Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Hacken takes fiancée to England for wedding pictures

Since Hacken Lee (李 克 勤) announced his upcoming marriage to long time girlfriend, Emily Lo (盧淑儀), no true actions were made until recently. Yesterday, Hacken and Emily (now fiancée) were spotted flying back from England after having their wedding portraits made. Upon seeing so many reporters, they tried to dodged, but couldn’t escape. While hiding behind Hacken’s assistant, the reporters asked Emily questions regarding her wedding pictures or plans, but Emily just smiled and didn’t reply back. Hacken said that on this trip, besides him and his fiancée, both their parents and their personal hair/make-up stylists went as well, around 10+ people. Besides just taking wedding pics, they also did some sightseeing and Emily did a little shopping as well. Currently busy finishing up all his projects, Hacken hopes he'll get the time off so he may have the wedding that they've at the end of July. The wedding and the banquet will be held in Hong Kong, inviting all of Hacken and Emily's family and friends; estimated the total cost to be over $1 million HKD.

*SEN: Wonderful! I'm so excited for them myself. I remember watching the 1992 MHK pageant (yes, it's really old) and the MHK contestants were needed to film scenes from different countries and with some guest singers. England just so happens to be one of the countries and Hacken just so happens to one of the singers! So sweet! Going back to the England for their wedding pics! Congrats to both Hacken and Emily!


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