Saturday, May 13, 2006

Kevin and Nnadia not worry about “Trimming Success” Ratings

Yesterday, Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎), Nnadia Chan (陳松伶), and Lau Daan (劉丹) were at a promotion event for TVB’s new series, “Trimming Success” (飛短留長父子兵) At the event, Kevin and Nnadia were passing out fresh flowers and greeted the audiences; causing the atmosphere to be pretty lively. Kevin was asked for his predictions on the series ratings, and responded, “I hope the series’ ratings would pass the 30 pts mark. And with Nnadia bringing in luck, I’m not worry at all. I have full confidence in it.” Nnadia was asked the same thing, and she, too, said that she has confidence in Trimmings ratings. Currently busy recording her newest album, Nnadia was asked if she’s going to undergo an operation this year to have her tumor removed, but she replied that she wanted to finish her work first before all else. Nnadia also stated that she’s not going to speak much more over this issue; doesn't want everyone to worry about her.

*SEN: Still sad to hear about Nnadia's news, but since she's doesn't want to talk about it anymore, we should all respect her wishes and quit bothering her. Speaking of Trimming Success, wonder where's Sharon Chan? Last time I checked, she's one of the main leads, too. hmm...


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