Friday, August 25, 2006

Under the Umbrella of Love #12

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Siu Chai (少齊) & 高 Ling (高志玲)

Series: Le Femme Desperado (女人唔易做)
Cast: Raymond Lam (林峰) & Melissa Ng (吳美珩)
Year: 2006

Le Femme Desperado was aired earlier this year. The ratings was fairly high out of most of the series, and could possibly be a big recipient at this year's TVB anniversary. Personally, I'm having high hopes on this series, since it's so new, so refreshing, and pretty much daring. In a traditional stand point, a couple's age should always be the man being older than their significant half. But LFD widely challenges that pov, pairing Melissa Ng up with Raymond Lam, and it worked!

Just last year when Jessica Hsuan and Bosco Wong were paired as an item in their series "Life Made Simple;" comments were made that they looked...odd together. Which I somewhat agree. They don't fit! Was it because of their age was never ever being compared or was it that their relationship not being announced beforehand that's it's an older woman-younger man relationship? (shrugs) Don't really know the answer to that. =/

Nonetheless, Raymond's Siu Chai does have significant effect on its audience, particularly the females, I assume. How can we or anyone who've watched this series not be moved at all on his actions and his love for Melissa's Gao Ling character?! One of my favorite scene was the holding the boat-rain scene. That's so sweet! No umbrella? Compromise! lol..but how can they truly make it as one of my UTUOL features w/out a true scene under an umbrella. Don't worry...they do share one. Siu Chai...Gao #12 UTUOL. =)


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