Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Clips of TVB's Scoop: Interview of the Newlyweds!

hehe...once again postponing the UTUOL feature. I know I know...I'm lazy. *shrugs sheepishly* ;-) Found some clips about Roger & Cindy's wedding this past weekend on the lastest edition of TVB's Scoop. Not sure if it's posted elsewhere, but hope you guys enjoy it! =)

Clip Credits: TVB.com

1.) Cindy Au's (Kwok's) Interview: Why the secrecy?

Watch It Here

2.) More details about the Wedding:

Watch It Here

3.) Celebrities Interview: Who knew about the Wedding?

Watch It Here

*Sorry, the links clicked can just be viewed and not be downloaded. I didn't want to d/l the whole epis of the Scoop via BT links. RIta (Toomanysidesofme) told me the link can be d/l using ASFrecorder. Haven't tried it myself, but if it works, credits to her! =) *


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