Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Nervous Gigi films kissing scene with Kevin

Yesterday, Gigi Lai (黎姿) was at Tsuen Wan, filming a kissing scene with Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎), for their new series, “Super Cops” (通天幹探). The storyline talks about how Gigi’s character had just split up with Moses Chan and immediately afterwards, Kevin was on hot pursuit for Gigi’s hand! Showering Gigi with roses and giving her a sweet kiss, Kevin turned the night into a very romantic atmosphere.

During filming, Gigi was very nervous; causing numerous NGs during her dialogues. Even the director had to tell her to calm down! Gigi later explained that she was very nervous and her hands were getting sweaty. Is it because Kevin is too handsome, making you nervous? “I’m too beautiful is more like it! He’s got all the advantages!” said Gigi, laughing. “It’s not the first time I’ve filmed a kissing scene. And the kiss needed to be more romantic,but too passionate. So I shouldn’t have a problem. It was the fake teeth retainer I was wearing; making it hard for me to enunciate my dialogues clearly.” How does it feel wearing the fake teeth retainer while kissing? “It’s a bit in the way. This series, I really sacrificed a lot! I have to kiss Kevin and Moses!”

Gigi revealed that while filming, she’s very satisfied with how everything was going along, as her unattractive character is being in pursuit by 2 attractive guys. “People need to see it’s not just about the outer appearance. Having an inner beauty could still win you a guy like Kevin! Have money. Good looking. Great!”

Prior to filming, Kevin has already taken some mints and had a talk with Gigi. “Filming these types of scenes is best to clear up things beforehand, and the kiss had to be very gentle. First time kissing Gigi, of course I can’t be too aggressive!”

*SEN: I knew that when reading the news, this is going to be about Gigi. But one glance at the pics, I thought "Niki Chow!" lol...don't know why! Most likely because there's Kevin and I think of Niki. Also, the scene captured looks very similar to one in UTCOL. hmm...gotta see if I can find it. Anyone thought it was Niki, too?


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i'm getting to love Gigi heaps every single day..haha
she's reallly pretty!just love her!

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