Thursday, October 26, 2006

Golden Songs of Our Century 《我們的世紀金曲》

Been very busy lately again. Tests, work, tests, work, and did I mentioned more tests that basically took over much of my time lately. Well...just for this past week, and most likely next week, too. (sigh) One good thing about being so busy is that it takes all my time away from reading the daily enterainment news involving the TVB industry. I so missed that!! Luckily it's mostly located at either at Em's TVB Space or at Jayne's JayneStars, so much easier on me. A good 30 mins+ of reading. Nice! hehe... =D

Breaking news for me, my personal most anticipated series of the year, "Casino Wars" 《賭場風雲》, will air right after TVB's anniversary night; Monday, November 20th @ 9:30 p.m. Woohoo!! What a fine way to kick off the new year! It's officially been a year since I last saw a Jessica Hsuan series, so my expectation for this series is really high. You guys know how big of a Jessica Hsuan I am. =)

Another piece of news that caught my attention if the upcoming show, Golden Songs of Our Century 《我們的世紀金曲》, which is set to take place next week: Nov. 1-4 @ 8:15 p.m. Stars that would be present at the show include Adam Cheng, Liza Wang, Raymond Lam, Ron Ng, Miriam Yeung, Andy Hui, and Kelly Chen, just to name a few. This is great! Not too sure if you guys still remember this or not, but I used to do a "Song of a Day" feature and most of the songs I'd uploaded was oldies, so I'm pretty sure I'll enjoy.

*Raymond's so cute in the pic! =D *

Today's news said that Ron and Raymond are practicing dance moves for the show together. hmm...kinda strange. Does oldies really have songs that require dancing? Or am I just misinterpreting the show and what songs that will be performed. Oh well... I'm kinda curious now to find out how well Ron Ng will perform that night. His dancing is good, but comment.


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