Sunday, October 15, 2006

Does TVB really read our Blogs?

Been sick for the last couple of days, and it was miserable for me. The changing of weather is absolutely dreadful to my body!! Can't eat, can't think, can't sleep. Okay, I lied about the last one, as I really didn't do much else but sleep endless hours at a time. I should feel good for getting plenty of rest, but not really. Oh well...

Trying hard to catch up on some of my homework that I failed to do, but I'm good now. Surfed around the web, and saw that TVB is once again planning to film a long series. No, it won't be a 40-episode series like "Storm in a Pool" 《溏心風暴》. Nor will it be a 60-episode series like "The Changing Times" 《風雲歲月》. Nope, none of the above. Instead, TVB is going for a breakthrough, with an even bigger cast! Or so they say...

If you haven't read the news by now, you can check Jayne's site: for complete information about it. Or you can stay here and read my rambles about it. First off, the cast is combine with none other than the cast of Dance of Passion 《火舞黃沙》, so basically we have Ada Choi (yay!), Maggie Siu (yay!), and of course, Gigi Lai and Bowie Lam as well (=/ ) Again the familiar faces that we see so often, and in another series. How different can it possibly be this time from DOP or War and Beauty? Ahh...yes's moving more into the modern times. Is that it? Is that the whole special differences about it? Unbelievable of the creativity the producers can come up with lately. If people don't like DOP, which was 30 episodes long, how could they stand an 80-episode series (airing up to 4 months)? hmm...interesting on how all this will work out.

When I first started on this blog, TVB Sidsation, I once posted up an article that concerns my thoughts of TVB and their lack of producing long series that's at least 40+ episode long. you can see, TVB is getting out of hand. With each series that's been announced, it surpasses one another in cast, storyline, etc. etc. (as so they say). Makes me wonder, did TVB read my post about it or am I merely just hallucinating and trying to make myself happy. lol...most likely it's the 2nd one. But just in case TVB, you're reading this post, you can stop with the longer series now. Instead how about supporting me on my college funds. I could always use that!! hehe...j/k!! It's fun just to dream sometimes...but back to reality for me as tomorrow is Monday. Class begins again, and work resumes. Have a great Monday, everyone!! =D


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