Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Announcements! Announcements!

ahh…It’s been a couple of days since I last posted on my blog. A bit surprising to me, since I posted everyday when I first started! hmm...Yes, I’m slacking off. Been doing a lot of photoshopping lately. Am I improving? (looks at creations) Nope! Still needs a lot of practice! hehe… ;-) Well…July has officially started (yes, I’m slow, too) and some announcements are in order.

First off, my dear good friend, RIta (aka Toomanysidesofme), had her Sweet 16th Birthday yesterday, July 4th, so Happy Birthday to her! Yay!!! =D

Happy 16th Birthday, RIta!! =)

Secondly, another dear friend of mine, TVBsquare, is in need of volunteers to help make new banners for the new domain, new website, new layout, new era of TVFanSquare. If you're creative, you can help. If you know how to use paint, you can help. If you are a pro in photoshop, you can help. (looks at creations ~shakes head~ ) If you just like to have fun period and want to participate in the banner making challenge, you can help, too! Here’s the guidelines:

Keep TVBsquare Alive Banner Challenge

Banner size requirement: 480 X 140
Image format: JPEG

Color/theme: Your Choice
Images: Your Choice
Can you use TVB images: Yes, there is a big difference between TVB official image and fan creation. The fan creations do not offend TVB in anyway, so you are welcome to express your creativity.
Text Choices: (pick any 1)
1. New Home, New Style, New Birth
2. Returned Invinicible
3. Fresh ComeBack
4. Reliving the Glory
5. (your choice of text)

Please submit your entries to as soon as possible.

And last but not least, a new Under the Umbrella of Love feature will be up by tomorrow. Can you guess who it is? =)


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