Saturday, June 10, 2006

Jay Chou (look-alike) & Jessica Hsuan fished shrimps together

Promoting for TVBS’s new series being air, “Life Made Simple” (阿旺新傳), Jessica Hsuan (宣萱) specially flew over to Taiwan for the promotional event, along with fellow colleague, Roger Kwok. Yesterday (4 days ago), Jessica ventured into a shrimp fishing outdoor location, with the “Entertainment News” crew, to learn how to fish for shrimps. Upon seeing the director of the show, Siu Heung (a Jay Chou look-alike), who came and greeted her, Jessica was astonished! “Oh my gosh! I thought it was Jay Chou coming towards me!”

Having never tried shrimp fishing before, Jessica first attempt turned out to be pretty successful. Only watching Siu Heung fish for about half an hour, Jessica was ready and even had a competition with him; successfully being the first to fish out the/her first shrimp! Right after the first one, Jessica immediately got another catch, while her competitor, initially being the more experience of the two, didn’t get any. Her 2nd catch wasn't as lucky, as the shrimp clamped on Jessica's hand, making her cried out in pain. Luckily, the crew members cleaned up the cut and said that it wasn’t too serious, just a scrape on the skin, so should be okay. Afterwards, Jessica continued fishing for the rest of the day, with no more catch, but still beating Siu Heung’s 1 shrimp to her’s 2.

Seeing that he lost the bet, Jessica wanted Siu Heung to sing and dance to Jay Chou’s “Tornado” using the rendition of Ah Wong’s voice! At the end, Siu Heung only just slipped on a red lobster costume and fooled around; making Jessica laugh. Because the weather was so hot, Siu Heung was soaked in sweat, but he thought it was all worth it, since Jessica can do anything, he’s willing to [sacrifice] a little, too.

Since hearing that Jessica doesn’t have a boyfriend at the moment, Siu Heung flatly opened up and asked if she mind accepting a guy as her boyfriend, who’s a few years younger than herself. Laughing, Jessica said, “I don’t want to take care of a younger guy. You look like you’re only 13! (Siu Heung’s really 25) I rather like the idea of being the one who’s taken care of.”

The 2nd Annual Top Chinese TV Drama Awards results are out and Roger Kwok and Jessica Hsuan’s series “Life Made Simple” were up on top. Winning the award for best HK Most Popular Actor award, Roger had to leave and go back to HK, then fly to Peking for the award ceremony. Before leaving Taiwan, Roger said he’s saw the online posting of his fans’ messages to him and seeing so many fans at the LMS promotion event, he was very touched; one of the happiest moments of his life.


SEN: lol...I'm doing so many Jessica Hsuan related articles lately! hehe... =) Anyways...special thanks to Alec Nguyen from Jessica's bravent forum for telling me about the article. Didn't even know this happened! Btw, anyone else thinks that guy look like Jay Chou? Umm...I can't see the resemblance from my pov. hmm... =/


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