Sunday, July 16, 2006

Scorching under the Sun!!

Life in Oklahoma is hot. Literally, it's very very very very...H-O-T. For the past couple of days, our temperatures are in the triple digits range and the humidity is practically unbearable at some points. That's crazy!! It's driving me crazy! But that's not the worse thing that happen to me this weekend.

Yesterday, I was watching our convenience store with my dad and my little brothers. Nothing much, just like every other weekends. But in the midst of the scorching heat (still! around 8 pm), the power had to go out. Swoosh........!!! Just like that (snaps fingers). All A/C, fans, etc. etc. were gone. Great!! It's humid and hot outside, and the power just had to go out. I was about to go crazy! Customers continued to come into the store even after the power outage; some really wanted to purchase something and leave; while others were just plain curious; peaked in and asked stupid questions. E.g. "Why are all the lights out?" (duh!) "It's getting stuffy in here." (Then go outside!) "We still got our electricity." (Well should I put a rose on your nose, too?) *sigh* As you can tell, my mood was not good then. But of course, I didn't comment and remained passive through it all (breathe in...breathe out...breathe in...breathe out...). lol...self-control. ;-) Luckily our power was restored in about 30 mins (Yay!!), and everything was back to normal for better or worse. Other than that, I had a fine weekend, thank you. was your weekend? =)


Blogger -ExqUisite - said...

well it's hot Oklahoma buh it's fReezing down here in's freeking cold till ur nose gets numb and cheeks turn hot pink! = P


7:35 AM 
Blogger Em said...

We're having a heat wave in the UK this week as well - 34 degrees and rising....... and we don't have aircon at home in this country so we're all sweltering! :P

6:48 PM 
Blogger Sidney said...

Samantha-'re so lucky! I would gladly trade you spots, as I can stand the cold much better than the heat.

Em- You guys don't get aircon in your homes! Wow! Didn't know that! Makes me sound bad for complaining about the heat here. =/

8:05 PM 

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