. I'm just now starting to like Miriam Yeung a lot now with her singing, and she's not there!! What a bummer! My little brother was watching the "JSG 2006 Selection 2nd Quarter" and I happened to hear Miriam's duet with Edmond Leung, and I got hooked to the song!! It was nice, as Miriam dominated between the 2 artists, yet still enjoyable enough. Lyrics kinda hard to follow, but fun trying. See if you guys like the song! Uploaded it, so enjoy!! =D

Title: "Get Out"(滾)

Artists: Edmond Leung (梁漢文) & Miriam Yeung (楊千嬅)


女:你控訴我 接吻接上癮
密密外遇 令你很痛恨
你呷醋呷上癮 膽敢去諷刺我 不愧是女人
男:平時和人 如何尋開心
  捏著浴巾 去擁抱別人
苦苦的啞忍 離開妳

女:你作個證據 再對我教訓
男:和他搞公司 是你蝦我笨
女:我放棄奮鬥 你至安心
男:跟他幾點鐘 方有著快感
女:堂堂男人 別太過份
男:如何纏他 我當顧問
女:何必於一起 沒半點信任
男:三天不見了 談何被信任

女:睡就睡 男:妳作對
 女:你喝醉 男:請不必屈我喝醉
 女:梳化都給你割碎 男:全都因妳衰*
女:睡就睡 男:妳說對
 女:你撤退 男:跟他好一對愛侶 我走開妳沒負累
 女:請你滾 滾出去
 男:妳愛滾 不配做人 爬出去
 合:鬼上身 趕不退
 男:我有信心 不怕行雷
 女:你去  男:認罪

 女:從未了解你   男:我偏太縱寵妳
 女:我也太縱你   男:妳當我已死
 女:別日夜在妒忌  男:假得妳
 女:我也有吻過你  男:是為著好奇
 合:天都知 你與我 誰人有理
 男:天天想妳    女:才叫你妒忌
 男:彼此躲避    女:自卑的你 日嘈夜嘈 調情亦無味
 男:終於嘲笑我 我愛妳不起


男:和人愛吧抱吧吻吧叫吧去吧舞吧 還是算吧
女:酸吧苦吧哭吧飲吧湯吧癲吧 別要醒吧
女:你不化 男:憎妳 憎我 惹起對罵
女:講真 因你極小家
合:你使我羞家 羞家 真羞家


女:再見 男:不見
女:再見 男:分居

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Does TVB really read our Blogs?

Been sick for the last couple of days, and it was miserable for me. The changing of weather is absolutely dreadful to my body!! Can't eat, can't think, can't sleep. Okay, I lied about the last one, as I really didn't do much else but sleep endless hours at a time. I should feel good for getting plenty of rest, but not really. Oh well...

Trying hard to catch up on some of my homework that I failed to do, but I'm good now. Surfed around the web, and saw that TVB is once again planning to film a long series. No, it won't be a 40-episode series like "Storm in a Pool" 《溏心風暴》. Nor will it be a 60-episode series like "The Changing Times" 《風雲歲月》. Nope, none of the above. Instead, TVB is going for a breakthrough, with an even bigger cast! Or so they say...

If you haven't read the news by now, you can check Jayne's site: JayneStars.com for complete information about it. Or you can stay here and read my rambles about it. First off, the cast is combine with none other than the cast of Dance of Passion 《火舞黃沙》, so basically we have Ada Choi (yay!), Maggie Siu (yay!), and of course, Gigi Lai and Bowie Lam as well (=/ ) Again the familiar faces that we see so often, and in another series. How different can it possibly be this time from DOP or War and Beauty? Ahh...yes yes...it's moving more into the modern times. Is that it? Is that the whole special differences about it? Unbelievable of the creativity the producers can come up with lately. If people don't like DOP, which was 30 episodes long, how could they stand an 80-episode series (airing up to 4 months)? hmm...interesting on how all this will work out.

