Saturday, July 29, 2006

Under the Umbrella of Love #9-#10

Sorry for postponing my UTUOL feature over and over again. Things just kept on coming up that’s either more interesting for me to post or I was just too preoccupied. Sorry! =( As promised, an UTUOL!!! Woohoo!! (listens…hears complete silent) Seems like I lost most of my readers. lol…that’s not good. ;-) make up for the constant postponing, here’s a double UTUOL. Hope you guys like it!

Under the Umbrella of Love #9

Lam Yut Gong (林一江) & Gei Hoi Sum (紀開心)

Series: Love Bond (心花放)
Cast: Michael Tao (陶大宇) & Kenix Kwok (郭可盈)
Year: 2005

In the 1990s, it’s filled with infamous couples that we liked pairing up or still like for them to pair up today. Bobby and Esther. Lawrence and Ada. Louis and Jessica. And of course, Kenix and…no, not Frankie, but Michael! hehe…kinda obvious. ;-) Ever since collaborating in the Detective Investigation Files series (I-III) back in 95-96, Michael and Kenix are well known for their compatible chemistry onscreen. And with their recent productions together, “Shine on You” & “Love Bond”, it really shows that their flame hasn’t faltered, but burns on (onscreen is what I meant).

Another perfect couple caught under an umbrella. Ahh…how sweet! =D To be honest, I completely forgot about this couple in this series and in this scene. (Thanks for reminding me!) Kenix and Michael are not one of my favorites of all time, since I only watched them in SOY and LB, and they were just okay. DIF? ehh…hardly remember them. Unlike my past UTUOL features, where the love was between both parties, this is more…one-sided; only initiated by Hoi Sum as Yut Gong was ignorant to know what's going on. But still...small little glances, sweet secretive smiles, caught in the rain. Perfect! UTUOL #9!!


Under the Umbrella of Love #10

Seet Sui (薛水) & Gei Hoi Sum (紀開心)

Series: Love Bond (心花放)
Cast: Moses Chan (陳豪) & Kenix Kwok (郭可盈)
Year: 2005

If I'm keeping my series straight, LB should be Moses and Kenix's 2nd series collaborating together. First time as husband and wife in "Take My Word for It" (談判專家) and the second time in LB. TMWFI doesn't really count much as Moses' part was basically a cameo role; hardly any screen time with Kenix. While in LB there's much more.

From my own opinion, I enjoyed Kenix pairing up with Moses more than Michael. It was just more interesting and so much funnier! Such as the screen captures taken, where Moses was trying to win over Kenix's heart. There was another scene of Moses and Kenix caught in the rain when they were a couple, but this one was much more amusing plus I had a hard time finding the exact part of the other. Embarassing, but hope you guys liked feature #10!


*SEN: Just a little fyi, I really like Kenix's facial expressions when taking screen caps for this feature. Her expressions were priceless! To the guys: If a female likes you, was surprised by your presence, and welcomes your company, she'll look like this:

If she doesn't like you, is bored by your mere presence, and wants to find a way to leave in the easiest way possible, she'll look like this:

hehe...what?! I think it's pretty accurate. What do you guys think? ;-) *


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