Monday, May 29, 2006

“Ah Paau” kneeled and presented Vivian with flowers

Last night was Vivian Chow’s (周慧敏) “Back for Love 2006 concert” last show. Having been separated from the stage for 12 years, Vivian was very touched by her fans support for her all this time, and again started to cry! Finally calming down, Vivian revealed that there’s probably not a high chance of her having another concert in the future. Nonetheless, it was still her last night and going with the fans’ wishes, Vivian had an encore presentation as well the evening’s show.

Last night, Vivian’s boyfriend was the special guest performer of the night, but was unknown by Vivian. Dressed in a doll costume and called himself “Chow Wai Paau,” he kneeled on the ground and presented a bouquet of flowers to Vivian. When Leo Ku came out and revealed the costumed man as her boyfriend, Vivian was shocked, but very touched by him being there. Running into his arms, Vivian gave him a hug and a kiss, as Leo urged them to get marry for the atmosphere was very moving.

At the post-concert celebration, Vivian was asked if she’s going to have a concert again. “I’m not going to think about it right now. I have to relax. Back to being myself makes me really happy. Just eat, gain weight, and spend time with my family.” Vivian denied getting married, but promised to announce it when she does.

Having always been a very generous person, Vivian will be donated an estimate of 7-digit sum toward the Hong Kong Non-Profit Veterinarian Clinic from the proceeds of the concert. Besides that, Vivian plans on becoming a volunteer at the clinic as well; helping to take care of the animals.

*SEN: So sad to hear that it's going to be Vivian's last concert ever!...possibly. (sigh) But definitely very sweet and nice of her boyfriend to surprised her like that. I would have fainted if that ever happens to me! lol... =)


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