Thursday, June 08, 2006

Jessica's undaunted of the paparazzi

Cast members for TVB’s new series, “Do Cheung Fung Wan” 《 賭場風雲 》set off to the Philippines yesterday to film some location scenes. But with the recent reports of the local security being not too safe, everyone has decided to stay indoors when they’re not needed on the set; bringing cups of instant noodles, snacks, DVD machine, and DVDs to help them pass the time.

Jessica has reportedly brought along a bikini with her and was asked if she’s worry that her pictures might be taken by the paparazzi. Jessica said, “It’s a good thing I lost some weight earlier! Even if they do take my picture, I won’t look too bad.”


Blogger cherryl said...

hi sidney!!!im jessica's fan here in the philippines.. i just want to ask if you know where they are filming their series so i can meet her personally because it's really my dream! just mail me at thanks in advance!!!

2:21 AM 
Blogger Sidney said...

Hi Cherryl! Umm...I don't know where they're filming at. The location might be secluded to the public, so they could have some privacy, but not too sure. Do try visiting Jessica's forum. Someone might be able to answer you there. =)

Jessica's Forum:

12:25 PM 
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