Saturday, September 23, 2006

Birthday over for me, but not for TVB

*Special Note: Thanks so much, you guys, for leaving me your messages in my c-box! I'm so touched!! (sniff sniff) =) *

My big day had come and gone. It was raining considerably hard Thursday when I woke up and for most part of the day. Lets just say I was drenched, cold, miserable (turning 20), and I had class that day. What a day!! lol...but it went a lot better as I dried up, and basically relaxed for the rest of the night. Just a perfect evening!! Being a 2-digit really isn't that bad! haha...I don't look a day older!...or so I think. ;-)

Speaking of birthdays, my b-day is over with, but TVB's big day is fast approaching, less than 2 months away! As always nominations for the Best Actor/Actresses, and all the other awards are up for grab and currently in a heated battle already! Normally, I'm very excited that the Anniversary is here so fast, but this year...I don't want it come so quickly.

I'm not sure if everybody heard the news yet, but "Pearls of the Orient" 《東方之珠》 and "Lush Fields Happy Times" 《肥田囍事》will be airing coming up in October and early November respectively. If it's true, then that basically wraps up for all the series that would be aired this year! (breathes) NO!!! There's still so many others that haven't air, and yet TVB is pushing another Myolie and Charmaine series out to the audience! A bit unbelievable in my opinion!

Earlier this year, my hopes were on Jessica Hsuan in hopes that she could once again claim the Best Actress award for the 2nd time. But from the way things are going, chances are pretty slim, close to 0 % as a matter of fact, in even getting a nomination! (sigh) How depressing. =(

A hot favorite for last year's Most Improved Actress may not be so hot this year, and that's no other than Bernice Liu. Like Jessica, Bernice doesn't even have a series this year in for nominations, so how can she possible win the award?!! Wait again 'til next year? =/

hmm...(shrugs) Can't really do much about it, but just had to vent out what I'm thinking. =) Since I'm talking so much about the anniversary, I'll be compiling my own top 5 list for this year's nomination real soon. Something to look forward to on TVB Sidsation. Check back later! As for now...more Face to Fate for me!! =D


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