When I first started on this blog, TVB Sidsation, I once posted up an article that concerns my thoughts of TVB and their lack of producing long series that's at least 40+ episode long. Well...as you can see, TVB is getting out of hand. With each series that's been announced, it surpasses one another in cast, storyline, etc. etc. (as so they say). Makes me wonder, did TVB read my post about it or am I merely just hallucinating and trying to make myself happy. lol...most likely it's the 2nd one. But just in case TVB, you're reading this post, you can stop with the longer series now. Instead how about supporting me on my college funds. I could always use that!! hehe...j/k!! It's fun just to dream sometimes...but back to reality for me as tomorrow is Monday. Class begins again, and work resumes. Have a great Monday, everyone!! =D

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Shift Right, Step Back, Move People Move!

lol...no I'm not dancing here. I'm just merely stating where the artistes are standing at this year's TVB 39th Anniversary lighting ceremony a couple nights back. It's way way way way way (okay you get my point) this year! Positions have shifted. News faces are popping here and there. And of course, some older faces are gone or merely just not present that night. What a bummer! =(

If you click on the pic, you should be able to see the picture alot clearer and bigger. Going from left to right:

1st Row: Louisa So, Sheren Tang, Melissa Ng, Ada Choi, Liza Wang, Sir Run Run, Carol Cheng, Charmaine Sheh, Myolie Wu, Yoyo Mung, Bernice Liu, Linda Chung, and Tavia Yeung

2nd Row (left to right): Michael Tse, Cheng Daan Shui, Sunny Chan, Steven Ma, Moses Chan, Bowie Lam, Roger Kwok, Kevin Cheng, Raymond Lam, Andy Hui, Bosco Wong, Raymond Cho, and Kenny Wong.

Absentees: Jessica Hsuan, Gigi Lai, Ron Ng, Bobby Au Yeung, Kenix Kwok

From the looks for where the artists are standing, it completely altered my list of who's going to on my list. Well...not complete altered it, but some changes here and there. Males I talked about them the other day, so going on to females, best supporting actor/actress, etc etc. tonight.

Female Leads:
52 weeks. 20 nominations. 14 series. 5 ladies. But only 1 winner for the night. (Sorry, been watching too much Survivor these days. hehe... =P ) Originally, I had Charmaine, Ada, Sheren, Myolie, and Liza as my top 5 that TVB would actually pick for their's. But I take that back now; switch out Liza for Yoyo or Melissa. These 2 leading ladies are the bomb this year!! Or the term "underdog" as Asia once used. Yoyo and Melissa's popularity amongst the fan and TVB has risen immensely over the past year; both now favored by TVB. Just look: Melissa next to Ada (2nd) and Yoyo, 3rd person down. Major major improvements from the past, and I think they deserve it. Good for them. =) Charmaine and Myolie has constantly been stated as the hot contenders for this year's title. I agree. Both of them has a high chance. Sheren Tang, too. But out of them all, my vote goes toward Ada Choi's character in Dance of Passion as I think TVB favors her, too. Hope I'm right!

Supporting Actor/Actress:

Top 5: (Males) Kenny Wong, Raymond Cho, Wayne Lai, John Chiang, and Johnson Lee. I seriously thought Michael Tse will land on this category, but I guess not. hmm..hot favorite by many [including myself] Wayne Lai, but I'm not so sure if he'll get the award or not. Kenny is getting lots of popularity, likewise with Raymond Cho as viewers see him every night in Welcome to the House and now At Home with Love. I'll go with everyone and stick with Wayne Lai in Safe Guards. If not, John Chiang. He's great, too!

(Females) I really can't think of top 5 that I like . Mostly it's just top 2 for me. 1.) Rebecca Chan and 2.) Florence Kwok. Rebecca's acting has always been great in every series she's done. I thought she was going to win last year, but Angela Tong stole the title away. A bit like the whole Niki and Bernice controversy, but less noticeable. First off, welcome back, Florence Kwok, once again, as she returns to the home of TVB after a good 4-5 years away from the business. Haven't lost her touch . Not much to say about them, but if either one wins, I'll be happy and that's all I can say to that. =)

I'm going to put off the Most Improved for another night. Getting late now, so nite everyone! Or good morning or afternoon. How about good day. See ya!

