Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Angela Tong: Moses Chan didn’t come to my house!

Rumors has been flying that Moses Chan was spotted coming in and out of a building in which Angela Tong’s house is located. With Angela having a boyfriend herself and Moses having his rumor girlfriend, Bernice Liu; it has turned into a 4-person relationship/controversy!

When Angela was asked about the rumors, she denied it but started laughing; never dream that she would be rumored with Moses Chan! True, Moses was spotted going in and out of the building she lives in, but he didn’t come to her place. “Although we had worked together a couple of times, but we’re not that close for him to be coming up to my home. Maybe he’s visiting his friend, but not me!” Angela was asked if she needed to explain to her boyfriend of the misunderstanding. “No. He’s read the news and he knows it’s just rumors.” Angela will be flying to Canada today for a short vacation. As for the rumors, she’s just going to leave it as it is.



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