Friday, June 16, 2006

Favorite Moments in Dance of Passion


Dance of Passion has finished airing, and I have just finished watching the last couple of episodes. Overall, the series has its ups and downs (more downs than ups). The series dragged out way too long! The acting wasn't all that impressive (for most) and their dialogues were way too deep to understand, so's boring! Not very surprised that the ratings have been only mediocre.

The storyline was a bit confusing to me. So what was the whole point of it? At the beginning, everyone was full of energy, full of excitement, full of fire. (Just as I was before I started watching it.) But as the series progresses, it died down alot. It's either moving way too fast to catch up or it's just way too slow and wanting to fast forward. I've finished it, but I'm still confused on what had happen. Anyone care to tell me?

For the best performance, I have to give credit to Ada Choi and not just because I like her. Out of all the characters, her's was the most well-developed, interesting, and captivates the audiences' attention. For the others, they all did fairly well, too. But there's just one point or another where you'll find them either annoyed by their actions, or bored by their long speeches. (shrugs)


Who had the best chemistry? Let see...there's Kenny and Maggie, Charmaine and Moses, Bowie and Gigi, and Bowie and Ada. At first, I liked Kenny and Maggie's onscreen chem. It was sweet, but can easily be bored by them. Next, I liked Charmaine and Moses. Charmaine was so innocent and sweet, and Moses was...just there! They've been together through thick and thin, through understandings to misunderstandings to be together; I liked that. But Moses's character just have to ruin it all. His hatred towards Bowie has driven him mad! It was driving me mad! (sigh) Men! ;-) Bowie and Gigi. I'm not going to say anymore. Don't know what to say! Surprisingly, Bowie and Ada's chemistry was my favorite couple. From the moment Ada rebelled against Bowie in Episode 5, sparks were already flying! I love them together and thus, they brings forth my favorite moment of DOP.

*Episode 31:
Bowie and Ada have been freed by Moses from having to suffer the "Sky Torching" punishment; at Ada's son's grave.* Honestly, I don't know why I like it so much, but I just do. Here's a quick translations of it, and its short clip. Enjoy! =)


Bowie (B): "I, too, owe you. What I owe you; it’s more than anyone else…Do you understand?"

Ada (A): (stares back at him) "I never once loved you. Do you understand?"

B: "In order for me to give up and my heart broken, are you willing to say just about anything?"

A: “What I said…is what I believe is true. In this life, you are the only man that has caused me to feel this way. In the days when I really want to hate you, it was you who made me feel the warmth seeping into my heart. In the days when I was to despise you, it was you who gave me hope to continue on with life. In the moment when I really want to kill you, it was you…who’ve cause me to shed a tear. But all my actions doesn’t mean I love you. Just that, in my whole life I never once was treated this way by a man before.”

B: "But what difference does it make?"

A: “It does. Because at the end, I’m not choosing the path of a woman longing for love; I chose the path of being a mother.”

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Blogger Bb_KaRaMeL said...

I agree.. it did dragggg alot.. i gave up on watching the episodes in the 20s but jus watched ir brief while my mum was watching it! I think episode 31 was the best.. the ending did not really appeal to me.. i mean i thought at least some ppl died..
I totally agree with you about Ada i loved her so much she was the best among the four of the women. jus like Sheren in WAB!!! However, i thought that the story kind od focused on Charmaine more, the beggining of the series was her and the ending scene had her asweL..
Gigi Bowie,.. they kinda bored me ( no offense to their fans)
Moses.. jus there to me.. didnt realli lyk him al his hatred and everythin..
Maggie, i loved her! thre reason y she died and everything!

10:12 AM 
Blogger Sidney said...

lol...I liked Maggie, too. Her character was pretty well-developed, but she turned crazy way to fast. Well...not really. lol...sounds like I'm contradicting myself. ;-)

11:35 PM 
Blogger tvbsquare said...

lol, I love the Bowie-Ada scene as well! But, I love the Bowie Gigi scene the most at the end, it's so emotional, I cry like crazy.

4:43 PM 
Blogger Sidney said...

lol...Oh Ying...I cried for that part, too. But I was much more emotional when Bowie was to choose among Gigi and Ada. It was just awful to choose! Plus, the ending when it was the flashbacks got me crying again. So emotional I was when watching it! =(

11:29 PM 
Blogger Judy said...

I just came by this page when googling dance of passion and I find what you said very very true. My favorite couple was Bowie and Ada and they were what made me even continue watching this series because I was bored as hell of all that hatred and revenge thing already.

Not only is Ada my favorite actress, but I liked seeing her character the most in this whole series, so I was sad and maybe mad that she had to be the one to die. I'm just mad that Bowie was so happy to find out that in the end it was Gigi all along and not even wonder for a moment what happened to Ada then? So that was what made me mad, but sad that Bowie had to have that stupid way of choosing which woman to die for him. I just wished that Ada was alive in the end at least..

8:04 PM 
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