Thursday, May 11, 2006

Bernice films MV for new song "Break Up"

Just the other night, Bernice Liu was filming for her new song’s “Break Up” (分手) MV. In the MV, Bernice will have a very handsome guy that stars with her. With the interlacing of fingers, watching fireworks, and long slow walks; it created a very romantic atmosphere. Despite it all, Bernice was still very nervous about it, leaving her heart pounding like crazy, since the her co-star has to initiate and hold her hand. “In all these years, the number of guys that I actually hold hands with, I can count it all on one hand!” (But how about with Moses Chan?) “He’s held my hand during filming and Catwalk before.”

Bernice is currently busy recording her new songs, and filming the MVs for it. Since the “All about Women” concert is coming up this weekend, Bernice was asked how she’s going to celebrate with her mom. Bernice said that she’s preparing real hard for the concert, and that this year she’s going to be giving her mom an airplane ticket to Canada so she may spend the holiday with her older sister.

Source: The Sun

*SEN: Oh gosh! I previously didn't find the pic for this article, but after some searching, I did. Couldn't wait to see the "handsome" guy that holds Bernice's hand looks like. Sad to say, I was mighty disappointed. Handsome?....umm...sure. =/


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