Btw, forgot to mentioned that my personal choice for winning the Best Actor award is either Bobby or Steven this year. But with TVB...they'll probably pick someone that goes against my choices. hmm...who knows! Just have to wait and see! =D

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

TVB's 39th Anniversary Nominee Prediction: Best Actor

Couple days ago...no, it was couple weeks ago, I said I was going to make my own list of who I thought is going to win this year's Best... Well, it's a lot harder than I originally anticipated. Can't really find exactly 5 people I like, maybe around 1-2 but not 5. Oh well...right now, I'm just trying to guess who TVB's going to pick for their nominations. Not that I like some of them, and not that I think their acting is anything great; but let's just see how many I can guess right. Crosses fingers!! =D

Best Actors Nominees:

TVB's style as of lately (or have been for a long time) likes to nominate those who either 1.) brings in good ratings, 2.) popular among fans, and 3.) who they personally like. Out of all the series aired so far this year, Forensic Heroes has maintained the #1 spot with the highest ratings overall, so I picked Bobby Au Yeung's "Tim Sir" as my first choice. Bobby did a fairly good job, playing a forensic expert with strong will, quick wit, and determination that can't be stopped. Personal opinion, cool and unsmiling really doesn't fit Bobby too well, yet acceptable. I like Bobby, so maybe he will get a chance at winning his 2nd Best Actor award. If not, there's always "Dou Cheung Fung Wan" to look forward to.

Steven Ma's "Seung Chi" character, and basically the whole series, "Safe Guards" was amazingly good, one of the best series this year. Not only was the storyline well-written, the ratings it received was fairly good, too, one of the top. Steven was hiatus for a good couple of months after the ending of VOH II, before we saw him once again as guest on variety shows such as 15/16, Justice for All, and The Unforgettables. Aside from Safe Guards, the current series "Land of the Wealth" also have a chance in getting Steven a nomination as one of the top 5 contenders. But with LOW's recent ratings, ehh...not too good.

Roger Kwok in "Pearls of the Orient" I'm just putting it in as random, but I'm pretty sure (more like 50/50) that he's going to be in the top 5. Why? Well, Roger is now dubbed as "1st Brother" in TVB, so more or less he's going to be in. 2.) "Pearls of the Orient" is an anniversary series. Certain expectations are placed on the cast no matter what. And 3.) Roger won the Best Actor award for the 2nd time on his Ah Wong character. Again, the certain expectations are place no matter what. Although Roger's chances of winning is pretty slim in my eyes right now, but anything could happen with TVB making the final decision.

"Land of the Wealth." I've been hearing constant remarks on this series as boring, slow, unexpectant, and last but not least disappointing. hmm...interesting. Most ancient series are like that. The language usage is very proper and tone is slow. Each character is enunciated very clearly and precise; hard to understand...yes, but meaningful. Moses Chan's "Chai Bak Cheun/Fan Tze Chai" really really really lacks some fire in him. It's so hard to tell if he's upset or not! Should I call that great acting? hmm... =/ Hot favorite last year, Moses also participated in the highly anticipated series "Dance of Passion" that was aired earlier this year. Out of his "Sung Dung Sing" character and LOW's, I'm guessing TVB will pick LOW's. More likeable. TVB is just promoting him like crazy; having Moses film one series after another. Can't really say I like his acting alot, but he's okay enough to watch. #4

#5) Bowie Lam's "Yim Man Hei." First off, I'm not a Bowie fan and secondly, I don't think he can act that well. Like Moses, Bowie's emotions doesn't change! At least, Moses is slightly better. Why he won the Best Actor as "Suen Bak Yeung" is still beyond me, despite how many times I watched "War and Beauty." Anyways, like I said earlier, DOP is a highly anticipated series by many. Sad to say it only produced mediocre ratings despite the strong cast. Still in it's 30's rating range, but not high enough. TVB spent so much time promoting this series, they can't go without one of the cast being in the top 5 spots. Besides, Yim Man Hei's character is okay to watch, too. But slightly more enjoyable towards the ending.

Wild Card is for all the other actors that I didn't mentioned, but may have chance (not very high). E.g. Joe Ma, Sunny Chan, Frankie Lam, Benny Chan, etc. etc. Notice how I didn't mentioned Kevin Cheng at all in the Best Actor Nomination. Yes, he was the main lead in a couple of series this year, but his chances at winning Best Actor is not as high as most anticipated. I still strongly believes he's going to be place in the Most Improved category, so you'll see him there when I post that section up later on. Best Actor? Not yet. *Kevin Cheng fans, please don't hurt me!*

Best Actress Nominations coming up soon....

