Thursday, September 28, 2006

Long lost so & so...

About to wrap up watching Face to Fate now, and I can say, TVB's using the same technique in this series as in their other productions. I'll call it the "long lost so & so" technique.

The "long lost so & so" technique focus mainly on parents (mostly the father figure) that either neglected their child from birth, parent/child just found each other, or parent/child were together for a long time but just never knew it. And I'm just naming off series that's released this year, too.

Always Ready

No...I'm not talking about Bowie and lil Jackie's relationship. A bit too obvious that their relationship were great. I'm talking about Linda Chung's Sandra character (施楚淇) and her father. If you didn't watch the series or didn't pay much attention to the series, Sandra was an orphan for most of her life. Her father shows up later on, but hardly develops much farther from there.

Lethal Weapons of Love & Passion

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Series talks about Deric Kwok's character in search of the mongolian decendant, Fung Hung Lit (Raymond Lam). Although not really Raymond's real father, but the way Deric teaches, protects, basically always around; it's about the same...right?

Under the Canopy of Love

Out of all the series aired over the year, UTCOL maybe one of the sweetest and possibly the funniest, just it's very slow moving. Sweet part? Of course there is many's favorite couple, Niki Chow and Kevin Cheng. Funniest? We have the one and only Nick Kuen (Ah Lik), Bosco Wong's character. Ah Lik was raised by who he thought was his real father (guy's name unknown by me) and his aunt (Stephanie Che). Add a typical TVB twist, they just had to say that Ah Lik's real father is someone else. (sigh) Why oh why!

Le Femme Desperado

Father figure...Man Ging Leung, Ah Man. His child? Baby Hayley. Category that they fall under? Parent/child were together for a long time but just never knew it. Another sweet father and child relationship that's so well developed. Credits goes off to Michael Tse and his superb acting. Hating him one moment, but loving him the next. That's Ah Man and LFD everyone! =)

That's about all that I could think up right the top of my head. Father/daughter/son relationship are ever popular and could always work in a series. Nothing new, but nothing bad about it either. Hmm...last year (2005) focused more on the relationship of the mother with their kids. E.g. LMS, Ah Wong and his mom; My Family, Rebecca Chan and her 3 kids; The Academy, Michelle Mai w/ Ron Ng; WOIL, Bosco and Liza. The list can go on forever!! lol...what will TVB come up with next year? Sisters? Brothers? Cousins? The possiblities are endless! But that's TVB everyone! Approaching their 40th year in the business, they have to have something special coming. (cough cough) Fung Wan Sui Yuet!! =D

One more "Long lost so & so" series, but in case not many has gotten the chance to see it...


Face to Fate

Tavia Yeung's Ye Mung Sik character is the typical orphan who's adopted and raised by a kind person. Never would she ever dream that her actually father is the evil warlord, Gor Sui Tin. Call me strange or I'm just a fan of the Dark Force, but the way Tavia's dad tried to patch things up with Tavia, I have to give some credits to him. He maybe the all-mighty warlord in front of the others, but in front of his daughter, he's different. But again, another long lost father & daughter relationship, that's bitter at the beginning, but reconcile at the end.


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