Tuesday, August 08, 2006

TVB Open: 1 of 3 clips

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Like I said a couple of days ago, TVB Open is my newest feature that commemorates some of my favorite TVB moments that's tennis related. First clip will be one of my absolute favorites of all time: Files of Justice V 《壹號皇庭 V》.

FOJ V is a 45 episode modern series that starred some of the most prestigious cast members mentioned in TVB history. (okay...fine! more like the 1990s history!) We have Bobby Au Yeung, Jessica Hsuan, Michael Tao, Ada Choi, Lawrence Ng, Bowie Lam, Flora Chan, William So, Wayne Lai, Patrick Tam, Astrid Chan, and much much more! If you haven't seen it already, please go rent it or buy it. It's well worth your money, I assure you! It maybe kinda old though since it's 95? 96? when aired, but still... =)

The series focused alot on the criminal investigations and its court battles. Aside from the serious perspective needed because of their occupation; the cast's humorous antics are also very relevant to the audience as well. Such as this one, and my TVB Open feature's 1st of 3 clips. Enjoy!!

*If you're an Ada Choi fan, you guys are going to love this one! =) *

Series: Files of Justice V
Cast in clip:Bobby Au Yeung, Ada Choi, Michael Tao, and William So

Download Here

Warning: the clip is in Dual language; left speaker= Cantonese; right speaker= Mandarin; please adjust to your preference =)


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