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Shirley Yeung ever cautious at promotional events

Yesterday, Shirley Yeung continued to film for her newest series, “Prediction Fate”《天機算》 and was asked if she did anything special to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. “Mid-Autumn Festival I had to work so didn’t get to spend time with my boyfriend or celebrate with my family. We’ll just go out for dinner to make up for it later.” When asked about the news of Ella Koon’s allegedly forced kiss by a stranger, Shirley stated that when she first heard about it, it was quite scary. “No matter how much you like your idol, you can’t just force a kiss on them! Next time I go out for a promotional event, I’ll be cautious to look around my surroundings first. See anything that looks suspicious, just leave.”

Source: The Sun

Carlos Ng scared of giving his baby a bad name

Soon-to-be father, Carlos Ng was at promotional event yesterday for his newest TVB series. Carlos revealed that his wife’s expected to give birth around December. To him, if the baby is a boy or girl, it wouldn’t matter to him as long as he/she’s healthy. However, what troubles him the most is naming the babe. “Having a surname such as “Ng” is hard to pick out a good name for a baby. Even if it’s a good name, it’ll turn bad! Most likely we’ll ask someone else to name the baby for us.”

Source: The Sun

Friday, October 06, 2006

Tissues, anyone?

Currently watching one of my favorite series of all-time: "Instinct" (笑看風雲). If you've seen this series before or heard of this series before, you'll know it's a tear-jerker. I'm crying like crazy now!!! (fans my eyes) Btw, love Ekin Cheng and Nnadia Chan as a couple. They're so cute on-screen!! hehe... =)

Anyways, speaking of crying, it's been a long time since I shed a tear watching any TVB series lately. They're just...not affecting me that much? Well...not like they used to. In the 90's, tons of series can be mentioned that easily causes me [us] to shed a tear or two. Blood of Good and Evil, Detective Investigation Files IV, Burning Flames, etc. etc. just to name a few. But how about now? Hardly. Last time? 2003's Square Peg (and not from laughter either). TVB seems to be lacking some sort of element in their series now. Storyline? Developement of characters? Or is it just the cast itself? hmm...don't really know the answer to that. A possibility that it could be all 3 or it's just me. =P How about you guys? What TVB series recently had made you shed a tear? Or are you more like me, crying on some older series? =)

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Gold Label's withdrawal: Is it Necessary?

"Jade Singers Celebrate TVB Anniversary" (翡翠歌星賀台慶) was a show that started all the way back in 1991. The whole purpose is exactly what the title says: singers celebrating TVB's Anniversary. Guys and girls are split up into 2 groups; purpose just to have fun, entertain, but at the same time mock or make fun of each sides.

All the singers are composed of HK's top music companies: Gold Label, EEG, Go East, Warner, BMA, etc. etc. and they interact with each other rather harmoniously...that is onscreen. Recently, Gold Label announced of it's withdrawal from participating in this year's show, which mean alot of reknown artists will be missing from that night. Miriam Yeung will be gone. Ronald Cheng, Edmond Leung, Alex Fong, Stephy Tang, Kary Ng, and the now ever-popular, Justin Lo, too. What a shocking and low-blowing move by Gold Label! Why would they want to do that? The whole purpose of the show is to have fun, but withdrawing? Is that really necessary?

A continuous feud between Gold Label Records and EEG has been going on for quite some time now. Possibly jealous in winning TVB's favor? Over this past year, TVB has worked very closely with both companies. Gold Label's artists, and TVB's "fa daans" produced the "All about Women" cd and hosted a very successful concert afterwards. Couple months later, TVB hosted a new variety show, "Beautiful Cooking," and had GL's Ronal, Edmond, Alex as hosts for the show. Rather successful program; bringing high ratings for TVB, and many laughters to the audiences.

EEG participated and swept up a lot of the annual "Children Song Award Show, and later came out with a CD for it, too. My calculations maybe wrong, but doesn't Gold Label have the better deal this year with so many exposures of it's artists? huh.... why they still chose to not participate is beyond me! One thing I do know is that it'll definitely be weird and noticeable to see who's gone that night. (sigh) I guess I'll just have to wait until more info will be release as the show draws closer. Can't wait!!! =)